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Add Social Media to Your Event Marketing Mix


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Add Social Media to Your Event Marketing Mix: Presented by Kevin Mullett, Director of Product Development & Social Media Optimization for Cirrus ABS, for Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana.

Places you can find and communicate with Kevin: (blog), (twitter), (facebook), and on (LinkedIn), among hundreds of others social media communities and networks.

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Add Social Media to Your Event Marketing Mix

  1. 1. Add Social Media to Your Event Marketing Mix // Kevin Mullett
  2. 2. Add Social Media to Your Event Marketing Mix // Kevin Mullett just google “kevin mullett” director of product development
  3. 3. // event example, wide spread application today’s example will revolve around events, but the principles revealed will be applicable to other normal business operations as well. @kmullett // #CSNISM
  4. 4. // the offline and online marketing mix no marketing media channel has 100% eyeballs or is 100% effective. prioritize based on goals, resources, and business objectives. @kmullett // #CSNISM
  5. 5. // getting on the same page with “social” now fortified with google+ @kmullett // #CSNISM
  6. 6. // gather your event creative/copy • develop your event title and description • check creative for online and offline goals • optimize additional boilerplate information then adapt it as needed • gather photos, logos, bios, links, etc @kmullett // #CSNISM
  7. 7. // social media on print invites? do these printed pieces promote social channels? what is the social strategy? @kmullett // #CSNISM
  8. 8. // a click is not a blood oath or promisefacebook events• no formal signup• no info gathering• no commitment• not for everyone @kmullett // #CSNISM
  9. 9. // don’t give away traffic, SEO & visibility! • embed signup capability via services like eventbrite @kmullett // #CSNISM
  10. 10. // social media helps feed SEO social media strategy is very important, but maybe the strategy isn’t what you think it is. less discussed benefits of social media is the SEO, visibility, and traffic value. @kmullett // #CSNISM
  11. 11. // put the event in front of bots & people network the event (based on available time) • join groups/add events to various services @kmullett // #CSNISM
  12. 12. // advertising your event via social media or click @kmullett // #CSNISM
  13. 13. // using and monitoring social activity optimize your efforts up to event day • use tools for consolidation, tracking, & alerts • delegating responsibility & automate (w/caution) @kmullett // #CSNISM
  14. 14. // not about events but the same concept ugly but descriptive • i know who they are • what they want me to do is clear • i’ll be rewarded @kmullett // #CSNISM
  15. 15. // claim LBS before they arrive! claim LBS listings • tweak name, address, phone to match always @kmullett // #CSNISM
  16. 16. // social media at my event location? which of these two will grow their facebook page? @kmullett // #CSNISM
  17. 17. // don’t leave them guessing success is in the details • make signage • educate EVERYONE • clearly display - company information - speaker info - hashtag - wifi access @kmullett // #CSNISM
  18. 18. // creating buzz and engagement where, when, and what you post will drastically alter the response. @kmullett // #CSNISM
  19. 19. // promote sharing from your site! • bring folks back again after the event • sharing happens here @kmullett // #CSNISM
  20. 20. // but nobody shares or comments How many of you who desire comments and amplification take the time to provide it? @kmullett // #CSNISM
  21. 21. // event amplification? clues? trends?measuring brand visibility, engagement, reach, connections, and yes ROI. @kmullett // #CSNISM
  22. 22. // it’s as measurable or more so… if talking to me about defining ROI of social media you best be prepared with examples from your other marketing efforts. @kmullett // #CSNISM
  23. 23. // where did you signups come from? • check google analytics or server logs for: signup page traffic vs confirms, visits before & after, comments • monitor contacts, calls, lead sources • or hootsuite analytics @kmullett // #CSNISM
  24. 24. // don’t look at “the score” people constantly talk about the score. the score isnt where it is at. look at the metrics. if good, do again. bad, change. @kmullett // #CSNISM
  25. 25. a FREE upcoming event July 26th TBD @smbfw @kmullett // #CSNISM
  26. 26. Add Social Media to Your Event Marketing Mix // Kevin Mullett