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Cows and Quail Program - 2012


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Cows and Quail Program - 2012

  1. 1. Special Program Cows & Quail Workshop Creating healthy environments for land, people, wildlife, and livestock“Cows & Quail is the only range and wildlife curriculumbased on the mutual-dependence of plants and animals” - C. Gill, Workshop ParticipantHOLISTIC MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL HMI’s Cows & Quail workshop is a unique experience for serious land and wildlife managers. This habitat improvement workshop helps participants understand the Results interaction of large grazers with Scaled and Participants were asked to rate their Gambels quail, Northern Bobwhite Quail, knowledge of specific topics before and Pronghorn, Desert Mule Deer, Whitetail after the workshop. The average rate of Deer and Desert Big Horn Sheep; and the knowledge change was significant. response of their critical habitat to Holistic Management grazing techniques. Land managers leave the training with advanced Knowledge Change knowledge of how ecology is affected by Topic Change animal impact, food, water, cover, other General Ecology 30% range practices, and fencing, to support the Wildlife Habitat 37% population growth of these species Habitat Assessment 37% Mule Deer Management 44%Quail’s critical need for cover and food is within a Cows & Quail - West Texas Pronghorn Management 67%distance you can throw a softball Our most recent program included the following expert presenters: Big Horn Sheep Management 150% • Frank Aragona, Director of R&D, HMI Quail Management 96%About HMI • Chris Gill, Owner, Circle Ranch ImpactHMI is an Albuquerque-based international • Steve Nelle, TWA, SRM, NRCS Retired &non-profit organization. Our mission is toeducate people to manage land for a Independent Consultant • Dr. Dale Rollins, Texas Agrilife Extension 39 People Trainedsustainable future. We believe people count, Service & Rolling Plains Quail Researchhealthy land is essential, and money matters. Ranch 536,015 Acres InfluencedWe accomplish our mission by delivering a • Guy Glossom, Holistic Managementvariety of programs and services designed to Certified Educatoreducate and support farmers, ranchers and land • Tom Waddell, Ranch Manager, Ted 66 Jobs Influencedstewards in their efforts to enhance the land Turner’s Armendaris Ranchthrough Holistic Management®, a whole ranch/ 5941 Jefferson Street NE, Ste. Bfarm planning system. Join the conversation: Albuquerque, NM 87109 | 505.842.5252 Holistic Management and Holistic Management International/Healthy Land/Sustainable holisticmanagement.org Future are registered trademarks of Holistic Management International. Copyright ©2012 hmi@holisticmanagement.org Holistic Management International. All rights reserved. 08-09-12