Women in IT Panel Intro


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My intro for Women in IT panel at UT April 9, 2013

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  • Driven by technological advances, the media environment continues to experience rapid change Students have to learn current concepts, but also must be prepared to grasp new ideas and apply them in their workplaces Today's students are preparing for jobs that don't exist yet, and graduates are expected to be immediately productive in defining and shaping these new roles. Social media editors Community managers Programmer/developer roles in communication companies
  • Understand pedagogical and cultural differences in teaching tech in mass comm and computer science. Establish mass comm as the discipline that provides the technology education of the future. Develop a platform that shares tech skills with professionals and helps to train faculty. Female role models and mentorship.
  • Courses cover the realm of conceptual/theoretical to basic skills to advanced tech Each course balances emphasis on communication, design and development in projects Engagement with social media; blogs, Twitter, Facebook… Attention to current events in tech Focus on judgment, problem-solving and troubleshooting Developing a digital media center to centralize thinking in this area across our sequences Faculty development Professional community ties
  • Moving into mobile, adding responsive design to classes Pushing the envelope with tech skills – programming, scraping, web frameworks
  • Goal is to develop a passion in students so that when they are interviewing in 6 months, a year, 2 years, they know what’s happening currently, not what we discussed in class.
  • Women in IT Panel Intro

    1. 1. Women in IT Opportunities and Challenges to Communication and the HumanitiesCindy Royal, Ph.D.School of Journalism and Mass CommunicationTexas State Universitycindyroyal.comFind this presentation at slideshare.net/cindyroyal
    2. 2. Hipster LearningPreparing for jobs that don’t exist yetOpportunities in digital mediaHow to stay current/lifelong learning
    3. 3. Teaching Tech in Mass Comm• Relevance to communication• Role of data in storytelling• Role of analytics in media
    4. 4. Opportunity to reach females• Women make up 2/3 of students enrolled in mass communication programs
    5. 5. Not the case in computer science• Less than 12% of computer science degrees are awarded to women
    6. 6. But my classes look like this…
    7. 7. • Students have gone on to roles as • Web Developer • Interactive Designer • Interactive Manager • Digital Marketing • Social Media Editor • Digital Strategist • And more…
    8. 8. Undergraduate Curriculum• Fundamentals of Digital/Online Media – new core class• Web Design and Publishing• Multimedia Journalism• Digital Storytelling
    9. 9. Graduate Curriculum• Issues in New Media• Online Media Design• Advanced Online Media• Content Management Systems
    10. 10. Experience Learning• SXTXState.com• TXStateofChange.com• TXStateMCWeek.com
    11. 11. Experimentation
    12. 12. Make Things• Strong online portfolio• Start a blog• Learn to shoot and edit video and audio• Take things to the next level• Promote work on social media
    13. 13. Network!• Both online and offline• Develop a professional social presence; positive, interesting, passionate• Connect with professionals• Attend meetups
    14. 14. Stay up-to-date• Read blogs and tech publications• Try out new platforms• Do tutorials• Pay attention
    15. 15. Champion Women in Tech
    16. 16. Thank You!Find this presentation at slideshare.net/cindyroyal