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This is a general overview of the Innerworkings BPO model.

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Calzaretta Iw Presentation

  1. 1. Enterprise Overview<br />2-09<br />
  2. 2. InnerWorkings Snapshot<br />Publicly Traded on the NASDAQ (INWK) since August 2006 <br />25 offices in the U.S. and 5 International offices<br />$500M+ in forecasted 2009 sourcing revenues<br />Over 700 employees, 550 solely focused on sourcing & managing print<br />4,700+ clients (including 50 of the Fortune 500)<br />Process over 20,000 print/premium jobs per month<br />Profitable and healthy<br />
  3. 3. Core Offering<br />A Managed Service combining People and Technology, <br />while leveraging Scale and Market Knowledge<br /><ul><li>Print Procurement Expertise
  4. 4. Consultative Collaboration
  5. 5. Dedicated On-site Resources
  6. 6. Dynamic Relational Database
  7. 7. Patented Intelligence
  8. 8. Automated Management Structure</li></li></ul><li>Category Expertise<br /><ul><li>InnerWorkings’ core focus and expertise is sourcing and managing print.
  9. 9. We are the North American market leader in Business Process Outsourcing solutions for print.
  10. 10. InnerWorkings provides an integrated back-office solution inclusive of the on-site personnel, market knowledge, buying power and technology necessary to deliver consistent and sustainablequality, savings and efficiency
  11. 11. The benefits of our model can range in impact from a category of your spend, a division, or to the entire organization.</li></li></ul><li>What are the benefits?<br />Sustainable 10% - 20% Net Savings – Like Quality, through a continuous competitive bidding process<br />Additional Staff – Core Focused<br />Defined Processes and Brand Consistency<br />Enabling Technology <br />Access to the Largest Supplier Network in N. America<br />Rigorous Quality & Performance Metrics <br />Leveraged spend<br />
  12. 12. Enterprise Clients<br /><ul><li>Direct Mail
  13. 13. Signage/POS
  14. 14. eStorefronts
  15. 15. Fixed/Temporary Displays
  16. 16. Fulfillment/Distribution
  17. 17. Comprehensive Outsource
  18. 18. Statement Processing</li></li></ul><li>$5M<br />$3.4M<br />$4M<br />$4.5M<br />$3.5M<br />$4.15M<br />$4.3M<br />Reconciliation<br />& Back-office<br />Support Srvcs<br />Fulfillment <br />& <br />Distribution<br />Printing <br />& Finishing<br />Preparation & Value Engineering<br />Warehousing <br />& Inventory Mgmt<br />Personnel & Order Management<br />10% - 15% <br />Hard $<br />*2 - 4% Hard $<br />3% - 5% Hard $<br />10% – 12% <br />Avoidance<br />3% - 5% Hard$<br />1% – 3% Hard$<br />**5% -10% Avoid<br />Sustainable Cost Reduction Opportunities<br />Current<br />Spend<br />of $5M<br />* FTE Reduction (2 people at $100K)<br />** Obsolescence Avoidance & JIT/POD<br />
  19. 19. Change Management - Mapping<br />
  20. 20. Should both an economic<br />and cultural fit exist, based <br />on the Audit and Mapping<br />phases, a contract would <br />be established.<br />Engagement Process<br />Process Discovery Phase “Mapping”<br />Economic Discovery Phase “Audit”<br />Audit <br />Read-out <br />(Fit / No Fit)<br />Letter of Engagement is executed<br />Execution of an NDA<br />Execution of Contract<br />Implementation<br />InnerWorkings conducts a <br />fact-based analysis to determine <br />the extent of the potential savings. <br />The client provides IW with a <br />representative sampling of <br />historical invoice data to perform<br />the audit.<br />The client collaborates with IW to map and document the current processes and procedures.<br />A “cultural fit” is measured and integration points are proposed.<br />
  21. 21. Economic Audit Overview<br />Goal of the Audit: To measure the economic savings potential of the relationship.<br />What is required for the Audit? <br /><ul><li> Data from 2 – 3 categories of print, from a relevant period of time - 1 month to 6 months.
  22. 22. The most desirable format is hard copy invoices that include specification details and the related costs. We do not need to know the specific incumbent supplier’s name. </li></ul>Categories where InnerWorkings can have an impact:<br />Annual Reports Banners/Posters Bags Binders (loose leaf) <br />Bindery/Finishing Booklets Books Boxes/Packaging <br />Brochures/Flyers Business Cards Calendars Catalogs/Manuals <br />CD’s/DVD’s Checks/Securities Coupons Data Processing <br />Decals Design Services Direct Mail Packages Envelopes <br />eStore fronts Folders Forms Fulfillment <br />FSI Games Greeting Cards Inserts <br />Labels Lenticular Letterhead/ Magnets MICR Documents <br />Pads Plastic Cards POD/Digital POP/POS Displays <br />Post Cards PrePress/PreMedia Promotional Products Retail Book Sales <br />Statements Signage Tickets/Raffle Books Warehousing/Distribution/Logistics<br />