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Don't have any content to put online? Make some. How can we create compelling marketing materials to reach people when budgets are tight? This brand new presentation empowers you with the ideas, tools, and techniques you need to create audio, video, photography, and other images for your online marketing initiatives.

Subjects covered:
Audio: Podcasting, webcasting/webinars, including quick mobile methods.
Video: Streaming events from your phone, screen capture for instructional videos, shooting and light editing of videos, Google+ Hangouts and Hangouts On-Air.
Images: Creating calls to action and graphics for page production, plus tips for infographics.
Photography: Sourcing stock, micostock, and shooting photography with various tools.

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Audio, Video, and Imagery for Online Marketing - Fort Wayne Seminar

  1. 1. Audio, Video, and Imagery for Online Marketing // Kevin Mullett
  2. 2. Audio, Video, and Imagery for Online Marketing // Kevin Mullett just google “kevin mullett” director of product development
  3. 3. // we can’t cover it all in a day…High levelReference sourceConceptualCollaborativeThought provokingAnd a gentle nudge to do more @kmullett // #FWAVI
  4. 4. // why care about audio, video, & imagery? Garner more attention in your current noise filled communities and expand your reach into new ones. @kmullett // #FWAVI
  5. 5. // types of copyright (and implications!)I’m not a lawyer, but my Spidey sense is tingling! • public domain • creative commons • fair use • exceptions • stock - royalty-free - rights managed @kmullett // #FWAVI
  6. 6. // copyright: who can you trust? Mr. X didn’t create the image, so he cannot set rights. @kmullett // #FWAVI
  7. 7. // checking the validity of copyright claim It’s on me to check! @kmullett // #FWAVI
  8. 8. // exif viewing and image search toolsWhat’s behind the digital curtain? @kmullett // #FWAVI
  9. 9. // the image use covenant Thou shalt not simply do a Google search, to find ones images, nor right clicketh on an image one likes and call it a day. In Search of Stock Photography My 49 Stock Photography Sites Mega List @kmullett // #FWAVI
  10. 10. // audio recording options mic input capable Choose the right tool smartphonepro usb or tabletcondensermic Skype recording software shotgun mic webcam digital recorder @kmullett // #FWAVI
  11. 11. // audio podcasting toolsPodcasting made simple @kmullett // #FWAVI
  12. 12. // audio editing toolsI need to bleep this bleeping thing @kmullett // #FWAVI
  13. 13. // webinarsSetting up for a webinar webcam/mic glass of water (off camera) tablet for notes $smartphone digital recorder remote presenter @kmullett // #FWAVI
  14. 14. // get over procrastination and fear Start with the record, edit, and post methods to help alleviate the fear of messing up. @kmullett // #FWAVI
  15. 15. // desktop video editing/capture toolsShoot, edit, post $ @kmullett // #FWAVI
  16. 16. // screen capture for…Quicker & more personal instruction $ @kmullett // #FWAVI
  17. 17. // where should we post our videosWhere ever there is an audience, if…$ $ @kmullett // #FWAVI
  18. 18. // wait, what kind of camera… “The best camera is the one that’s with you.” ~ Chase Jarvis @kmullett // #FWAVI
  19. 19. // other reasons for posting multiple placesVisible to the audience and the search engines create video sitemaps @kmullett // #FWAVI
  20. 20. // prepare for postingBe prepared. Be efficient.• Title (episode/show name)• Description• Keywords and tags• Links to supporting articles• Names of those in the video @kmullett // #FWAVI
  21. 21. // desktop video tools for streamingGo live and stream your knowledge @kmullett // #FWAVI
  22. 22. // real time video, community, & archivedWorth a serious look @kmullett // #FWAVI
  23. 23. // more miscellaneous video toolsAnd this isn’t all @kmullett // #FWAVI
  24. 24. // mobile video toolsStreaming/Live & Capture + community tools @kmullett // #FWAVI
  25. 25. // …but what is the story? All this tech won’t mean much if you’re not solving their problem or at least a bit entertaining. storyboard ideas plan for B-roll create intros/outros @kmullett // #FWAVI
  26. 26. // of course you have a story Events, interviews, office life, behind the scenes, in progress, and manufacturing step by step videos are a few to consider. @kmullett // #FWAVI
  27. 27. // graphics? images? charts?What should I make? @kmullett // #FWAVI
  28. 28. // ideas for FacebookInformative, conversational, less promotional Quality over quantity @kmullett // #FWAVI
  29. 29. // does it convey the message?A combination of multiple techniques screenshot adobe photoshop glow paint brush on tablet @kmullett // #FWAVI
  30. 30. // infographics & chartsI want me some of that action @kmullett // #FWAVI
  31. 31. // cloud/web imagery toolsPhotoshop is not required… @kmullett // #FWAVI
  32. 32. // desktop imagery toolsTools aid in creativity, they don’t provide it… @kmullett // #FWAVI
  33. 33. // mobile imagery toolsMobile image apps (too many to list iOS/Android/etc) @kmullett // #FWAVI
  34. 34. // imagery – and even moreWe are not even considering things likeGoogle Chrome extensions and Adobe AIR. @kmullett // #FWAVI
  35. 35. // types of photography & why we like them What kind of photography do you like, and do you know why you like it? Let’s try a little experiment. @kmullett // #FWAVI
  36. 36. // your smartphone vs a dslr Can you even tell the difference at sizes typically used for online marketing? @kmullett // #FWAVI
  37. 37. // mobile vs dslr at header image size @kmullett // #FWAVI
  38. 38. // sizing images Sizing impacts quality, experience, and SEO!h 600KB or 60KB w @kmullett // #FWAVI
  39. 39. // thou shall count to three The rule of thirds and groups of three. Learn it. Know it. Live it. @kmullett // #FWAVI
  40. 40. // memes & text over images how & why What is the goal?fixed link @kmullett // #FWAVI
  41. 41. // photo strips, grids, and boothsTell a story… @kmullett // #FWAVI
  42. 42. // panoramicGo big and show off! @kmullett // #FWAVI
  43. 43. // even more specializedUnique things grab attention $ @kmullett // #FWAVI
  44. 44. // social media sizing chartAll the x’s and y’s right here Download our Twitter Header Template Download the whole graphic @kmullett // #FWAVI
  45. 45. Audio, Video, and Imagery for Online Marketing // Kevin Mullett just google “kevin mullett” director of product development