CipherGraph Networks: Cloud Access Gateway


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Securing your cloud deployment was never easier. Learn how you can implement enterprise grade cloud security in minutes. Enable BYOD securely and reliably.

CipherGraph is setting a new standard in cloud security. Increase efficiency and cut costs for you public, private and hybrid clouds. No more VPN hardware. Harness the true power of cloud, do not let security hold you back.

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CipherGraph Networks: Cloud Access Gateway

  1. 1. CipherGraph Cloud Access Gateway June 2013© CipherGraph Networks Inc. 2013
  2. 2. About CipherGraph Networks OUR BOARD Chamath Palihapitiya Investor, Board Member Dr. Parvez Anandam Advisor, Board Member Jitender Sharan Founder, CEO TEAM AND EXPERIENCE PARTNERSHIPS & AWARDS
  3. 3. Two IT Revolutions: Cloud & BYOD Cloud • Global spending on public cloud services reached $110.3B in 2012; expected to achieve a CAGR of 17.7% from 2011 through 2016. (Gartner) • AWS will earn $3.8B in 2013, $6.2 B in 2014 (Macquarie Capital) BYOD / Mobility • 3.5 devices per mobile worker (iPass) • 72% of enterprises support BYOD (Cisco) • 36% of email now opened on mobile devices (Knotice)
  4. 4. Cloud and BYOD are changing security landscape Applications and Services moving to Cloud Employees migrating to mobile devices
  5. 5. Understanding the Cloud Security Challenge • Take your data and apps to the cloud • Isolate access from Internet threats • Allow Secure Access to authorized users only • Full support from mobile devices (BYOD) • Simplified Governance and Control
  6. 6. Put the cloud in the center of your cloud strategy
  7. 7. The CipherGraph Way Putting the Cloud at the center Affordable Stable and Reliable Direct cloud access for all users Excellent user experience for mobile users Cloud Apps Without HW, cloud initiatives can launch immediately Branch Office Branch connects straight to cloud – no backhaul On-Premise Apps • No capital expenses • Reduced operational expenses • Connect to cloud and on-premise Users with Lots of Devices
  8. 8. CipherGraph Cloud Access Gateway • Cloud-based Access for all your cloud apps: public cloud, private cloud, virtualized and legacy data centers • Supports all your users’ devices • Integrates with existing IT infrastructure LDAP, Active Directory – the ID services you already have to control access to your apps • No hardware; dramatically lower TCO • OPEX / Subscription pricing
  9. 9. Deploying hardware strains your datacenter and cripples your cloud strategy Expensive High Risk Massive Data backhaul Poor performance Poor support for mobile devices Slow to deploy and manage Cloud Applications and Services New IT Staff for Network HW for Cloud Apps and Services Dedicated HW takes weeks or months to deploy, slowing cloud initiatives Branch Office WAN Backhaul required for all cloud traffic to branch. Unreliable Connection Cumbersome for Mobile Users On-Premise Apps Users with Lots of Devices
  10. 10. Hardware Solution: Outdated, Costly and Limited Deploying Hardware • Expensive: TCO is typically $50K to $100K/year per device • Overall costs can go up to $500K • Inelastic: either overprovision or risk bottlenecks and sunk costs • Slow to deploy: Purchase cycles, physical deployment, etc. • Limited Mobility: Notoriously cumbersome and unreliable on mobile devices
  11. 11. CipherGraph Benefits • Reduces CapEx and OpEx for cloud access by 5X or more • Deployable in minutes, not weeks • All existing applications and services just work • End user cloud access is: • Secure • Easy to use (no training required) • Available across all their devices
  12. 12. All major public / private clouds supported Full support for your virtualization / cloud vendor …and more.
  13. 13. All platforms and devices supported Windows, Apple Mac, iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod) Windows and Mac Android
  14. 14. Full Suite of Applications Automatic and instant support for applications and protocols All Web Applications • Sharepoint, Webmail, CRM etc. All Native Applications • Any native app liks Remote Desktop, Secure Shell (SSH), VoIP etc. • Any custom or third party app CipherGraph Premium Apps • Remote Desktop within browser • Secure Shell (SSH) within browser
  15. 15. Technical Details • Software-defined Access Gateway Role-based access controls for cloud services and users • Available today for AWS, Azure and other cloud services • Fully Integrated with LDAP and Active Directory • Applies industry-leading security techniques AES256 encryption Two-factor authentication • Supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
  16. 16. Thank You Jitender Sharan (CEO) Sales | +1 415 287 0246