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Sokoine Graduate Entrepreneurs Cooperative Poster


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Sokoine Graduate Entrepreneurs Cooperative(SUGECO) based in Morogoro, Tanzania was founded in 2011 to promote youth employment in agriculture and support self employment and entrepreneurship among the youth in Tanzania. SUGECO is involved in various orange-fleshed sweetpotato product development and processing

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Sokoine Graduate Entrepreneurs Cooperative Poster

  1. 1. Sokoine University Graduates Entrepreneurs Cooperative (SUGECO) was founded in 2011 to promote youth involvement in agriculture and to support self-employment and entrepreneurship among youth in Tanzania. Vision To create future a generation of successful business people who transform our culture to value entrepreneurship and help to create a vibrant private sector economy. Mission To prepare, enable, and support innovative, knowledge- intensive entrepreneurs as they build successful businesses in the agricultural, agribusiness, forestry, livestock and fishery sectors throughout Tanzania. SUGECO is involved various OFSP product development and processing in order to; ❖ Increase nutritional value of the product ❖ Reduce cost of production for example in OFSP bread ❖ Reduce postharvest losses ❖ Bread and bans ❖ Biscuits ❖ Pure OFSP flour ❖ Composite OFSP flour ❖ We supply various OFSP products to supermarkets, local shops, open markets, as well as to individuals as follows; ✓ 1000 packets of biscuits/week ✓ 500 packets of OFSP flour/ week ✓ 1000 litres of fresh OFSP juice ✓ 3 tons of fresh OFSP roots per week ❖ Contributed to reduction of Vitamin A deficiency by introducing OFSP roots and products to the community ❖ Encouraged participation of women and youth in the OFSP value chain, for example 10 women are currently employed by SUGECO to support OFSP processing and preparation ❖ Trained over 5000 farmers on OFSP production and marketing (60% women and 30% youth) ❖ Trained over 180 food processors on OFSP processing and value addition (80% youth) highly supported by the Building Nutritious Food Basket (BNFB) project ❖ Conducted various campaigns and sensitization to health facilities reaching over 20,000 pregnant and lactating mothers Market and Trade for Nutrition Agenda in Tanzania Introduction SUGECO OFSP Products Opportunities Key Achievements ❖ There is high demand for OFSP products in Dar es salaam, Arusha, Dodoma and Morogoro regions of Tanzania ❖ Consumer acceptability of OFSP products. ❖ Inclusion of OFSP in different products reduces cost of production hence increase income, for example 45% inclusion of OFSP puree in bread production saves up to 30% costs Key Partners ❖ Government of Tanzania ❖ Sokoine University of Agriculture ❖ International Potato Centre (CIP) ❖ Agricultural Research Institute (SRI) – Kibaha ❖ Local Health Centres ❖ Local supermarkets, retailers and bakeries ❖ More drying facilities are required to cater for increased demand ❖ Difficult to have a constant supply of quality Roots throughout the year due to seasonality ❖ Perishability of OFSP roots thus increased postharvest losses Contact: Email P.O. Box 3223 Morogoro, Tanzania 100% OFSP Flour OFSP Biscuits OFSP Hamburger OFSP Bread SUGECO uses an OFSP Solar Dyer Challenges