Ckleynkennedy-Software Evaluation


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Ckleynkennedy-Software Evaluation

  1. 1. Software Evaluation Socrative vs. Poll Everywhere Module #4 – Comparison of Web 2.0 Tools
  2. 2. BACKGROUND Socrative & Poll Everywhere are two online audience response Web 2.0 tools that can be used to solicit feedback from an audience. This writer has used Poll Everywhere once or twice during the last school year (2012-13) in a K-12 setting to provide teachers with a means of letting students use cell phones in the classroom as “student response devices.” The response of the teachers was mixed, and this writer was interested in revisiting the software (Poll Everywhere) as well as learning an alternative to explore improvements and consider alternatives.
  3. 3. PRODUCT FEATURES – SOCRATIVE & POLL EVERYWHERE Application Socrative Poll Everywhere URL Pricing Free in current beta version, with no restrictions. Pricing structure: 40 students are free. Additional features require a monthly fee. Link is nt/plans Features Student response system that offers the following features: - quick formative assessment - easy-to-create quizzes - games, races - exit “tickets” - Immediate reports in Excel - Response via Internet Student response/polling system that offers the following features: - Variety of graphical response layouts - Clickable image polls - Easy response with cell phone - Polls downloadable as Powerpoints - Easy-to-create questions - Response also via Internet - Reporting via Excel; more difficult
  4. 4. PRODUCT COMPARISON – Pros & Cons SOCRATIVE PROs CONs Clear, step-by-step instructions on how to use Socrative After setup, unclear exactly how responders should respond Optional pop-up tips with generally every item Not clear how students should use to respond Pleasing, clear user interface User interface simple, without sufficient indepth explanations for users Excellent reporting capability, immediately Limited options for graphically viewing available via email or downloadable student responses spreadsheet Easy navigation between screens for users Importing quizzes not clearly explained; ALSO, only possible via PC Excel spreadsheet, not Mac OS. Initial video tutorial deceptively easy; more complex than depicted in clip
  5. 5. SOCRATIVE… Easy, step-by-step directions to get started and use…
  6. 6. PRODUCT COMPARISON – Pros & Cons POLL EVERYWHERE PROs CONs Excellent video tutorial introducing concept in an amusing manner; additional easy-to-understand video tutorial demonstrating specifics in getting started Reporting not straightforward; a bit difficult to discover process Very easy and clear how to get started Difficult to discover how to “start” poll once questions have been created Good tool for formative assessment – immediate feedback – graphically illustrating understanding Excellent features available, but only in “paid” subscriber versions Variety of graphic layouts and customizable settings for displaying content User interface not as clear as comparative products Content easily downloadable as Powerpoint slides
  7. 7. POLL EVERYWHERE… Excellent tool for quick polling, ideal for use with cell phones as response device.
  8. 8. INFORMAL RESEARCH & PARTICIPANT TRIAL The 2 products – Socrative and Poll Everywhere – are both online audience response tools resources, however, after using both, discovered that the functionality is different, they serve (I believe) different instructional needs. To that end, I decided that participant feedback might prove useful. I initiated a participant trial using my husband, a professor at a nearby university and a self-described “low-tech guy in a high-tech world.” He was not familiar with either tool. After explaining their purpose, he was quite willing to embrace a new response tool that could serve the instructional needs in his own classes, both face-to-face as well as online courses. I introduced both tools, with little introduction and minimal prompting; he quickly expressed preference for Socrative and proceeded to take ownership of this tool, creating assessments for upcoming classes.
  9. 9. RECOMMENDATION After examing these 2 tools, I concluded that their functionality is different enough to make it impossible to make ONE recommendation. Both tools are worth adding to one’s digital toolbox. The choice of which to use should be dictated by the instructional needs of the instructor. Whereas Socrative may well be more aesthetically pleasing with a somewhat more user-friendly interface, it seems more designed to be used for creating quizzes and easily getting reports. Poll Everywhere seems ideally geared more as a quick poll, formative assessment type type of tool, easy to use for immediate feedback, particularly with cell phones as classroom response devices. Both are highly recommended and useful since they serve different instructional needs.