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About Cirrious ltd


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About Cirrious and Stuart Lodge

Published in: Technology
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About Cirrious ltd

  1. 1. Cirrious LtdSoftware – Mobile to Cloud
  2. 2. Stuart Lodge 1991-4  1999-2004 Maths -1st Class C++, C#, Development Sidney Sussex, Cambridge Manager 1994-7 RadioScape Ltd C++, VB, AI  2005-8 British Maritime Technology C#, C++, Director 1997-9 WaveSonix Ltd C++, HTML, JavaScript  2008- Intelligent Environments Plc C#, Director Cirrious Ltd
  3. 3. Cirrious Projects Mobile: Cloud:
  4. 4. Working with Customers
  5. 5. Part of the Community Software:  MvvmCross – WP, WinRT, MonoTouch, MonoDroid  Expensify Windows Phone Test Framework  DNN modules RPX/Facebook  SagePay for nopCommerce Presenting:  WPUG  DDD  DevEvening  London Azure
  6. 6. Contact Stuart Lodge Cirrious Ltd Twitter: @slodge Skype: stunic