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Facebook Graph Search Preparediness For Businesses - SMX Toronto


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Kevin Mullett's Facebook Graph Search presentation at SMX Toronto.


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Facebook Graph Search Preparediness For Businesses - SMX Toronto

  2. 2. Facebook’s Graph Search strikes me as a private gym membership. Some go a few times, while others are using it to prepare for an upcoming competition. NEW TOY OR TOOL@kmullett #SMX Toronto
  3. 3. Some Small Businesses: » Have abandoned websites » Can’t rank, entice, or convert » Won’t spend, or can’t afford, to win AN OPPORTUNITY FOR SMALL BUSINESSES@kmullett #SMX Toronto
  4. 4. This is Not Business as Usual: » No landline phone » No local listings » No website » No brick and mortar presence HOPE FOR LIFESTYLE & MICRO-BUSINESSES@kmullett #SMX Toronto
  5. 5. While social media is free to use, it is not free to do. Weigh time and attention against opportunity and return. It is also not a task you complete! FREE TO USE, NOT DO@kmullett #SMX Toronto
  6. 6. Appear To Impact Rank: » The page type/categories » “Place Sub-categories” » Claim & Merge Place Page » Location * FILL EVERYTHING IN DO NOTHING OR GET READY TO WIN@kmullett #SMX Toronto
  7. 7. Places, my friends like, have been too12 1 2 X@kmullett #SMX Toronto
  8. 8. User edits appear to have an impact@kmullett #SMX Toronto
  9. 9. Don’t Appear To Impact Rank: » Check-ins (unless) » Recommendations (but) » Employees adding work connection (unless) » Likes (unless) ALMOST CERTAINLY WILL CHANGE@kmullett #SMX Toronto
  10. 10. "Everything that can be invented has been invented.“ ~ Charles Holland Duell SPECULATION = QUICKEST WAY TO BE WRONG@kmullett #SMX Toronto
  11. 11. The Future: » For search engines » For locals and directories » For other social channels » For users » For marketers WE KNOW IT’S “EVOLVING”@kmullett #SMX Toronto
  12. 12. Humanize your messageEncourage conversationListen firstPromote Less. H.E.L.P. PHILOSOPHY@kmullett #SMX Toronto
  13. 13. search “Kevin Mullett” @kmullett ME@CirrusABS Text “like cirrusabs” to 32665
  14. 14. Photography by Kevin Mullett or Stock agencies unless noted below. Jhong Dizon – Just Do It Charles H. Duell – half-length portrait Joe Shoemaker – untitled pic of me ATTRIBUTION@kmullett / @cirrusabs