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What is Applied Kinesiology?


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What is Applied Kinesiology?

  1. 1. What is Applied Kinesiology? Nathan Schilaty, DC
  2. 2. Energetic Medicine• “The doctor of the future will • "Were beginning now to give no medicine, but will understand things that we interest his patients in the care know in our hearts are true but of the human body, in diet, and we could never measure. As in the cause and prevention of we get better at understanding disease.” how little we know about the - Thomas Edison body, we begin to realize that the next big frontier … in medicine is energy medicine. Its not the mechanistic part of• “The day is near at hand when the joints moving. Its not the the doctor will no longer be chemistry of our body. Its engaged to patch up the sick understanding for the first time man, but to prevent him from how energy influences how we getting sick. Each family will feel.” select a doctor and pay him so - Dr. Mehmet Oz much a year.” - 1908 Newspaper Article
  3. 3. Applied Kinesiology • Holistic approach to health • Useful as a diagnostic tool • Energy medicine • Prevention, Healing, and Maintenance • Researched • International Organization - ICAK
  4. 4. With AK, Feel the Difference• Your body talks • This is called “biofeedback” • Very similar to a dashboard of a car• Binary system • “Yes” or “No”• Constant feedback reaches the brain
  5. 5. Brain at Work• Each second 1 trillion messages reach brain – 200 out of 1 trillion we are consciously aware of • Info gets filtered from conscious mind – Example: Clothes on your back – You did not feel them until you just read that…• What percent is unconscious? • 1 trillion / 200 = Basically 100%!!!
  6. 6. Preventing Problems• When one can “listen” to their car, they can prevent problems • Running out of gas • Running low on oil • Servicing engine• With knowing biofeedback from the body, we can similarly “listen” to the body and prevent problems, treat ailments, and maintain our health!
  7. 7. Discovery of AK• Dr. George Goodheart – 1964 • Found weak muscle on patient • 15 year muscle weakness • Strength returned after rubbing tender points• First chiropractor - U. S. Olympic Medical Team in 1980• Manual muscle test = Body is own diagnostic tool • Biomedicine • Osteopathy • Acupuncture • Dentistry • Nutrition • Biochemistry
  8. 8. Causes of Disease (2008)• Toxins• Trauma• Thoughts / Emotions• Nutrition• Allergies• Electromagnetic Radiation
  9. 9. What is Treated?• Nerves• NeuroLymphatic• NeuroVascular• Cranials• Acupuncture Meridians• Nutrition
  10. 10. Additional Facts• Diagnostic Tool • Non-invasive • Effective• Result driven• See and Feel the difference• May not understand it… but that does not mean it does not work! • Example: How many people truly understand electricity? – Yet how many people use it successfully?
  11. 11. Body Connections• Everything is connected! • Fatigue / Stress • Weight gain • Emotions • Depression • Arthritis • Muscle pain• Body extremely complex… • Ask the body... the body knows best!
  12. 12. Ease vs. Dis-ease• Ease = state of perfect health• Stress  Dis-ease  Disease• Maintain health by maintaining EASE! • Listen to the body