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Why American Apparel Rocks


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Find out why American Apparel is so much better than no-name brand t-shirts:

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Why American Apparel Rocks

  1. 1. 4 BENEFITS OFWEARING CUSTOM AAWhy no-name brands are costing you morethan you might think
  2. 2. Why do people prefer big boxstores? Budget reasons Quantity over quality Decent selection of designs and styles Similar to brand name products  Designs  Styles  Fit
  3. 3. The Big Lie Cheap clothing = more costly clothing budget Custom American Apparel t-shirts are not as costly as you might think It’s an issue of “cost type”  Upfrontcosts  Back end costs  Residual costs  Deferred costs
  4. 4. Four Reasons why AA is better Quality Comfort Durability Cost
  5. 5. Quality Custom American Apparel t-shirts have higher quality Three areas of quality  Designs  Seams  collar Target and Walmart are “racing to the bottom”
  6. 6. Comfort Cotton thread count Closely linked to quality  Structural integrity  Cardboard stiffness effect  Rough vs. silky after washing Artificial blends  Polyester  Rayon
  7. 7. Durability Designs  Cracking  Fading Structure  Stiff  Bottom/neck stretches out Fashion  Yellow armpit stains?
  8. 8. Cost Effectiveness Custom AA t-shirts = one time buy Walmart t-shirts = one time buy every few months Deferred costs  Personalized AA shirts more upfront costs  Walmart t-shirts (or other no name brands) have more deferred costs
  9. 9. Conclusion Don’t be cheap Your budget will thank you later on