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Gas Leakage Detector using Arduino with SMS Alert - Engineering Project


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Gas Leakage Detector using Arduino and MQ5 Gas Sensor - with GSM Module for SMS Alerts and Sound Alarm - Ideal for Engineering Project and Seminar Presentation - Read Full Article here - -

Published in: Engineering
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Gas Leakage Detector using Arduino with SMS Alert - Engineering Project

  2. 2. OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT • Detect Gas Leakage (like LPG) using MQ5 Sensor and Arduino • Setup an SMS based Alert Mechanism using GSM Module • Send 3 SMS (3 alert messages) to 2 specified mobile numbers • Sound Alarm – produce sound alert on gas leak • Display status in an LCD using a 16×2 LCD module.
  3. 3. PLANNING OF COMPONENTS • MQ5 – to sense LPG (use Digital Out to detect level status) • Arduino • To read MQ5 output and detect Gas Leak (through level comparison) • To activate outputs upon gas leak – sound alarm and sms alert • To send AT Commands to GSM Module • To send Status message commands to LCD Module • To Turn ON and OFF Sound Alarm • GSM Module – for GSM Communication and to send SMS to mobile numbers • LCD Module – to display status messages • Speaker – to produce Alarm Sound
  4. 4. ARDUINO • Arduino Uno – an electronic prototyping platform/board based on Atmega AVR Microcontroller – Atmega328P (8 bits, 16 Mhz) • Operates on +5 Volts • 14 Digital I/O Pins (of which 6 are PWM) • 6 Analog Input Pins • 32 KB Flash Memory and 1KB EEPROM • Serial Communication Enabled
  5. 5. MQ5 SENSOR MODULE • MQ5 – is a generic gas sensor used to detect LPG presence • The module has Digital Out and Analog Out • Detects LPG from 200ppm to 10000ppm • Operated on +5 Volts • Can be used detect other gases like Methane and Alcohol as well
  6. 6. GSM MODULE • SIM 900 GSM Module – is used to send SMS alerts upon gas leak • Serial Communication is employed • AT COMMANDS – are used to communicate with GSM Module
  8. 8. CIRCUIT EXPLANATION-1 • Interfacing MQ5 Sensor to Arduino • Connecting Digital Out of MQ5 to pin 7 • Interfacing GSM Module to Arduino • Connect to PWM pins 9 and 10 of Arduino (using SoftwareSerial) • Tx of GSM Module to 9 and Rx of GSM Module to 10 • Interfacing Speaker to Arduino • 2N2222 is used as driving transistor • Connect to Pin 8 of Arduino
  9. 9. CIRCUIT EXPLANATION-2 • Interfacing LCD Module to Arduino • 16x2 LCD Module is used • Data Lines (DB4,DB5,DB6,DB7) connected to 5,4,3,2 pins of Arduino (in order) • Enable Pin connected to 11 and RS (Register Select) connected to 12 • Backlit LED is connected to Vcc (+5v) through a 560 ohms current limiting resistor • Contrast – is adjusted by connecting VEE to a 10K Pot and +5V
  10. 10. PROGRAM EXPLANATION - 1 • Important Initializations and Setup • Sensor MQ5 is assigned to pin 7 using variable ‘sensor’ • Sound Alarm Speaker is assigned to pin 8 using ‘speaker’ • ‘sensor’ – configured as Input • ‘speaker’ – configured as output • Software Serial communication is used with PWM pins of Arduino • <SoftwareSerial.h> - header library is made use of!
  11. 11. PROGRAM EXPLANATION -2 • Important Variables • sms_count – variable used to limit number of SMS • Gas_Leak_Status – variable to identify ‘gas leak’ occurrence status • gas_value – temporary variable to store gas level fetched from sensor MQ5 • Gas_alert_val – to store fetched value and to compare with set limit value (during Scanning for Gas Leak) • Gas_shut_val – to store fetched value and to compare with set limit value (during checking for Gas Shut Down Process)
  12. 12. PROGRAM EXPLANATION-3 • Important Subroutines • CheckGas() – has the following functions • Scans for gas level by calling ScanGasLevel() inner subroutine • If scanned gas value ‘Gas_alert_val==LOW’ – alert actions are invoked by calling SetAlert() inner subroutine • Displays status messages on LCD Module – for Scanning Process and Gas Leak Alert • CheckShutDown() – is to check if gas leak has been eliminated • Scans for present gas level by calling ScanGasLevel() inner subroutine • If scanned value stored in variable ‘Gas_shut_val==HIGH’ – gas leak is eliminated • Immediately stops alarm – with digitalWrite(speaker,LOW) • Resets the gas leak status variable and sms_count variable – to reactivate Gas Leak Scanning Process and SMS Alert mechanism
  13. 13. PROGRAM EXPLANATION-4 • Important Inner Subroutines • ScanGasLevel() • Scans the gas level from sensor MQ5 and stores to temporary variable gas_level • SetAlert() • Activates sound alarm through digitalWrite(speaker,HIGH) • Sends 3 SMS to 2 Mobile numbers by calling SendTextMessage() inner subroutine • Outputs status message commands to LCD Module • SendTextMessage() • Subroutine to send AT Commands to GSM Module for sending SMS
  14. 14. APPLICATIONS • Home Security – can be used in homes (especially kitchen area) to prevent accidents due to gas leak • Industrial Security – can be used in sensitive areas to prevent any accidents • Enhancement – can be enhanced to measure specific gas levels to use in industrial applications • Automation – can be enhanced to automate electrical cut off process to prevent short circuit
  15. 15. OUTPUT PHOTOGRAPH • Read Full Project Here- Gas Leakage Detector using Arduino
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