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Circular economy workshop


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This is a general workshop with an introduction to the circular economy and opportunities and directions we are exploring.

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Circular economy workshop

  1. 1. Workshop Circular Economy
  2. 2. Guido  Braam  -­‐  Execu&ve  Director   @guidobraam   @circleeconomy   Circle of action “A  non-­‐profit  ac3on  driven  coopera3ve  with  a   mission  to  speed  up  the  transi3on  towards  the   inevitable  circular  economy.”  
  3. 3. Personal introduction “Entrepreneurs  are  the  ones  filling  the  gaps   and  failures  in  society”    -­‐  Michael  Porter  
  4. 4. Visioning the circular economy
  5. 5. Circular economy thinking finds its roots in several schools of thought
  6. 6. Circular  business  model   Descrip2on   Examples   Service  and  lease  concepts   where  producers  remain  owner  Ownership  to  usage   Waste  as  a  resource   Smart  recycling   Second  life  sales   Assets  and  goods   sharing   Repurpose  (organic)  residual   material  flows  for  new   applica:ons   Integrated  reverse  flow  of   material  and  recyclates  trading   Recover  residual  product  value  in   new  segments  by  retake  and   resell   Mone:ze  u:liza:on  of  goods  and   assets  instead  of  volume   transac:ons   Examples of circular business models
  7. 7. Drivers for a circular economy a)  Posi:ve  business  case  on  macro-­‐economic  level   b)  Resource  dependency  (vola:lity)   c)  Climate  change  and  world  overshoot     d)  Circular  economy  reveals  innova:ve  poten:al  
  8. 8. Positive business cases on a macro economic level “Today's  goods  are  tomorrow's   resources  at  yesterday's  prices.”     -­‐  Walter  Stahel  
  9. 9. Paladium
  10. 10. At what costs can we continue our current linear model?
  11. 11. Personal lessons learned a)  Just  do  it  –  bring  it  into  prac:ce   b)  Logical  but  complex  –  don’t  simplify  too  soon   c)  Do-­‐tank  –  thinking  and  doing  combined   d)  Holis2c  approach  -­‐  to  prevent  one  issue  solu:ons   e)  Mul2-­‐stakeholder  approach  –  all  stakeholders  needed   f)  Systemic  change  –  irreversible  posi:ve  chain  reac:on  (meadows)   g)  Expert  curse  –  stay  curious  as  a  kid  and  be  an  expert  like  a  parent  
  12. 12. First step: Circle Scan
  13. 13. Holistic approach
  14. 14. Circular opportunities for Amsterdam
  15. 15. Circular cycling
  16. 16. Input Risks Organizational Improvement Potential End-of-Use Value Preservation Product/Service Design Systemic Approach: PGGM investment Assessment Planetary impacts
  17. 17. Set ambitious targets!
  18. 18. A ‘challenge’ with iconic projects that show the potential
  19. 19. Join the circular journey…
  20. 20. Circular healthcare
  21. 21. Thank you! Ques2ons?   guido@circle-­‐   @guidobraam