Genealogy Lock-In


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Genealogy Lock-In

  1. 1. Genealogy Lock-In 2012
  2. 2. The 1940s Census has arrived!● The 1940 census was released to the public on April 2nd, 2012. The 1950 census will not be released until 2022.● Because the Census contains personal information it can not be legally released until the information is 72 years old (the average life expectancy).
  3. 3. Getting Started- Pull together basic information (birth, death,marriage dates and places) for your immediatefamily.- Add this basic information to your family treeand use this as a launching off point.- Now the real treasure hunt begins!
  4. 4. Standardizing Names, Dates, and Locations- Spelling of last names can vary from one generation to another. When addingthese names to the family tree use the spelling used on your source.- Capitalize surnames Ex. Jane SMITH- Including married names in parenthesis before the maiden name Ex. Mona (Smith) JONES- Put nicknames in quotes after the first name Ex. Elizabeth "Beth" JONES- If the person is a Jr. or Sr. add it to the end of the name following a comma Ex. Wayne SMITH, Jr.- If the person has Roman numerals do not use a comma Ex. Wayne SMITH III- If the person has multiple surnames use a backslash Ex. Jane /VON DYKE/- If the persons last name is unknown then type UNKNOWN as the last name.
  5. 5. Standardizing Names, Dates, and Locations Cont.- Dates are entered date-month-year Ex. 27-Apr.-2012- Common date abbreviations Aft. = after Bef. = before Abt. = about- Locations are entered smallest to largest Ex. Wenham, Essex County, Mass, US
  6. 6. Print Resources at the LibraryReference BooksCirculating BooksLocal History Collection
  7. 7. Reference Books● These books are located near the reference desk upstairs and can not be checked out.● The call number for genealogy books is 929.
  8. 8. Circulating BooksThese books are located upstairs in the non-fiction section (Call number 929 ) and can bechecked out. There is no limit to the numberof books you can check out. Books can also be ordered from other libraries through inter-library loan.
  9. 9. Local History Collection● The local history collection is located in our closed stacks on the second floor.● Local history materials can be viewed during library hours by visiting the reference desk. You will need your library card or other ID to view the materials.● To view a list of what is available visit http://www. 20Stacks.pdf
  10. 10. Primary SourcesPrimary sources aredocuments, first hand oralaccounts, photographs orany other items created atthe time of a certainevents occurrence.
  11. 11. Secondary SourcesSecondary sources are documents, first handoral accounts, photographs or any other itemscreated some length of time after a certainevents occurrence.Secondary sources dont have as high of adegree of reliability
  12. 12. Examples of Sources● Insurance policies● Wills● Obituaries● Family Bibles● Baptismal certificates● Marriage certificates● Report cards, transcripts or other documentation from school● Membership cards● Mortgages, Titles, and Deeds
  13. 13. Vital Records- Each state has its own listing of "vital records"which are listings of births, marriages, anddeaths. The library has a print collection forMass.The site for Mass. is
  14. 14. Census Records- Census records are periodic counts of apopulation.- The US government conducts a census every10 years.- The US census has been around since 1790.(Almost all of the 1890 Census was destroyedafter a fire in 1921)- Many countries keep census records.
  15. 15. Immigration and Naturalization Records- Immigration/Emigration records aredocuments that show when a person movedfrom one country to another.- Naturalization records are documents thatshow when a person became a citizen of acountry that he/she was not born in.
  16. 16. Land Records- Land records are especially useful whenresearching US families before the 1790census.- Some records are available on the Bureau ofLands Management site.
  17. 17. Military Records- Draft cards- War pension and Bounty-Land WarrantApplication Files.- Pension records- Registration cards- War casualties- Muster Rolls
  18. 18. Web Resources Offered by the Hamilton-Wenham LibraryHeritageQuest Online - Remote access (Your 14-digit library card number can be foundon the back of your Hamilton-Wenham library card.)Includes the U.S. Census, Periodical Source Index (PERSI), Revolutionary War PensionRecords, Freedmans Bank Records.Ancestry Library Edition - Online access in the library. This link will only work on ourpublic library computers or via our librarys wireless internet.Includes the U.S. Census, U.S. Data Collection, UK & Ireland Collection, and ImmigrationCollection.American Ancestors (formerly New England Ancestors) -Online access in the library. Thislink will only work on our public library computers or via our librarys wireless internet.The New England Historic Genealogical Societys new website reflects its expandingnational collection and resources. This collection of resources features over 110 millionnames, gleaned from church records, newspapers and periodicals, city and towndirectories, court records, census, tax, and voter lists, diaries and journals, land records,military records, published genealogies and biographies and more.
  19. 19. General Web Resources- for military records- a list of genealogysites
  20. 20. References● Image from slide 1 taken from US:official&biw=1280&bih=603&addh=36&tbm=isch&tbnid=sXimKhwlUZdb4M:&imgrefurl= 2520tree%2520diagrams&docid=rBVvlwyV-lE0RM&imgurl= jpg&w=600&h=481&ei=uhwlUN- AJ8TtrQeTuIG4DA&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=479&vpy=10&dur=111&hovh=201&hovw=251&tx=133&ty=128&sig=113154763650225143 589&page=6&tbnh=129&tbnw=161&ndsp=28&ved=1t:429,r:17,s:132,i:237 on 3/24/2012● Slide 2 facts are from● Image from slide 2 taken from ANd9GcTAK0SDbuz2Y4qu6CBv3r4TSFihAGIKDTSscYrWByPoIKp1qYnl on 3/24/2012● Image from slide 13 taken from on 3/24/2012● Image from slide 17 taken from tXd1bhASdtXR2ZTxUwKF_cjQCusjaTFa7cw on 3/24/2012