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HCID 2014: Ian Baigent-Scales, Virgin Atlantic


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Virgin Atlantic’s trial of Google Glass and Smart Watches to serve customers at our Upper Class Wing.

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HCID 2014: Ian Baigent-Scales, Virgin Atlantic

  1. 1. Wearable technology Ian Baigent-Scales
  2. 2. You no longer have to have info at your finger tips, it’s all in the blink of an eye! • VS major study of 10,000 airline passengers from across the world on the future of air travel. • The number of people travelling has sky-rocketed in recent decades, the experience has lessened. • Passengers are calling on the industry to introduce more innovations and radical fresh thinking* • Is wearable technology developed enough to use in the work environment? • Is it technology trying to find a use or a problem being solved by technology?. We think it's both *Research conducted by Populus of 10,054 adult air travellers in November 2013. Figures in this release are based on UK results. Results for the USA, China, Japan, India, Hong Kong, Australia, Mexico, UAE, and South Africa are also available.
  3. 3. Dispatch centre
  4. 4. View from Google Glass
  5. 5. Customer information presented to Host
  6. 6. Customer • Positive feedback throughout. • Customers asking to try the Google Glass on! Hosts • Watches are light and comfortable. Google glass comfortable to wear. • Screen is readable (although we do carefully have to manage the screen content). • Reduced paper use and removed use of radios. • More functionality requested driven by host and customer feedback. Media and Industry feedback • A lot of excitement about an airline using this technology. • Global response to launch. Technical • Battery life on watches good, Google Glass was OK if fully charged. • Connectivity. 3G didn’t work well, 4G WiFi solution better • Google Glass in bright light is difficult to read. • Screen UI/UX/GUI!! • SVAAKNTNAS596Home$036976officedataMy Pictures2014-04-22 Sixth Sense VideoSixth Sense Video 001.mp4 What we have learnt so far
  7. 7. Other technology we are trialing - iBeacons iBeacon Send messages to customers phone in range of an ESTIMOTE ibeacon welcome message in UCW and at boarding gates. Allow customers to directly access mBCBP from lock screen.
  8. 8. Questions?