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A fancy dress party


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Published in: Education
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A fancy dress party

  2. 2. Good afternoon Pol! Happy Carnival! I’m a funny vampire! I’m wearing a red and black long cape, and white gloves I’m wearing a white and black tie Ah!!! Have you seen my teeth??? Are you scared??? See youHi friends!!!Happy Carnival!!!Today, I’m a nice and brave Police manI’m wearing a black police hat, black and blue tie a black Jumper and dark trousers.Ah!!!Do you like my trainers?They are special trainers for policemen.
  3. 3. HI, Marta! Happy Carnival!!! Today, I’m Shakira and I’m wearing grey tights, brownboots, a hair band and a wig. See you!!! Good evening Jana, Happy Carnival!!! I’m a brave pirate and… I’m wearing a black belt, a striped T-shirt and long black trousers. Ah! Do you like my blue headscarf? See you!
  4. 4. Good afternoon David!Happy Carnival!!I´m a fashion model!I´m wearing a print dress,a fashion scarf and a purple woolly hatAH!!! Do you like my new boots?See you! Good evening Abril. Happy Carnival!!! I’m a nice witch. Im wearing a witch hat, it’s big and black. Im wearing a long black dress. AH! Do you like my boots??? They are magic, I can fly with them See you!
  5. 5. Good afternoon Ines, Happy Carnival!!! I’m a clown wolf and… I’m wearing a purple skirt, black belt, a pink and purple leather vest,yellow earrings,black boots,black jumper,and a black and yellow necklace. And look!!! Do you like my wrist band??? See you!Good afternoon Jack,Happy Carnival!!!I’m a spy and…I’m wearing shorts , black and wide trousers,I’m wearing a red and old necklace , a black shirt anda mobile phone.See you , Jack!!!
  6. 6. Good afternoon Irina, Happy Carnival! I’m a witch and… I’m wearing a black dress and a black belt and a black cape. Do you like my wig? See youGood night Jake,Happy Carnival!!!I’m Mario Bros and I’m wearing a red shirt,a red hat and a Mario Bros suit.And look!!!Do you like my hat?See you!!!
  7. 7. Good afternoon Carlos, Happy Carnival!!!!!!! Today I’m an ancient knight!! I’m wearing a brilliant hood a long dress and a red and fashion wrist band. And look!!!!!!!!! Do you like my sword???? See you Carlos!!!!!!! Happy carnival!!!!!!!!!! Good afternoon Ainhoa, Happy Carnival !!!!!! I ‘m a Viking girlI’m wearing a short skirt, and a black velvet top and black leggings. And look!Do you like my special hat? It has got horns. OK, see you!
  8. 8. Hello Noa,Happy Carnival!!!, I’m a beautiful princess.I’m wearing a brilliant pink dress, a pink hairband and a nice necklace.Ah! Look!Do you like my high heeled shoes?They are beautiful!!!See you Good afternoon Júlia! Happy Carnival !!! I dress up as a Monster High and... Im wearing a pink skirt,a pink jacket and pink socks. And look my wig !!! My wig is pink and black. Good Bye !!!
  9. 9. Hello friends,I’ am a pop Singer and…I’m wearing a pink scarf made of feathers, and abrilliant hat.I’m wearing a white shirt.I’m wearing green jeans and brown boots.And, do you like my sunglasses???See you!!!
  10. 10. Good afternoon Nerea! Happy Carnival!!! I’m a Little rabbit and I’m wearing a lace and ponytail. I’m wearing a white hair band with two ears, a white lace, and a white ponytail. Ah! Do you like my boots??? See you! al! ! Hap py Carniv H ello boys boy. I’ m P ol, a cow boy hat a nd co w ing an authentic are brown tooI’m wear users t. My tro cowboy bag. All shira brown a little oots and I’m wearing and brown b boys w ear black aring a b rown the cow ’m we , in winter, I . and now and striped scarf See you!
  11. 11. Good night Pol, Happy Carnival!!! I´m a shepherd and… ack I´m wearing a red and bl d the vest has got red la ces. skirt, a wh ite shirt, a white vest an And look!!! ers??? Do you like my legwarm They are made of wool See you! Hello Barbara Happy Carnival!!! I`m a good goal keeper and…I`m wearing blue and white special gloves and an orange and black special t-shirt I`m wearing black shorts and red and blue football boots and football tights See you!
  12. 12. Good afternoon Yago!! Happy Carnival !!! I´m Ninja Kody I´m wearing a black hood I´m wearing a yellow belt And tights, and a black mask. See you! I’ma H, prin i friend wa cess s!!! erin an dres galong dI’m swt blue i hw I like hAd m go sleeve ite n , h y ld ave enb s. yo elt!!! use hair enm band y ?See yo!u!!
  13. 13. Hello friends, Happy Good Night Blanca,Carnival!!! Happy Carnival!!!Today I´m a witch, I dress up as an indian girl.I’m wearing orange and … I’m wearing a yellow sari,I’m wearing a long dress A silver wrist band, a greyWith short sleeves. necklace and a long shawl. !! Good bye !!See you Jack.
  14. 14. Jack, good afternoon! Happy Carnival! My costume is a cowboy It has got a cowhide vest, a violet plaid shirt a brown hat, a cartridge belt and a pistol, some blue pants, and brown boots. Jack See you!!! Good afternon David!!! I´m a rap SINGER.I´m wearing blue trousers, orange woolly hat and a green shirt, Red and blue scarf, green and yellow gloves, black and grey swimsuit. Ah look! Have you seen my trainers??? They are new. Happy night David !!!.
  15. 15. Good afternoon Susanna, Happy Carnival! Good night friends! I’m a fashion model. Happy Carnival!I’m wearing a pink and I’m a funny cat.white jumper, and blue I’m wearing green and grey glassesjeans and green tights. I’m wearing grey tights, grey T-shirt. Ah! Do you like my Ah, look! sunglasses? Do you like my ears? I like them. See you! See you! My name is Joanna and my Carnival costume is a cowgirl. It has a brown hat and a pink shirt with squares. The trousers are blue and the boots are black.
  16. 16. Happy Carnival! I’m a cowboy Ah, look! I’ve got two golden guns! See you! Good afternoon Aina!I’m wearing a white vest, a cowboy hat and a brown belt Good night Happy Carnival !!! I´m Luigi, a nice boy . I´m wearing long trousers with yellow buttons. I´m wearing brown trainers And look ! Do you like my cap ?
  17. 17. Good Night AinaHappy Carnival!!!I’m a fairy and…I’m wearing a green , yellowand pink dress, I’m wearing apink belt with purple flowersand pink and white wingsSee you Aina!!!
  18. 18. Good afternoon Marc ¡!! Happy Carnival !!! I’m a skater.I’m wearing jeans and t­­shirt and a green and brown cap And look¡¡¡ Do you like my orange socks ? See you! Hi, Jack Happy Carnival! I’m a vampire I’m wearing a black dress and a red cape with a long neck. In my mouth I have got long teeth. Ah! Do you like my shoes? They are fantastic! See you!