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Bob Wilson Recommendation Of Eric Long


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Bob\'s letter highlights my leadership and personality traits.

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Bob Wilson Recommendation Of Eric Long

  1. 1. Garfield Technology Academy Garfield High School 400 23rd Street Seattle, WA 98122Phone 206.298.7780Fax ryegirl@msn.comTo: School AdministratorRe: Eric LongFr: Bob Wilson, Garfield High School TeacherMay 3, 1999To Whom it May Concern:I highly recommend you hire Eric Long. He will be an excellent contributing staff member inyour school community. Eric is intelligent, highly motivated, confident and a team player. Hehas the ability to be successful in whatever he wants to accomplishI have had the pleasure of knowing Eric for the past three years. He was an incredible asset indeveloping our technology plan for building a computer lab within our construction program.Eric was a member of the steering committee to oversee the implementation of the project,working effectively in a collaborative environment with students, staff, community leaders andbusinesses.Last summer, Eric was our computer technician setting up a LAN, installing NT 4.0 andnumerous software programs in our new Construction Manufacturing Technology Lab. Heworked diligently to meet the needs of the lab. This provided Eric with the means to showcasehis abilities in leadership and to be a responsible and effective team player. He is more thanwilling to help out when asked and to offer assistance in areas he knows he can contribute to.His ability to lead and include others in decision making processes is excellent.Just as importantly, Eric is a good listener and can take criticism positively. He understands theprocess is as important as the product and that there is room for growth. These qualities, alongwith his self-confidence, lend themselves to being an excellent life-long learner.Eric is great person! He is friendly, compassionate, honest and was liked by many of thestudents and staff while helping us at Garfield High School. He respects others and is respected.Eric will be an excellent person to have on your team!Sincerely,Bob Wilson