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Discover Your Ideal Niche


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Finding your coaching niche doesn't have to be a struggle. Learn how to go from frustration to inspiration with these 3 simple but powerful strategies.

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Discover Your Ideal Niche

  1. 1. Your Niche Journey: 3 Simple Steps to Discover Your Niche with Ease and InspirationCindy Schulson
  2. 2. Can you relate?Cindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  3. 3. Cindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  4. 4. Cindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  5. 5. Cindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  6. 6. “I love her approach” “Cindy has an amazing ability to get straight to the heart of the problem. You can always count on Cindy to share straight forward insights, then coach around finding the shortest path to a solution. I love her approach, it’s not often that a coach is willing to be so transparent with clients and serve them at the highest level of integrity” - Milana Leshisnsky, Milana.comCindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  7. 7. How to Maximize this Training  Take notes  Ask questions  Focus  Commit to taking actionCindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  8. 8. Cindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  9. 9. My Gift to You! “Target Market Research Made Easy”Cindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  10. 10. What Do You Think of When You Think of the Word “Niche”?Cindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  11. 11. NICHE = WHO (Target Market) + WHAT (Solution Your Provide)Cindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  12. 12. NICHE PUZZLECindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  13. 13. What Would Being Clear About Your WHO, WHAT and WHY Do For You?  Give you clarity and focus  Make marketing easier and more effective  Attract and convert your ideal clients  Create and sell your programs  Do what you love with self-confidence  Explode your businessCindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  14. 14. Most People Surveyed Aren’t Very Clear  Know WHO you help (38% very clear)  Know WHAT solution you provide (38% very clear)  Know WHY people should work with you (32% very clear)Cindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  15. 15. Step 1Cindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  16. 16. Cindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  17. 17. Stay Focused on Your Target MarketCindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  18. 18. “Zero in my focus and know how to sell my solution with confidence” “I was a mess when I first started working with Cindy. My coaching practice tried to offer a little something for just about anyone. Cindy asked the right questions and helped direct me to what my true passion was. By walking me through step by step she helped me zero in my focus, create a strong message I’m passionate about, and know how to sell my solution with confidence.” ~~ Shari Murray, AutismFamilyCoachCindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  19. 19. The Client JourneyCindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  20. 20. Step 2Cindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  21. 21. NICHE PUZZLECindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  22. 22. Cindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  23. 23. experienceCindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  24. 24. “I’m now building my list and attracting clients” “When I started working with Cindy I was struggling to find my niche and this made it very difficult for me to build my business. Cindy’s support has been invaluable - I am now very clear on WHO I help, HOW I help them and WHY they should work with me. I have a very focused website and giveaway, and feel so much more confident in promoting my business. As a result, Im now building my list and attracting clients. I have learned so much from Cindy. She genuinely cares and wants you to be successful.” --Susan Docherty, Action Your IdeasCindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  25. 25. WHO is the Best Match for Your Solution and for YOU?  Who has a strong desire for your solution?  Who is actively looking for your solution?  Who can pay for your solution?  Who can you easily relate to?  Who are you passionate about helping?Cindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  26. 26. “I’m now attracting my ideal clients and creating the kind of business I’ve always desired” “I felt like a hamster on a wheel when I first met Cindy. I was ready to throw in the towel, and be done with this whole coaching business! It had been 18 months since I had received my certifications and I was floundering away! Cindy helped me gain clarity about who I was to help, what I had to offer them, and how to reach them. She guided me off that hamster wheel and into the arena of a successful coaching business. I’m now attracting my ideal clients and creating the kind of business that I have always desired.” ~~ Carol Leek, This Day Forward CoachingCindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  27. 27.  Identify your “Area of Focus” and refine it into a clear solution  Choose the right target market for you and your solution  Understand the competitive landscape and what makes you uniqueCindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  28. 28. Why Should People Work With YOU?  Competition is a good thing!  You need to understand the competitive landscape so you can learn from it and know what makes you uniqueCindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  29. 29. Step 3 Give yourself the gift of grace to experience your niche and refine itCindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  30. 30. It’s Only by Experiencing Things that We Can Perfect Them and Soar!Cindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  31. 31. Solve Your Niche Puzzle and Gain Momentum Instead of Spinning in CirclesCindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  32. 32. You Want to Grow and Evolve Your Niche as Your Business Evolves and GrowsCindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  33. 33. 3 Simple Strategies to Making Your Niche Journey Easier and More Inspiring  Recognize that your niche doesn’t limit you, it focuses you  Solving your Niche Puzzle is a synergistic process that starts from within  Make a decision and then give yourself the gift of grace to evolve and refine your nicheCindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  34. 34. “I now have my niche defined...something I have wanted for a long time now” “Cindy has taken me through the process of defining my niche by helping me tap into my true passions and strengths, and to work with what is already inside me. I now have my niche defined, core message and personal story created.This is something I have wanted for a long time now, and at times I thought it would never happen. And although I am only at the beginning of this journey I can see the progress and know without having Cindy by my side I wouldnt be where I am or where Im going. Thanks Cindy!” ~~ Maureen ThompsonCindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  35. 35. “I have already attracted 3 new long term clients in my new niche with more to come” “When I first met Cindy, I was wandering in my business and needed clear direction, something to sink my teeth into. The process that Cindy created made me dig deep to figure out what my niche should be and why. Having that niche has done so many things for me –directed my marketing, focused my daily actions, given purpose to my workdays. I have already attracted three new long term clients in my new niche with more to come. Cindy gave me the tools and support I needed to move my business to the level I want it to be.” ~~ Donna Martin, Change-Engine.comCindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  36. 36. Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Niche Journey?Cindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  37. 37.  Identify your “Area of Focus” and refine it into a clear solution  Choose the right target market for you and your solution  Understand the competitive landscape and what makes you uniqueCindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  38. 38.  Focus one day on this critical part of your business  You’ll be amazed at how much you accomplish  Training and breaks for implementation  Action guides to focus your actions and results  Plenty of time for Q&A and coaching support  Recordings and life time access to all trainingCindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  39. 39. BONUSES  Approach your competition with confidence  Nail your ideal client  Target Market Research Made Simple  10 Hot Coaching Niches  Step-by-step video trainings on target market research and competitive researchCindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  40. 40. www.NicheInADay.comCindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  41. 41.  Exclusive Ask-Me-Anything Call  Personal Website Review - For the first 10 people only!Cindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  42. 42. My Gift to You! Target market Research Made SimpleCindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche
  43. 43. ✓Get the Clarity You Need to Succeed ✓Exclusive Ask-Me-Anything call ✓Website Review (first 10 people only)Cindy Schulson,Attract Your Niche