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UC Fast Visualisaion


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Published in: Technology
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UC Fast Visualisaion

  1. 1. Fast 3D<br />What “fast” means for you :<br /><ul><li>Knowledge is gained quicker
  2. 2. A transparent visual process is enjoyed by all
  3. 3. Everyone ‘gets on the same page’ sooner
  4. 4. There is more time to optimise and integrate
  5. 5. Decisions are made quicker
  6. 6. Certainty is achieved sooner
  7. 7. The requirement is delivered quicker 
  8. 8. People and processes are implemented quicker 
  9. 9. Investments can earn a return quicker 
  10. 10. Losses are minimised or avoided  
  11. 11. Financial stakeholders see returns quicker
  12. 12. Political stakeholders see results sooner</li></ul>With our bespoke toolset, UC is the D&C industry leader in producing fast, fit-for-purpose 3D real-time models.<br />UC Fast <br /><br />
  13. 13. Fast Geometry<br />Fast 3D<br />UC is fastest at creating geometry because:<br />Auto-Conversion of 3D geometry with textures-materials to real-time (12DA FBX). <br />UC modellers hired via an 8-hour speed test<br />All geometry standard formats, geo-referenced, quality models. <br />Geometry is accurate per vertex<br />Imported from survey/design 3D <br />Built from design drawings<br />Integrated QA service (clash highlights)<br />Measurable in real-time<br />Accurate real-time shadows<br />Wireframes of Adelaide and M5 East<br /><br />
  14. 14. 2D to 3D - Fast<br />Fast 3D<br />If you provide 2D plans and drawings:<br />UC converts 2D into 3D fast.<br />Modellers employed on an 8-hr speed test. <br />A QA clash/conflict service with model construction to find errors.<br />3D meshes standard formats and interchangeable to other programs.<br />If the model is wrong and our fault, no cost to fix.<br />Over 10,000 hours experience.<br /> Your project in 3D real-time is delivered fast, to high quality.<br />Station built from a 2D pdf in < 40 hours<br /><br />
  15. 15. Auto-Geometry<br />Fast 3D<br />12D program<br />Converters move 3D data from technical modelling programs to real-time software in < 1 minute. <br />Examples:<br />12DA converter: takes civil design geometry (TINs) and pushes them straight to real-time 3D. Textures, materials, shadows and effects are applied automatically. <br />SketchUp FBX converter: brings the sketchup models into real-time 3D, with textures mapped.<br />3DS Max: exports or ‘publishes’ to real-time 3D.<br /> Efficient to communicate and review the project in real-time 3D.<br />UC Converter<br />Urban Engine<br /><br />
  16. 16. Publish, not Render<br />Fast 3D<br />UC ‘publishes’ scenes to real-time. This takes only seconds to achieve living 3D models. <br />Projects are updated dozens of times per day.<br />This gives: :<br />Flexibility and efficiency<br />Constant visibility<br />Opportunities to include late changes<br />A disciplined data structure means we can overwrite any scene component quickly.<br />Traditional, pre-rendered visualisation requires minutes and hours to render every frame.<br /> You get fast and continuous updates of your 3D real-time project. No need to wait.<br />A live visual model is updated thousands of times as thinking changes, with updates taking minutes.<br /><br />
  17. 17. Auto-Animation<br />Fast 3D<br />Navigation mesh for self-pathing characters throughout station<br />UC has a bespoke Artificial Intelligence system to approximate traffic and human movement.<br />UC software auto-animates<br />Road Traffic: merging, queuing, give way, blinkers, drivers etc<br />Pedestrians: walk, idle, talk, ride escalators.<br />Rail: boarding, drivers, passengers, speeds etc<br />Traffic and movement simulation data (VISSIM, Paramicsetc) can be imported.<br />Traditional visualisation hand-animates objects.<br /> UC provides more realism, movement, scale and interactivity faster.<br />AI directs lane-change with brakes & indicators<br /><br />
  18. 18. Instant Images + Mark-Up<br />Fast 3D<br />Capture any image instantly second. <br />Press camera icon or “PrtScn”<br />Screen resolution image (png) saved to “My Documents”.<br />Orthographics and perspectives.<br />Change field of view.<br />Change ‘options’ or scenarios.<br />Mark-up tool:<br />Draw over the 3D scene with pen. <br />Type over 3D scene.<br />PrtScn to save image to My Docs. <br />Then print / email to colleagues.<br /><br />
  19. 19. Real-Time Video<br />Fast 3D<br />Purpose-built “pathing’ tool.<br />Set up paths at camera points.<br />Capture video directly from real-time.<br />Smart algorithms create smooth camera path.<br />With UC: 1 minute of video can take 1 minute to create. <br />Others (equivalent): 1 min of video takes 1+ hours to render, plus compositing.<br />UC do no time-wasting ‘green screening’. UC characters animations are AI virtual agents.<br /><ul><li>UC videos are fast,</li></ul>Capturing video using in-situ video path tools.<br />Camera path visible above townscape<br /><br />
  20. 20. Real-Time Tools<br />Fast 3D<br />Tools for adding, validating, and demonstrating directly in real-time 3D. <br />Examples: <br />2D/3D tape measure, relative level<br />sightline measure<br />add characters (static, walking, sitting)<br />add objects (any 3D object in library)<br />transform (rotate, scale, move)<br /> Tools built in-house to make project analysis efficient.<br />Transform & save library objects<br />Linear measure. RL markers.<br />Add / edit animated characters<br /><br />
  21. 21. Big Scenes<br />Fast 3D<br />The largest and most complex visualisations in real-time 3D, video and imagery. <br />Our capability in scene scale and complexity means you work faster in bigger projects. <br />Enjoy more: geometry; detail; integrated optioneering; shadows; animations; textures, shaders and effects. <br />We specialise in the human to urban scale.<br />Examples: Sydney CBD including sub-surface rail stations; Melbourne City, CBD and surrounds, Gold Coast Rapid Transit, AirPort Link and Northern Busway, Brisbane CBD & surrounds.<br />Airport Link & North Busway winning bid.<br />Victoria Square masterplan<br />Melbourne CBD<br /><br />
  22. 22. Smart Shaders<br />Fast 3D<br />Shaders on our HD drivable vehicle<br />Shadercode is processed directly on the GPU, giving efficient processing. We build custom shaders as required to optimise workflow.<br />Example: Auto-Generated Painted Aerial Terrain Texture (using repetition reduction optimisation) with distance based blending.<br />Benefits:<br />Workflow (speed): no manual creation of quality terrain texture – use shader values<br />Performance: reduces RAM footprint and load times with fewer texture inputs<br />Visual Quality: improved visual clarity and effects from helicopter to ped views<br />A Pixar fur shader<br />1m N-S aligned grid to aerial photo shader under cadastral splines in Melbourne CBD<br /><br />