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CipherGraph: Case study - Secure Amazon AWS deployment


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CipherGraph Case Study - Secure Amazon AWS deployment

Case study for securing an enterprise deploying its initial set of apps and data on Amazon AWS cloud. The enterprise already has a datacenter and requires mobile device support in addition to Windows and Mac. The solution must be secure and scalable, additionally it must have SaaS model.

CipherGraph Cloud Security Service allows effortless rollout of security and connectivity that allows simultaneous and secure connectivity to the cloud as well as datacenter. The security solution encrypts all communication seamlessly and hence does not require any changes in the apps or the workflow. The enterprise and users continue to use their existing applications without worrying about any security.

The IT creates granular access rules to ensure that only the right people have access to the right applications and data. This allows much stronger security cover than was even possible with the traditional LAN.

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CipherGraph: Case study - Secure Amazon AWS deployment

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