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SEO: What's New and What You Need to Do - Fort Wayne


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Penguins, pandas, penalization, and proclamations from all over the online marketing and SEO world: but what does it all mean? What is this newer term, "inbound marketing"? And why are we hearing that SEO is dead ... again? What has really changed, and what should you and your business be doing about it?

What you need to know about the many Google and Bing updates.
Link schemes, keyword stuffing, Google Webmaster alerts, what does it all mean?
What is a penalization and what is a correction?
Is your website optimized for visibility and conversion?
How has social media impact on search changed?

Presented by Kevin Mullett, Director of Product Development Cirrus ABS

Published in: Business, Technology
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SEO: What's New and What You Need to Do - Fort Wayne

  1. 1. SEO: What’s New and What You Need to Do // Kevin Mullett @kmullett // #SEOFW
  2. 2. SEO: What’s New and What You Need to Do // Kevin Mullett just google “kevin mullett” director of product development @kmullett // #SEOFW
  3. 3. We never “have” the time You either have the time, make the time, pay someone who does have the time, or forgo the opportunity. @kmullett // #SEOFW
  4. 4. What does SEO even mean?Search engine optimization is*:Developing a website utilizing best practices and in such a manor that there are no encumbrances to the search engines ability to crawl a site and properly understand the subject of the site, find the sites pages, links, and documents, so that it might be included in the search engines organic or natural index appropriately.*It depends on who you ask andsearch engine marketing is an open debate.Paid search vs organic, etc. @kmullett // #SEOFW
  5. 5. SEO won’t fix bad content SEO wont fix bad content or make it convert, but without it the Google mantra to "just write good content" leaves you reaching less people than you could. @kmullett // #SEOFW
  6. 6. SEO prepares a site for good content What’s missing is what’s important. @kmullett // #SEOFW
  7. 7. SEO is the rock solid foundation Far to often we see people start with website solutions that make it impossible, or at best difficult, to optimize their online presence. @kmullett // #SEOFW
  8. 8. Why are people saying SEO is dead? • Link bait & controversy to stir up clicks, shares, and conversation. • Allows them to lump all other SEOs into a pool that they are magically excluded from. • Inherently positions themselves as knowing or providing something greater than others. • Marketing @kmullett // #SEOFW
  9. 9. Inbound marketing is marketing speak When did the things Ive been doing since the late 90s become new and hows come someone who wasnt doing it back then is trying to change what we call it? Marketing. @kmullett // #SEOFW
  10. 10. What is inbound marketing? Inbound is about producing content that customers find useful, entertaining, or both, which drives shares, and leads people to your online properties. This is opposite of interruptive , push, or buying attention. Aka earned media, permission marketing, a sibling to content marketing, blah, blah, blah… @kmullett // #SEOFW
  11. 11. What is NetCentered marketing? NetCentered extends beyond inbound, SEO, or other silos, and ties all offline and online marketing into a cohesive strategy for achieving business goals. @kmullett // #SEOFW
  12. 12. Visibility for the opportunity to convert • Be where your ideal demographic can see you • Obey the rules or have your sign removed • Tell a better storyphoto by David Evers: @kmullett // #SEOFW
  13. 13. Winning requires knowledge • What are the rules • How can I optimize within the rules • Which races can I win while staying within my budget • Am I dedicated to the winning strategy • How much is winning worth @kmullett // #SEOFW
  14. 14. Marketing $’s are tight Where shall we spend our marketing budget? • Traditional advertising (off-line; radio, tv, print, listings) • Social media (organic) • Social media (advertising, Facebook, sponsored tweets, etc) • Paid search • All of the above @kmullett // #SEOFW
  15. 15. Is SEO the intent winner? TV DM (direct mail) Radio Newspaper Print (brochures/ads) Email Marketing Social Media SEO Search Marketing Tradeshows Sponsorship (NASCAR etc.) Yellow Pages (not shown) @kmullett // #SEOFW
  16. 16. There are no 100% solutions No marketing media channel has 100% eyeballs or is 100% effective. We need to prioritize based on goals, resources, and business objectives. @kmullett // #SEOFW
  17. 17. Google still believes… Direct mail to reach the right audience @kmullett // #SEOFW
  18. 18. The reward should be ROI An award winning site makes you feel warm and fuzzy for a few days. A website that converts business will keep the fire going for years. @kmullett // #SEOFW
  19. 19. Visibility is online currency • No visibility = no clicks • Unattractive or spammy titles & descriptions (snippets) = no clicks • Clicks for incorrect terms = no conversion • Poorly planned landing pages with no CTA = no conversion @kmullett // #SEOFW
  20. 20. SEO // the three types of search Navigational – I know the name, but not the address. Transactional – I want to buy a red wagon. Informational – How do I… @kmullett // #SEOFW
  21. 21. Architecture matters • I’ve never seen a perfect launch, i.e. one where I got to do everything I wanted. • Projects are always limited by: time, money, effort, resources, knowledge, buy in. (from HIPPOs or clients) @kmullett // #SEOFW
  22. 22. Technical, onsite & offsite factors There are technical, onsite (page), & offsite (page) factors that impact your sites SERP and conversion performance. @kmullett // #SEOFW
  23. 23. Are you in trouble? If your site… • Is trapped in flash • Award winning but un-findable • Can’t be changed by you • Not mobile friendly • Doesn’t allow changing page titles and meta descriptions you’re in trouble. ask for a free lame duck site evaluation @kmullett // #SEOFW
  24. 24. Why go mobile? What about Responsive? “Because we launched the mobile optimized version at the same time, mobile time on site increased 12.77% percent in May 2012 over the same period last year. Total mobile visits increased 159% over last year. The Bounce Rate for mobile visits dropped 36.31% since launching the mobile optimized site. There’s the proof.” — NATHAN J. DENNISON, Allen County War Memorial Coliseum @kmullett // #SEOFW
  25. 25. Search engines change, frequently! Google alone uses over 200 criteria/signals for ranking site pages, performs over 6000 tests and subsequently changes over 400 algorithms per year. Who’s on watch? Google CEO Eric Schmidt to Congress – 516 updates and over 13’000 tests in 2010. (pdf) @kmullett // #SEOFW
  26. 26. Over-optimization Google came out and said they will now be looking for over- optimization or overly SEO’ed sites, but what does that mean? “…or whatever they are doing to sort of go beyond what a normal person would expect in a particular area” ~ Matt Cutts (In March 2012, audio can be heard here) @kmullett // #SEOFW
  27. 27. Penalization vs corrections When the cable company cuts off your "free" cable that is not a penalization, that is a correction. If they fine, report, or convict you of stealing cable it is a penalty. • Backlink buying penalization vs backlink value loss • Duplicate content value loss vs DMCA penalization @kmullett // #SEOFW
  28. 28. Caffeine super charges data centers Google Caffeine (June 8 th 2010) • 50% fresher results over previous index • Over 100 million gig of storage • Emphasis on indexing speed • Emphasis on freshness and frequency • Continuous updating globally @kmullett // #SEOFW
  29. 29. Mayday: Notice, we want quality Google Mayday (April 28 th – May 3rd 2010) • Looking for signals of QUALITY • Deep page content crawling • Looking for best sites for long-tailed queries (Huge sites with “thin content” took a bit hit) @kmullett // #SEOFW
  30. 30. Panda starts feeding on sites Google Panda (aka Farmer, February 23 rd 2011) • Impacts 12% of search results • Content farms (unofficial) & article marketing • Scraper sites (scrapes content from other sites) • Low quality, high ad content sites • Aggregated or duplicate content (Google’s looking for “original” content) Are we seeing a trend yet? @kmullett // #SEOFW
  31. 31. And then a Penguin waddles in Google Penguin (aka webspam, April 24 th 2012) • Impacts approximately 3.1% of English queries • Over-optimization penalty (a penalty, not a correction) • Looks at additional spam/quality factors • Link schemes • Keyword stuffing (extreme) @kmullett // #SEOFW
  32. 32. Bing + Yahoo = Binghoo Are you too focused on Google? Yahoo switched to Bing SERP results. (Started in July, completed Aug 24th) Experian hitwise reported Bing search is 27% as of July 2012. This has fallen from 30% of share March 2011. @kmullett // #SEOFW
  33. 33. Think you can ignore social media? Business who are still trying to avoid social media or who are being overly selective may not be getting the entire picture. less discussed are the SEO, visibility, and traffic value that social media can provide. @kmullett // #SEOFW
  34. 34. What is Google +1? Google +1 (march 2011) • Will be used as “A” signal for Google search to fight web spam • May be visible in search results, ads, images • On sites ala “like” button +1’s for G+ posts only show on posts. @kmullett // #SEOFW
  35. 35. Google+ and Google+ Pages Google+ is a social network (June 28th, 2011) • It opened to the public (September 20th, 2011) • Google+ Pages opened (Nov 7th, 2011) It is Google’s new direction@kmullett @kmullett // #SEOFW
  36. 36. Google is forcing the issue • Google Places is now Google+ Local • GSPYW (Google Search Plus Your World) • Youtube • Android devices Social Media Summit - #SMSFW
  37. 37. Google places, is now Google+ Local Scoring is based on individual user ratings. Social Media Summit - #SMSFW Google+ Local scores
  38. 38. Wait! What do THEY want again? Let’s pause to once again ask, what kind of content can you produce that solves problems, answers questions, and is of high enough quality to warrant reading, sharing, AND indexing? @kmullett // #SEOFW
  39. 39. It’s an all things being equal deal There are over 200 criteria so you must do competitive analysis to maximize your return on efforts. @kmullett // #SEOFW
  40. 40. Why is your competition winning? • Create a list of competitors sites • Run competitive analysis with majestic SEO: • Develop a plan to win or call in reinforcements @kmullett // #SEOFW
  41. 41. Localization still climbing • 20% of Google searches are local • 40% of Google mobile device searches have local intent • Local search instills high confidence with searchers • Social applications like Foursquare, Urbanspoon, etc @kmullett // #SEOFW
  42. 42. You don’t need us to do it, but … Grab your local listings: Use consistent citation: name, address, phone number @kmullett // #SEOFW
  43. 43. Use the information available Review your local analytics @kmullett // #SEOFW
  44. 44. Google Webmaster Tools @kmullett // #SEOFW
  45. 45. Bing Webmaster Tools @kmullett // #SEOFW
  46. 46. The Bing Business Portal • Highly customizable with mobile and qr codes • Fields for Facebook pages and Twitter profiles • @kmullett // #SEOFW
  47. 47. We all want to be #1 when dealing with SEO we need to have reasonable expectations for KW (keyword) and KWP (keyword phrases). We also need to understand that the higher the competition for KW/KWP terms the longer it is likely to take to move up unless more effort is brought to bear. @kmullett // #SEOFW
  48. 48. Count conversions, not positions We need to put an increased emphasis on leads that convert into business and continue to move away from kw/kwp SERP rankings as the measurement criteria. @kmullett // #SEOFW
  49. 49. Select the right keywords, not just high volume Weve taken clients to number one on Google based on keywords they insisted had to be there, only to find out that a slight derivation would have yielded exponential results. @kmullett // #SEOFW
  50. 50. Longer tail terms convert We need to continue to go after a wider range of long tail key terms, that likely have the root terms in them, so we can convert more business. @kmullett // #SEOFW
  51. 51. Who are you trying to reach? • What are you customer personas? • What do you really do? • Who are you competing against? • Verify keywords & keyword • Low/no volume terms may still be valuable @kmullett // #SEOFW
  52. 52. Now let’s start writing about it It is time to start blogging about the products you carry or services you offer!Blog posts Product landing page F.A.Q’s @kmullett // #SEOFW
  53. 53. Internal linking; don’t “click here” Formulate an internal linking structure • Keyword use where it makes sense (NO STUFFING) • Link to deeper pages Example: click here for our Search Engine Optimization Services. @kmullett // #SEOFW
  54. 54. What should we write about? Thoughts on efficiently blogging. • Convert product question response emails into posts • Get guest bloggers • Use video reviews & stories • Link to that category or specific product(s) in the vs shopping cart @kmullett // #SEOFW
  55. 55. I’ve nothing to write A common complaint is not knowing what to write & what keywords to target. • Fresh content is crucial • Newest articles win (all else being equal) • Increases site depth • Increases crawl rate (though this isn’t a big issue anymore) @kmullett // #SEOFW
  56. 56. Google gives you the clues Let Google give you ideas on which long tail subjects to write about. • Google Instant • More search tools (left) • Searches related to (bottom) • Related searches (top) [doesn’t always appear] @kmullett // #SEOFW
  57. 57. A click is not a blood oathFacebook events• No formal signup• No info gathering• No commitment• Not for everyone @kmullett // #SEOFW
  58. 58. Keep your traffic, visibility, & SEO CDPI - Summer Leadership Institute #CDPISLI Embed signup capability via services like eventbrite @kmullett // #SEOFW
  59. 59. Results “Cirrus took the difficult world of web and made it understandable and manageable. Before we started working with Cirrus, our site looked pretty good but had very little ROI. Now we have a site that looks good and generating a significant profit.” — Carrie S., Marketing Sanco Industries, Inc. — A 100.57% increase in website traffic — A sales increase of somewhere around 300% — More control of their branding and marketing message across their entire retailer network @kmullett // #SEOFW
  60. 60. Ecomm’s, don’t just copy and paste! If you copy and paste, it will boil down to other search signals that you likely won’t win for. Manufacturers supplied information duplicated your store many times @kmullett // #SEOFW
  61. 61. Help the search bots, don’t game them • URL - [] • Page title - [Brand Name Product in Red Model 1138 Type Style Descriptor | site name] • Description – [Looking for a red product 1138 made by brand name? We have them in red and other colors as well. Come check out our deals on other brand name models and service.] • H1 – [Brand Name Product in Red Model 1138 for User Type Descriptor] • First Paragraph – [Brand Name Product in Red Model 1138 is perfect for frolicking on summer days with…] @kmullett // #SEOFW
  62. 62. Get comfy in front of a camera Video may give that extra visibility you need! • Differentiate from your competition • Easy and inexpensive to embed from Youtube • Increased visibility & no plug-in CDPI - Summer Leadership Institute #CDPISLI @kmullett // #SEOFW
  63. 63. Technical considerations: Titles When writing page titles • Keep the title to 70 characters when possible (now based on width) • Use localization and kw/kwp in the title • Think about attractiveness + bolded words (will it get clicked?) @kmullett // #SEOFW
  64. 64. Technical considerations: Descriptions Meta descriptions usually become snippets • Keep the description to 156 characters when possible • Think about attractiveness + bolded words Consider the impact on your CTR and visibility words included in your titles and descriptions should also appear on the page. @kmullett // #SEOFW
  65. 65. Missed or skipped technical tasks Header tags: H1-H6 Alt tags are often missed (dont say picture or image of, Google already knows its an image) @kmullett // #SEOFW
  66. 66. Technical considerations: Name your images seo-is-like-nascar-001.jpg @kmullett // #SEOFW
  67. 67. Display and connect Badges Authorship or here Test it You are probably going to need a geek for this.@kmullett @kmullett // #SEOFW
  68. 68. Time to start the cleanup • Change title tags & descriptions first because they are valuable & clarify thinking • Start with keywords & keyword phrases you already rank for (see via Google Webmasters or Bing Webmasters) • Make sure there is a call to action on EVERY PAGE @kmullett // #SEOFW
  69. 69. Why do we want backlinks? • Offsite visibility • Traffic generation / linkbait (to internal pages or primary domain) • To encourage page/article indexing • Increase page rank / authority • Because someone said they are magic DO NOT buy backlinks! Ever. @kmullett // #SEOFW
  70. 70. How do I get good backlinks? Create awesome content that solves peoples problems, entertains them, or both, and share it with the World! @kmullett // #SEOFW
  71. 71. Place content where helpful Article awareness via communities, social, RSS Tell potential visitors and the search engines you have new content @kmullett // #SEOFW
  72. 72. Protecting your brand Grab your brand • mass id check with @kmullett // #SEOFW
  73. 73. Online reputation management Own your brand • Clog the SERPs • Push competition off • Proactive not reactive • Sentiment aware • Alerts/lists are crucial @kmullett // #SEOFW
  74. 74. Let people spread the word • Bring folks back again • Sharing happens here @kmullett // #SEOFW
  75. 75. Did it work? Do it again • Check Google analytics or server logs for: (bounce rates, time on site, pages visited, conversion pages, confirmation pages. Setup advanced filters & funnels.) • Monitor contacts, calls, lead sources • Google Webmasters @kmullett // #SEOFW
  76. 76. Check leads, then check rank Get: Rank Checker a Firefox browser add-on • Measure baseline • Measure changes • Measure competition • Check in private browsing @kmullett // #SEOFW
  77. 77. SEO: What’s New and What You Need to Do // Kevin Mullett just google “kevin mullett” director of product development