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Better Markets for Crops (BMC) products limited


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Better Market for Crops(BMC) products limited is based in Tengeru, Arusha Tanzania. BMC deals with vine multiplication, root production, processing and marketing of Orange-Fleshed Sweetpotato (OFSP) Products.

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Better Markets for Crops (BMC) products limited

  1. 1. Contact: Ms. Zena Mshana – BMC Product Arusha - Tanzania +255 763 311 090 E-mail: Instagram: viazi_lishe_products Introduction BMC Products deals with vine multiplication, root production, processing and marketing of Orange-Fleshed Sweetpotato (OFSP) Products. The company is located in Tengeru, Arusha Tanzania and employs 14 full-time and 5-10 part-time staff on their OFSP farm, in procurement and sales & marketing units. The total workforce includes 5 women and 9 youth. BMC’s products include OFSP-based flour, OFSP crisps, OFSP puree bites (Tambi), and OFSP-based spice (Mchuzi Mix). The company also provides education and training to users on nutritional value of OFSP, innovative ways of consuming OFSP dishes, OFSP production as well as postharvest handling. Procurement and Processing We supply up to 120,000 vine cuttings to benefit around 12 farmer groups to plant over 10 acres of land. We purchase the roots from farmers at a price of Tsh. 200– 300 per kg (9-13 US cents), then process them to produce different types of OFSP products. Women and youth are key beneficiaries through earning an income as well as accessing nutritional foods and knowledge of how to prepare various recipes for both adult and baby foods. Improving intakes of nutritious foods by increasing nutritional awareness. BMC provides farmers and consumers with nutritional education on the importance of OFSP using different channels for example workshops, exhibitions and using social media tools. Key Achievements • Generated income/wealth through sales of OFSP products • Improved nutritional status of communities through nutritional awareness especially for rural women and children. • Created employment opportunities for more than 20 employees. • Farmer support by providing market access for their produce. • Most of all we receive good feedback from clients. This motivates and encourages us to continue. Key Partners Village leaders who organize farmers for training and marketing, health care centers, retail outlets and supermarkets. Opportunities BETTER MARKET FOR CROPS BMC PRODUCTS LTD Tengeru, Tanzania Products available in the market Our sales are increasing annually as the demand for OFSP increases. The most popular product is OFSP-based flour. 20 Tons 2016 40 Tons 70 Tons 2017 2018 Challenges • AWARENESS AND NUTRITION EDUCATION IS HIGHLY NEEDED. There is a lack of understanding of nutritional benefits of OFSP especially in key urban markets for BMC’s products. • Solar drying technology has limitations because it largely depends on weather conditions. • High costs of registration and laboratory services for nutritional analysis. ❖ Children under five years of age ❖ Pregnant women ❖ Lactating mothers ❖ Families ❖ Wholesalers and Supermarkets 50% ❖ Schools 30% ❖ Hospitals 20% ❖ Arusha ❖ Kilimanjaro ❖ Mwanza ❖ Dar es Salaam ❖ Kahama We Serve We Target We Sell Market Opportunity Ms. Zena Mshana educating a group of women and men on nutritional benefits of OFSP in Akeri Village Arusha - Tanzania Ms. Zena Mshana during an exhibition session on OFSP in Arusha BMC OFSP Products