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How CPG Buzz Impacts Today's Trade Promotion Strategies


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Genuine stories ripped from the headlines of popular industry news publications demonstrate the best way to adjust trade spend practices, reassess strategies or navigate the fluctuating marketplace.

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How CPG Buzz Impacts Today's Trade Promotion Strategies

  1. 1. IMPORTANT NOTE:You Must Dial-in by Phone to Hear Today’sPresentationPhone: 1-866-740-1260Code: 3547026 How CPG Buzz Impacts Today’s Trade Promotion Strategies
  2. 2. Meet Today’s Presenters Rob Whynot Michael Cross Senior Project Manager Product Marketing Manager
  3. 3. CPG Industry Changing Faster Than Ever
  4. 4. Today’s Front Page Headlines•  Politics•  Economy•  Marketing•  Lifestyle•  Business•  Technology
  5. 5. POLITICS
  6. 6. POLITICS:Outcome of Presidential Election to Impact Holiday SalesSobeys Progresses Toward Carbon, Waste-Diversion GoalsKroger Strikes Balance In Sustainability EffortsNew USDA Rules Establish Strong Organic StandardsNew York Health Board Approves Ban On Large Sodas
  7. 7. Implications•  U.S. Post-Election Spending Spree Very Possible•  Governments Creating Policies that Impact Package, Labels, Price•  Future Sustainability Legislation Could Add Significant Costs•  Retailers will Continue to Pressure Manufacturers to Carry the Burden of Additional Costs•  Manufacturers will Rely Heavily on Trade Spend Analysis to Guide them in Deciding When and How to Off-Set Costs
  8. 8. ECONOMY
  9. 9. ECONOMY:Consumer Spending Is Flat After Adjusting For InflationRising Gas Prices Could Mean Painful 2013Consumer Confidence Index ImprovingRetailer Outlook Improves SlightlyUS Housing Recovery To Shape Consumer Spending
  10. 10. Implications•  Mixed Message From Indicators•  Consumers will Not Give Up ‘Frugal’ Shopping Practices Quickly•  Expect Consumers to Allocate Spend Across All Categories•  Aggressive Food & Beverage Promotion Activity during ‘Recovery’ Period Could Pay Off for Manufacturers•  Manufacturers Need Ability to React to Market Events and Retailer Requests Quickly
  11. 11. MARKETING
  12. 12. MARKETINGTurkey Time! Loyalty Card Programs Gear UpRetailers Extend Fuel Savings ProgramsUnilever Digital Deal Spans Shopping Trips, RetailersWalmart Offers Price Comparison By EmailWhole Foods Market Raises $20,000 to Help SchoolsRetailers Partner for Pink Ribbon Produce
  13. 13. Implications•  Loyalty Programs Continue to Impact Purchase Decisions•  Shoppers Do More Research in Advance, Still Make Many Final Decisions in Store•  Commitment to the Community a Significant Factor in Where Consumer Shops and What they Buy•  Shopper Marketing Research More Important Than Ever•  Alignment of Consumer Marketing and Trade Marketing is Critical
  14. 14. CPG FUNNIES
  15. 15. LIFESTYLE
  16. 16. LIFESTYLEChanging Demographics Trouble for Brands & GrocersSurvey: Consumers Value Quality Over Low PriceConsumer Reports: Private Label Shines in Taste TestsMost Adults Would Buy Organics If They Were CheaperWal-Mart Associates to Lead Healthy Store ToursQuick-Trip Shoppers Willing To Pay More At Front-End
  17. 17. Implications:•  Multiple Generations With Significant Influence•  Brands and Retailers Must Be Able to Compete in Cyber- Environment•  Natural & Organic, Sustainability Shaping Future Purchase Behavior•  Convenience Remains a Way to Add Value
  18. 18. BUSINESS
  19. 19. BUSINESS (TPM Related)Retailers Provide Individual Pricing Based On HabitsMany Retailers Ending Double CouponsSam’s Club Boosts Sales With Joint Business PlanningFood Lifts Family Dollar Q4 ResultsTrade Promotion Management: Haves and the Have-Nots
  20. 20. Implications•  Manufacturers See Double Coupons as Diminishing Brand Value•  Manufactures Gaining More Direct Control Over Final Price•  Consumers Getting More Comfortable with ‘Loyalty Card’ Game•  Impact of Individual Pricing Needs Tracked and Analyzed
  21. 21. TECHNOLOGY
  22. 22. TECHNOLOGYConsumers and Business Become More MobileBig Data Meets TPMSaaS Technology Becoming TPM Tool Of Choice
  23. 23. Implications•  Smart Phone Applications Having Significant Impact on Shopping Practices and Buying Decisions•  Retailers Looking to Technology to Improve the Consumer’s Shopping Experience•  Manufacturers Upgrading Technology to Improve Visibility and Effectiveness of Trade Spend
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  25. 25. Final Thoughts•  Consumer Research and Shopper Marketing is Extremely Critical at this Point•  Need to Focus on Role of Smart Phones and Tablets•  Companies Who Excel at Scenario Planning and Execution Will Capture Sales and Share o  Responses to Rising Costs•  Visibility, Analytics and Insights Will Determine Trade Promotion Management Winners and Losers
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