Why Project Managers Should Use Facebook


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  • 'Social media is not a new project management tool'. That is how I am starting my next presentation. It has never been more intended to be a standalone pillar for PM, marketing or even customer service.. What it is, is a social business tool that can help with communication. I find I have to be very careful to word my phrasing correctly with technical and process people on the subject of social media. It doesn't do your job for you. It improves the understanding of the people you work with and can help with cultural and geographical issues. disclosure - I am not a PM but have had to manage some smaller projects on a regular basis.
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  • Disagree. you really need Facebook to manage virtual and geographically dispersed teams. it doesnot matter what you team member does after office hours as long he/she does the job assigned well. that way you can use any social networking site. ..but you donot need social networking site for project management... so disagree
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  • Disagree, the current way facebook privacy and security settings are done is way too complicated and generate high risks for loop holes. There are easier ways to create community portals. My two cents.
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  • If you set your permissions correctly on Facebook, there is little danger in using facebook and having information disclosed. I find the security controls to be good and have no problems in using it to connect with my team. Plus, I don't discuss my projects on facebook. I use it to build the relationship and connect with my team, not to share value creation figure, financial information, etc.

    Therefore, the security risks are small.
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  • I agree and disagree. Trust in the security of information on facebook is still questionable. I withdrew from facebook for this reason. Trust is a crucial factor in fostering virtual teams. Do you agree, Ciprian?
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Why Project Managers Should Use Facebook

  1. Why Project Managers Should Use acebook<br />http://corporategeek.info<br />
  2. Are You Delivering Projects with Virtual Teams?<br />
  3. YOU… Not Meeting them Face to Face?<br />THEY… Employees of Other Companies?<br />YOU… May Never Work Together Once Done?<br />
  4. How Do You Develop Productive Relationships?<br />How Do You Know What’s Going On With Your Team?<br />How Do You Get to Know Your Team?<br />
  5. Actively Use acebook<br />
  6. Here is 5 Reasons WHY…<br />
  7. Reason 1:<br />><br />Knowing How the Team Members <br />Look Means Knowing their Personalities Better<br />
  8. Reason 2:<br />What Does your Team Love Doing?<br />Likes<br />Dislikes<br />Differences Between You & Them?<br />
  9. Reason 3:<br />What Does your Team Do Outside & <br />During Office Hours?<br />
  10. Reason 4:<br />Learn about Big Events in Your Team’s Life<br />
  11. Reason 5:<br />Facebook is More Personal!<br />><br />
  12. Do You Agree?<br />
  13. Actively Use acebook<br />Sign Up &<br />
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