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Azuri Health Limited


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Azuri Health Limited( “Azuri”) is a limited company based in Nairobi, Kenya that was established in 2010. Its focus is in dried fruit snacks and nutritious flour choices like the orange-fleshed sweetpotato flour with no additives and preservatives.

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Azuri Health Limited

  1. 1. AZURI HEALTH LIMITED NAIROBI,KENYA Poster authors: Tei Mukunya – CEO AZURI HEALTH LIMITED Contact: +254 - 707 762 777 Email: Introduction Azuri Health Limited( “Azuri”) is a limited company that was established in 2010. Our vision is to become the tastiest, healthiest and most innovative fruit and vegetable processing socially minded company in Africa. Azuri’s unique focus on creating dried fruit snacks and nutritious flour choices gives an advantage over competitors by giving customers a new range of products that are different from what the market is currently offering. Azuri Products The main range of products are Dried Mangoes, Dried Pineapple Passion, Dried Pineapple, Nutriporridge Flour, Sweet Potato Flour and Dried Fruit Mix. We package pure orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) flour with no additives or preservatives and have two variants – 250 gms for chapati and 500 gms general purpose. Root Procurement and Processing We buy roots from Kabondo Farmers Cooperative in Western and also from other processors in the same region occasionally. The cooperative already processes into flour and we manage the marketing. At the moment the volumes of sale are not large. Processing into flour takes washing, chipping with a hand chipping machine, drying in solar dryers, milling and packing. The moisture content is below 10% giving the flour a shelf life of 1 year if stored well. Key Achievements This first ever flour of its kind is sold in retail shops, especially tier one supermarkets. We are also working with youth to market and sell the products. We have also recently launched Toto Tosha and Jamii Tosha porridge range with OFSP as one of the ingredients. The products are also used in hospitals, schools, bakeries, hotels and restaurants. Opportunities and Challenges With the current surge towards healthy products in Kenya and globally, OFSP is now recognized as a super food and the opportunities are numerous for gluten free, high in vitamin A and with good mineral content. It has excellent cooking qualities when used in pastries and baking. The biggest challenge remains consumer awareness. The market Azuri’s target consumer is the family and individuals looking for high quality nutritious products. The main channel of distribution is the supermarkets and private orders. Our products are found in over 80 supermarkets through Naivas, Tuskys and Chandarana supermarkets and many more shops and supermarkets in East Africa