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Case study, Samsung Football by Tom Chapman


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Presented at the CIPR Wessex Social Media fast facts workshop on 22nd July 2009

Published in: Business, Technology

Case study, Samsung Football by Tom Chapman

  1. 1. Samsung Football Social Media & Digital PR Case Study
  2. 2. Headstream were approached to support Samsung’s Award Wining Sponsorship of Chelsea FC and raise awareness / buzz of the Background
  3. 3. <ul><li>Increase share of voice within social media </li></ul><ul><li>Drive traffic to </li></ul><ul><li>Drive signups to Experience Football competitions </li></ul>OBJECTIVES
  4. 4. Football is ubiquitous and social media is global Conversations are taking place Samsung needs to be there Football is all about tribes – so is social media WHY SOCIAL MEDIA?
  6. 6. Physiotherapists Sports Science Students Referees & Footballers (grassroots) Football Fans, wannabe wags, sport photographers, Journalists & Media Trade & National Press Business, Marketing, Sports Sponsorship Football fans Chelsea fans EXPERIENCED FOOTBALL AUDIENCE
  7. 7. Social media optimisation strategy Insight Monitoring Micro-blogging Social networks Blogs & Communities Reporting Engagement Video & Photo Sharing Wikipedia SMO STRATEGY
  8. 8. Blog Coverage COVERAGE We linked with popular blogs to drive traffic and raise awareness of the Samsung Football site
  9. 9. Promotions & Partnerships COVERAGE We partnered with key media outlets to raise awareness of the Samsung Football site
  10. 10. Facebook COVERAGE We used the Samsung Football Facebook page as a platform to enter into and create conversations with Facebook users
  11. 11. Forums & Communities COVERAGE We entered into communities to foster conversations and generate buzz around the Samsung Football site
  12. 12. Wikipedia COVERAGE Links and content were added to relevant Wikipedia pages in order to drive traffic
  13. 13. SEO COVERAGE The Samsung Football site underwent SEO to improve it’s position in search engines, in return helping to drive traffic
  14. 14. Twitter COVERAGE Through Twitter we were able to start conversations and actively engage users:
  15. 15. Twitter RESULTS ANALYSIS For the Chelsea v Liverpool Champions League game we created meme using the hash tag #chelseaCL.
  16. 16. Twitter RESULTS ANALYSIS Through Twitter we have converted audience to advocates.
  17. 17. Twitter RESULTS ANALYSIS In comparison to another identical website ‘Puma Motorsport’ that is social media optimised, the Samsung Football site has considerably more mentions.
  18. 18. Twitter RESULTS ANALYSIS The graph shows that mentions of Samsung Football within the fastest growing social network and micro-blogging platform ‘Twitter’ are on a par with other major brand endorsements such as Nike and Adidas.
  19. 19. Blogs 29% Promotions & partnerships 47% 6% 1% 1% BREAK DOWN OF TRAFFIC REFERRERS 9% 7% forums
  20. 20. Campaign duration 30 th March – 29 th May 2009 Social media & Digital PR drove the largest volume of traffic as identified by Google Analytics Social Media & Digital PR 51% Samsung 37% Media display 12% PERFORMANCE
  21. 21. THANK YOU