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Wpug meeting - wp to win8 experiences


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Some slides from a short presentation to Wpug about my failed win8 developments to date!

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Wpug meeting - wp to win8 experiences

  1. 1. @slodgeWindows Phone 8 to Windows 85th December 2012
  2. 2. Don’t listen to me - I’m a fraudI’ve not published to Windows 8 StoreBut I have: • Ported MvvmCross to WinRT 3 times • Written several samples • Built the spec for a big WinRT app • Failed to port a WP8 app @slodge
  3. 3. This is not the .Net you’re looking for Porting a large .Net website to Win8 Challenges hit: • Scale of project • Navigation – different • CLR - different @slodge
  4. 4. This is not the XAML you’re looking for Porting pages and controls Challenges hit: • XAML – different • APIs for e.g. Touch - different • Available Controls – different (Phone vs Callisto) • Platform Philosophy – different @slodge
  5. 5. This is not the Hardware you’re looking for Porting a Bluetooth client Challenges hit: • WinRT/Win8 – locked down • APIs - different @slodge
  6. 6. XAML and Hardware comments… @slodge
  7. 7. Stuart – you miserable bu88er @slodge
  8. 8. This might be the opportunity I’m looking for Business: Lots of installs Different form factor Different opportunities Code: PCLs Dependency Injection Excellent opportunity to target even more platforms @slodge
  9. 9. Wrap up I’ve developed Tourettes The lack of WP7.8 info doesn’t help me… I am excited about the future More swearing predicted for W9 and WP9 @slodge
  10. 10. @slodgeWindows Phone 8 to Windows 85th December 2012