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Hipster Learning II, AEJMC 2013


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Hipster Learning II, AEJMC 2013

  1. 1. Hipster Learning Cindy Royal, Ph.D. School of Journalism and Mass Communication Texas State University Find this presentation at Accompanying video at
  2. 2. Hipster Learning • Students must learn current concepts, but also must be prepared to grasp new ideas and apply them in their workplaces • Today's students are preparing for jobs that don't exist yet, and graduates are expected to be immediately productive in defining and shaping these new roles. • Social media editors • Community managers • Programmer/developer roles in communication companies • Communicators in tech-related companies
  3. 3. Questions • How can students best prepare to work in an environment that requires flexibility and innovation? • How can we help students develop a mindset for learning rather than an emphasis on specific tool training or a particular skill set? • How can anyone apply this model throughout a career?
  4. 4. Realities • Computers will be a part of any media career and most other careers • Social media is not just something you do for fun. • People will get information in a variety of embedded and atmospheric ways. • Data, data everywhere. • Game dynamics will inform storytelling. • Things change. Rapidly.
  5. 5. Experience Learning •
  6. 6. Experience Learning
  7. 7. Experience Learning •
  8. 8. Experience Learning
  9. 9. Experience Learning •
  10. 10. Experience Learning HTML/CSS, Drupal, JQuery, VIDI, Google Chart Tools, ManyEyes,, Google Earth and various visual tools to work with multimedia including Photoshop, iMovie, Premiere Pro and Final Cut
  11. 11. General Curriculum Approach • Courses cover the realm of conceptual/theoretical to basic skills to advanced tech • Balance emphasis on communication, design and development in projects • Engagement with social media; blogs, Twitter, Facebook… • Attention to current events in tech • Focus on judgment, problem-solving and troubleshooting • A digital media emphasis: centers, projects, events • Faculty development • Professional community ties
  12. 12. Undergraduate Curriculum • Fundamentals of Digital/Online Media – new core class • Web Design and Publishing • Multimedia Journalism • Digital Storytelling
  13. 13. Graduate Curriculum • Issues in New Media • Online Media Design • Advanced Online Media • Content Management Systems
  14. 14. Megan Kilgore • Digital Marketing Manager, Capital Area Food Bank • Grad at TXST Anna Tauzin • Manager of Digital Innovation, National Restaurant Association • Here in DC, after completing master’s at American University • Undergrad TXST
  15. 15. Additional Slides
  16. 16. Radical Curriculum Proposal • Flip the curriculum. Teach digital, integrate traditional skills. • Curriculum must include: • Programming concepts • Web design and development • Mobile Development • Data and data visualization • Programming for content management systems
  17. 17. Radical Curriculum Proposal • Journalism is a specialized used of many fields • Computer Science ≠ Web Development • Design is a key element in being able to communicate effectively • Data, data, data • Knowledge of statistics also important • Need for different teaching methods • Reach different audiences • Rise of learn-to-code movement • Jobs for people with these skills!!!
  18. 18. Radical Curriculum Proposal • If we don’t move aggressively and efficiently toward this: • Journalism curricula will increasingly grow irrelevant • Someone else - another department, organization – is going to fill that space • Students won’t have the 21st century communication skills they need to be successful in their careers • Communication is two-way - connecting and sharing. And providing meaning to data and information. This needs to be the foundation of any media curriculum.
  19. 19. Maira Garcia • Statesman, Social Media Editor • Now Web Producer at The New York Times • Undergrad and Grad at TXST Jackie Baylon • Digital First Media, NYC, News Producer • Undergrad TXST
  20. 20. Shannon Delaney • Digital Marketing Coordinator, MOSAK Advertising and Insights • Grad at TXST Josh Shepherd • Interactive Manager and Strategist, MOSAK Advertising and Insights • Grad at TXST
  21. 21. Jordan Viator Slabaugh • Interactive Communications Manager, Spredfast • Previously, Director of Social Media, Convio • Undergrad and Grad at TXST Andrew Waldrup • Product Manager, Spredfast • Previously Social Support, also Culture Evangelist at Gowalla • Undergrad TXST
  22. 22. Nicole Martinez • Social Media Specialist, HomeAway • Grad at TXST Mairin Heard • Social Media Specialist, HomeAway • Undergrad and Grad TXST
  23. 23. Ashley Hebler • Junior Front-End Web Developer, Volusion • Grad at TXST Doug Seliger • Junior Developer, Mason-Zimbler • Undergrad & Grad at TXST
  24. 24. Haley Peck • Front-end Web Developer, Blackbaud • Undergrad at TXST Matt Slabaugh • Interactive Designer, Sparksight • Undergrad at TXST
  25. 25. Dee Kapila • Digital Strategist/Technology Consultant, The University of Texas • Grad at TXST Kristin McCasland • Web and Social Media Editor, Rice University • Undergrad and Grad TXST
  26. 26. Megan Kilgore • Digital Marketing Manager, Capital Area Food Bank • Grad at TXST Anna Tauzin • Manager of Digital Innovation, National Restaurant Association • Here in DC, after completing master’s at American University • Undergrad TXST
  27. 27. Sarah Garcia • SXSW, Interactive Programming Coordinator • Undergrad and Grad TXST Andrew McNeill • SXSW, Festival Coordinator • Also Staff Writer, 48 Min of Hell blog • Undergrad TXST
  28. 28. Jon Zmikly • Senior Lecturer, TXST • Grad TXST Dale Blasingame • Lecturer, TXST • Was Social Media Director, LeadHub • Undergrad and grad, TXST
  29. 29. Thank You! Find this presentation at Accompanying video at