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Priority One Data


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Priority One Data

  1. 1. Priority One Data is the fastest, most advanced and secure data delivery service in the industry. Our AirShip platform is a feature rich software suite to manage your payloads worldwide. Priority One Data is the wheelhouse for your digital work flow. We can move any file type or size regardless of operating system. By partnering with network and service companies around the world, we maximize your reach and provide enhanced services wherever your destination. We are a global courier…but without the box. The founders of Priority One Data have been involved in some of the most demanding productions over the past several years. Our services support every aspect of production, post production, formatting and distribution work flows worldwide. Our credits show the trust and demand customers have placed with us for confidentiality, guaranteed delivery, encrypted security and 24/7 support. • Seamless, secure, simple tools - anyone can drive! • We are the glue between all aspects of the creative process. • We support all tapeless and decentralized work flows. • All files are moved in their native format with no harm in transit. • No additional pre or post delivery preparation steps like TAR, RAR, Zip
  2. 2. What are We provide data delivery support for your creative work flows. Here are a few examples, but let us know what else we can help with as well: people Editorial Data - We have shipped Avid, DPX, MPEG2-HD, Final Cut Pro and RAW data to some of the most challenging places in the world. How about FCP sending 1080i to China over the internet to a hotel room every day for months? The more you take your production to challenging and formidable locations, the more you with us? need to consider Priority One Data. Visual Effects - From many locations to many locations - all resolutions. More and more producers are choosing facilities for their strengths and specialties than their proximity to the production. And, as many facilities lack adequate bandwidth to move large data payloads, Priority One Data becomes the glue to get data where it needs to be. Film Out - HD, 2K, 4K, IMAX - we have serviced every conceivable data format to key studio vendor locations around the world. These larger payloads typically have a higher degree of urgency with less lead time. Priority One Data is the perfect solution. Digital Cinema Packages - Create and define a distribution syndicate based on release schedules for multi-version or single version digital cinema packages which need delivery to centralizing locations or direct to the theater. Audio - Mix elements, reference tracks, dubbing, sound effects are a few of the proven uses. Although smaller files, audio requires the same degree of security and in many cases, the support destinations often have poor internet service. AirShip persists in uploads or downloads until complete with no human intervention. Localization - Airship’s simple interface makes localization project management effortless. Send elements to many diverse destinations under unpredictable bandwidth circumstances, and retrieve localized content for archiving or re- purposing. Subtitle and Closed Captioning Files - Great for decentralized work flows that demand controlled access to common production elements. 24/7 group access creates a centralized repository for elements. Final Master Distribution - Strategically build a distribution list based on your release schedule for approved, final master elements which need delivery to distributors and broadcasters around the world. Marketing Materials - Satisfying the need for "day and date" marketing campaigns, Priority One Data has simultaneously delivered all forms of publicity and advertising materials around the world, allowing territories ample opportunity to effectively localize for their respective marketplace.
  3. 3. What “We found your digital transfer capabilities to be a simple and effective solution to a long standing problem, namely moving vast amounts of people data across the world at the speed our clients expect. It s easy to use, flexible and reliable. As important, you guys are always on hand to are discuss our requirements and make sure that everything runs smoothly.” Tom Lewis - Picture Production Company, London saying “I was quite impressed with the software. It was fast and reliable. Great work! :-) The ability to send files through multi-platforms is interesting. The algorithm used also seems well thought out and I liked the transfer rates achieved.” Luís Nunes - Mog Solutions, Portugal “The test of your data software last week was very meaningful. Also, your data center in Tokyo is very interesting to us and our business.” Tetsuo Kikuchi - GAL Enterprise, Tokyo “Your service has revolutionized the way studios in Korea can deliver animation to anyone, anywhere in the world!” Phillipe Angeles - Animation Supervisor, Seoul “Suffice to say that your system has terrific potential for two of my customers and can save them a bundle in network costs.” Scott McDonald - Enterprise Sales Manager “Doug assisted us in an urgent situation with a tent pole release at Paramount. He was calm under pressure and worked effectively to handle all immediate issues. We were able to save an incredible amount of time and energy using his services. He is a true professional with advanced knowledge yet very personable. His work ethic is only one example of his Integrity (which is greatly needed in moving unreleased and high security data)” Warren J McCrickard - Trailer Supervisor, Paramount Pictures
  4. 4. Why Trust Priority One Data to manage your worldwide data delivery. use Why? Priority Because we offer: One • Sophisticated tools to secure and manage your delivery needs. Data? • Fast, reliable networks. • Avoid costly customs delays and international document preparation. • Authenticated, audited access records. • We fit in your work flow. • 24/7 worldwide support.
  5. 5. Priority PriorityFreight Move your extremely large payloads to key destinations worldwide. One PriorityFreight offers rapid, secure delivery to a growing number of locations and supports all tapeless and frame based work flows. Data Transfer Agents are available in Mac, Linux and Windows. Services We guarantee time, security and cost. AirShip Send your data to any broadband destination in the world or hundreds of locations at the same time . You have complete control of where and when your content is delivered. All with real time transaction monitoring, reporting and comprehensive audit trail. AirShip supports your global production and distribution ecosystem. Secure, rapid access to content - simply and effortlessly. All AirShip payloads are fully encrypted from source to destination. AirDrop No access to broadband? AirDrop provides secure delivery using ruggedized drives using the AirShip portal interface. AirDrop extends your reach by moving AirShip payloads onto physical media for final delivery. Your content remains locked and encrypted until access is granted to the final recipient. AirLock For secure media play-out applications such as digital cinema and IPTV, AirLock adds robust encryption and access control to your content. Even during play-out, your content is always protected.
  6. 6. Strengths Engineering - consistent, reliable service is the cornerstone of our offering. Our engineering teams focus on one thing: building a service that works so well you simply take it for granted. No flashy interfaces, no clever white papers. Just solid, stable service. Affiliate Partnerships – we built and continue to build relationships worldwide to provide enhanced services at your destination points. Beijing, Burbank, Dublin, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, New York, Sydney, Toronto and Vancouver are live. Tell us where you want to go and we’ll get you there. Networks - leading internet carriers and key private network partners provide a flexible diverse network to ensure your data gets where you need it to go. Industry Experience - every member of our team has a background in media and entertainment. We understand the challenges you’re facing and are here to work with you to solve them - premium efficiently and cost- effectively. Features Security - globally standardized encryption of all payloads on any network worldwide with centralized access control. Speed - we use very fast networks with tools that maximize your bandwidth. Dependability - send it once, period - we handle the rest. Support - 24/7…our customers work everywhere in the world. Economical - bottom line: our service offerings and work flows save you money. Control - simple, effective online tools to manage, monitor and track transactions anywhere in the world. Users are always in control and in the know. Distributed - decentralized work with vendors worldwide. Green - dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.
  7. 7. Content Pull Delivery Recipients can select the content they need and only receive those specific files - content is downloaded when they request it. Content can be pulled Tools at their convenience during their working day. Content Push For immediate delivery of content to one or many destinations with automatic notification. Your content has already arrived when the recipient is notified. Prioritization Payloads can be prioritized ensuring urgent jobs are serviced first. Change the order of your deliveries on the fly. Session Active Distributions Monitor the status of all transactions in real time and confirm successful Tracking completion. Audit Trails Audit trails report who distributed what content to where and when. Content Location & User Reports Publish PDF format reports of all transactions in your desired formats. Release Release Date Management Make your content available based on release dates and usage policies. Control Schedule deletion of content availability on specified dates.
  8. 8. Key Our service currently reaches the following locations: Locations USA Disney Studios Dreamworks Studios FOX Studios ILM/LucasFilm Michael Bay Productions SONY Imageworks SONY Pictures Warner Brothers Studios USA - Broadcasters Direct TV Extra! Rainbow Broadcasting Turner Broadcasting USA Labs Ascent Media - Burbank, New York Deluxe Fotokem Technicolor USA - Production / Post Services Crawford Communications EFILM Frantic Films Laser Pacific Rainmaker Studios USC School of Cinematic Arts United Kingdom BT Tower TeleHouse Double Negative
  9. 9. Recent The founders of P1D have been involved in security-intense, long Destinations distance delivery projects: Facilities we have worked with Work worldwide: 2K trailer film outs to London & Tokyo Beowulf Asia Body of Lies Ad One, DTI, E-Zen Hall, Footage, Get Smart GAL, GlobeCast, Macrograph, Harry Potter 6 Memory-Tech, Premier Vision, Sound Journey to the Center of the Earth Supply. Ocean’s Thirteen Speed Racer Australia Star Wars: The Clone Wars Cutting Edge, DigitalPictures, The Bucket List The Playroom, Park Road Post N.Z. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Canada The Watchmen Deluxe Toronto / Vancouver, Technicolor Toronto / Vancouver. Original animation frames from Tokyo & Seoul to Los Angeles Europe Hellboy, Hellboy II, King of the Hill, BUF, Europacorp, Fono Roma, Image Family Guy, American Dad Film, John Bake, Leporello, SBP, TCS, Technicolor, Ultra Images, VCC, 2K VFX plates, 2K trailer film outs Viva-Video. to London & Tokyo Hit Man Mexico Inkheart Fix Audio, Intertrack, GS International, The Dark Knight New Art Dub. The Golden Compass South America 2K Int’l Version Elements - 44 Cinema7, Estudio Mega, languages, Jodaf, Megacolor, Publytape. 2K VFX plates Los Angeles to London Transformers United Kingdom Ascent Media, Cinesite, Capital-FX, Editorial data to China, 2K VFX plates Deluxe, Double Negative, Framestore, Los Angeles to Auckland, Seoul, Midnight Transfer, Molinare, PPC. Beijing, Sound mix elements Los Angeles to United States Sydney, 2K trailer film outs London & ABQ Studios, Café FX, Company3, Tokyo Efilm, ILM, Kerner, Pacific Title, The Forbidden Kingdom PictureHead, Post Works, SSI, Laser Pacific. Avid media New York to LA Gossip Girl - Pilot + 3 Seasons
  10. 10. Who Doug Mielke and David Keeler created Priority One Data, based on their shared belief that customer service is everything. Previously, at Global Data, they launched their first generation data delivery offering with over 130 active We destinations worldwide. In partnership with a studio services company in Los Angeles, they supported clients such as Warner Bros., New Line Cinema, Fox Are and NBCUniversal. Doug Mielke, Founder & Managing Partner At the forefront of technological innovation for three decades, Doug has held senior positions with North America’s leading service companies as Dir. Innovation, Technicolor Creative Services, VP Operations, Digital Entertainment Solutions overseeing 5 operating groups and establishing the first four city, two country media services network. At International Image, Santa Monica, Doug created the digital transition strategy leading to a studio-wide asset management project with MGM. Doug’s career has encompassed post-production, VFX, DVD and interactive technologies in Canada’s leading facilities including Magnetic North, Dome Productions, Motion Picture Video and Gastown Post. Doug’s diverse background of progressive technological experience has established him as an industry authority, lecturing at industry associations including SMPTE, ITC, advanced imaging conferences and emerging technology forums. Doug is well known for his industry vision, strong relationships and personal contacts enhancing his skills marrying client needs with technological reality. David Keeler, Founder & Managing Partner David Keeler has been building media-centric businesses for over 25 years. An engineer by training, his early work in video editing systems, broadcast automation, and aerial cinematography honed strong convictions about the prudent use of technology. Sound businesses demand stable, reliable platforms. David brings a strong user-centered perspective to technology strategy. From his work at Eventi and Exclamation International, to Digital Renaissance, he has focused on building meaningful businesses. Ventures that use technology to simplify. To solve real problems. David has been central to pioneering applications in streaming media, interactive distance learning, commercial VOD, and interactive television. In every situation, David focuses first on the customer. Delivering reliable, accessible services drives him as an entrepreneur.
  11. 11. Who Rodney Brown, Strategic Business Development We Rodney Brown is the former Vice President of Digital Media Technology and International Post Production for New Line Cinema, the most successful Are independent film studio in history. With over ten years experience in theatrical and home entertainment post production, international distribution and new media technology, Rodney was a key member of the post production team and marketing campaigns on: Peter Jackson's THE LORD OF THE RINGS; PAN'S LABYRINTH; THE NEW WORLD; JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH 3D; and over eighty other feature films. Having worked extensively over the years with filmmakers, international distributors and post production labs from all over the world, Rodney has industry recognized experience leading New Line Cinema’s digital distribution efforts. Over the last few years, Rodney developed a unique strategy within New Line Cinema for digitally mastering and distributing studio content worldwide. Throughout the fall of 2008, Rodney helped transition and integrate New Line Cinema's international technical operations into Warner Brothers.
  12. 12. Recent Press Releases Delivery Service 06 MAY 2009 Priority One Data Announces Launch Of Secure World Wide Data Delivery Service Building on experience from proven managed service offerings, Priority One Data combines a powerful suite of tools called AirShip and PriorityFreight with project management and service capabilities in a class of their own. (1888PressRelease) May 06, 2009 - Los Angeles, CA - Priority One Data (P1D) announces the launch of a highly secure, world wide data delivery service for the media and entertainment industry. P1D moves small to large payloads anywhere in the world over any network with total monitoring, security and authentication. Simply, a global courier without a box. "We've created secure, scalable service offerings unlike anything the industry has seen before," says David Keeler, Founder and Managing Partner. Services manage small, single destination deliveries to large, multiple TeraByte packages on extremely fast connections. The product and service suite known as AirWare includes AirShip, AirDrop and PriorityFreight. Service is available from single use to large scale enterprise packages. P1D seeks to positively influence change in secure digital content distribution. "We've seen the challenges and the opportunities for a long time," says Doug Mielke, Founder and Managing Partner. "We're taking existing technologies and using them in revolutionary ways. It's all about workflow. It's time for the entertainment industry to rethink how it repurposes and distributes content. Traditional approaches no longer apply if you're trying to build a revenue generating business." Understanding that all clients have different needs and expectations, Priority One Data offers 24/7 support, guaranteed security in all aspects of a payload’s journey and the ability to not only authenticate access but provide full, online project monitoring and audit trails. Priority One Data offers a single source solution for world wide secure delivery. Doug Mielke +1 818 321 3275 doug.mielke ( @ ) priorityonedata dot com For more information: Priority One Data Doug Mielke +1 818 321 3275 919 N. Victory Blvd. Burbank CA 91502 doug.mielke ( @ ) priorityonedata dot com ###
  13. 13. Recent A B O U T T E CHN O L O G Y F R I D AY, M AY 2 9 , 2 0 0 9 Press Rodney Brown Joins Priority One Data To Releases Accelerate Global Presence PRLog (Press Release) – May 29, 2009 – Los Angeles, CA, - Priority One Data (P1D) a secure, worldwide data delivery service for the media and entertainment industry announces the addition of Rodney Brown to the team. Brown is the former Vice President of Digital Media Technology and International Post Production for New Line Cinema. With over ten years experience in theatrical and home entertainment post production, international distribution and new media technology, Brown was a key member of the post production team and marketing campaigns on: Peter Jackson's “The Lord of the Rings Trilogy,” “Pan’s Labyrinth,” “Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D” and over eighty other feature films. Having worked extensively over the years with filmmakers, international distributors and post production labs from all over the world, Brown has significant and recognized experience improving post production and distribution workflows on a global scale by implementing new technologies. “Adding Rodney to our team indicates how serious we are about building a global business” says Doug Mielke, Founder and Managing Partner. “Rodney’s relationships with studios and service providers around the world will play a key role in the evolution of our service offerings as well as Priority One’s business development strategies.” Brown says,"By offering end-to-end white glove monitoring, guaranteed security, real- time 24/7 support and full audit trails for each payload, Priority One Data's capabilities are unrivaled, truly making it an invaluable service." Building on experience from proven managed service offerings, Priority One Data combines a powerful suite of tools with project management and service capabilities in a class of their own. The full service suite includes AirShip, AirDrop and PriorityFreight. Services are available from single use to large scale enterprise packages. Priority One Data offers a single source solution for worldwide secure data delivery. ### World wide managed, secure data delivery service. Any size file anywhere in the world on any network - quickly, securely. All packages encrypted at all times with monitoring, access authentication, reports and audit summaries as part of our service. POSTED BY TE AT 11:13 PM
  14. 14. 919 N. Victory Blvd., Burbank, CA 91502 +1 818 321 3275