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  • -first signature garment was bumster pant
  • -used amputee model
    -closed show with robotics display
  • -shipwreck theme
    -iconic oyster dress
  • -inspired by the Scottish country
  • -used real flowers
  • -Gothic
    -”I want to empower women. I want people to be afraid of the women I dress” (Vogue)
  • -was an avid scuba diver (Gabbatt)
    -inspired by a scuba diving trip in 2009 in the Maldives (Gabbatt)
    -debut of the “manta” dress, which became iconic
    -also armadillo shoes, inspired by Charles Darwin readings, later worn by lady gaga (Vogue)
  • Target consumer is high-income earning women age 25-40
  • -Designed jacket for David Bowie’s Earthlings album cover, which he wore on tour (Bowie)
    -Dresses frequently worn on red carpet
    -Garments worn in The Hunger Games movies
  • -died days before the show (Camber)
    -was later shown privately (Vogue)
    -listened to Baroque opera while designing it (Vogue)
    -Went back to tailoring and romanticism
  • Mc queen pres

    1. 1. Alexander Mcqueen Presentation by Cindy Jun
    2. 2. childhood • Born Lee Alexander McQueen in London, March 17, 1969 (Lee Alexander) • Youngest of six children (Lee Alexander) • Working-class family (Lee Alexander) • Father was a cab driver, mother was teacher (Lee Alexander) • Left school at age 16 (Lee Alexander)
    3. 3. Career Beginnings • Offered apprenticeship at Savile Row, specializing in made-to-order mens suits (Lee Alexander) • Moved on to theatrical costume design under designers Angels and Bermans (Lee Alexander) • Briefly worked in Milan as a Design assistant to Romeo Gigli (Lee Alexander) • Studied at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art & Design in London, graduating 1992 (Alexander McQueen) • Culminating project, inspired by Jack the Ripper caught attention of fashion director Isabelle Blow, who became his guru (Alexander McQueen)
    4. 4. Establishment • After receiving his degree, started his business in women's clothing, founded 1992 (Alexander McQueen) • Four years after design school, was named Chief Designer of of Givenchy, at age 27 (Lee Alexander McQueen)
    5. 5. Givenchy• 1996-2001 (Lee Alexander McQueen) • Took position reluctantly (Alexander McQueen) • Tumultuous time in his life, as he rejected the concept of corporation (Bowie) • Despite his daring designs, felt as if he was still being held back (Alexander McQueen) • Eventually left position to pursue more freedom in his own brand (Lee Alexander McQueen) • For work at Givenchy, won British Designer of the year in 1997, 1997. and 2001 (Lee Alexander McQueen)
    6. 6. Further success • Became even more daring in design, garnered a name as a“fashion rebel” (Bowie) • 2001, Gucci bought 51% stake in Alexander McQueen (Lee Alexander) • Declared International Designer of theYear by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, as well as other awards (Alexander McQueen)
    7. 7. Style • Known for dramatic flare and impeccable tailoring • Juxtoposition • “one side of me is kind of really sombre and the other side of my brain is very erratic and it's always this fight against the other and I choose so many different things... [People] can't understand where [my designs are] coming from because there are so many sides of me in conflict.” (Bowie)
    8. 8. “No. 13”, s/s 1999
    9. 9. “irere”, s/s 2003
    10. 10. “widows of culloden”, a/w 2007 a/w 2007 tt
    11. 11. “Sarabande”, s/s 2007
    12. 12. “The Girl who lived in the tree”, a/w 2008
    13. 13. “the horn of plenty”, a/w 2009
    14. 14. “Plato’s Atlantis”, s/s 2010
    15. 15. Fashion shows • Shows are known for theatricality
    16. 16. Marketing • Small market in Haute Couture • Develops signature accessories for the consumer market, establishing itself classic luxury brand (Lamb)
    17. 17. Makeup • First fashion designer to create cosmetics for MAC, October 2007 (Barnett) • Based on the beauty looks from their A/W collection, which was Cleopatra, the 1963 film starring Elizabeth Taylor (Barnett) Cleopatra, 1963 Alexander McQueen A/W 2007 Alexander McQueen for MAC
    18. 18. pop culture
    19. 19. Death • February 12, 2010, committed suicide (Camber) • Age 40 (Camber) • Days after mothers death (Camber)
    20. 20. Final collection, a/w 2010
    21. 21. Legacy • Sarah Burton became Creative Director of Alexander McQueen after McQueens death, whom she worked for for more than 14 years (Sarah Burton) • Under the McQueen label, designed Kate Middleton's wedding dress (Sarah Burton) • 2011 Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibit Alexander McQueen garments,“Savage Beauty”, breaking attendance records (Vogue)
    22. 22. “It’s a new era in fashion- there are no rules.” -Lee Alexander McQueen
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