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Upsr writing techniques and model answers


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Upsr writing techniques and model answers

  2. 2. ccj/skk2/2010 UPSR WRITING TIPS AND MODEL ANSWERS BY CYNTHIA C JAMES (English Panel, SKK2)UPSR FORMAT FOR PAPER 2NO. SUBJECT PAPER 21. Type of instrument Subjective type2. Type of items Section A: Sentence Construction (Based on the given words and graphics) Section B: Information Transfer Section C: Note Expansion3. Number of questions Question 1: Section A Write complete sentences based on a picture with the words given. Question 2: Section B a) Information transfer b) Choose one item and give reasons for the choice Question 3: Section C Write sentences in paragraphs based on a series of visual stimuli. Total: 3 questions Answer all questions4. Marks Section A: 10 marks Section B: 15 marks Section C: 15 marks Total: 40 marks -1-
  4. 4. ccj/skk2/2010QUESTION 1: SECTION ASAMPLE SENTENCES AND MODEL ANSWERSPLACE / EVENTSThis is a canteen.This is a classroom.This is a hospital.This is an accident.This is a football match.NOUNS (people, things, animals)There is a boy in the picture.There are many boys in the picture.There is a cat under the tree.There are many pupils in the canteen.There is some food on the table.VERBS (activities)The boy is reading.The girl is listening to the radio.The men are talking.The women are shopping.Mother is cooking in the kitchen.Brother is playing computer games.ADJECTIVES (looks, feelings)The classroom is clean.The food is delicious.The clothes are beautiful.The children are happy.The family is busy. -3-
  5. 5. ccj/skk2/2010MODEL QUESTION AND ANSWERModel 1Sample sentences: 1. This is a beach. 2. There are many people at the beach. 3. There is a tree in the picture. 4. There is a bag under the tree. 5. The mother is feeding the little boy. 6. The girl is building a sandcastle. 7. The father is eating a sandwich. 8. The boys are swimming. 9. The beach is beautiful. 10. The people look happy. -4-
  6. 6. ccj/skk2/2010Score more marks by following these tips:Tip number 1: Use adjectivesThis is a beautiful beach.This is a crowded beach.Tip number 2: Use adverbsThe boys are swimming happily.The girl is building a sandcastle diligently.The mother is feeding the little boy lovingly.Tip number 3: Combine two or three simple sentences to form a compoundsentence.This is a beautiful but crowded beach.There is a tree and a bag in the picture.The girl is building a sandcastle and the family is enjoying their meal.The mother is feeding the little boy while the father is eating a sandwich.The people are swimming, playing volleyball, building sandcastles and having apicnic under the tree.Lastly, choose the best 5 sentences as your final answer.Your final answer may look something like this:1. This is a beautiful but crowded beach.2. There are many people at the beach.3. The people are swimming, playing volleyball, building sandcastles andhaving a picnic at the beach.4. The girl is building a sandcastle diligently while the family is having apicnic under the tree.5. The mother is feeding the little boy while the father is eating a sandwich.Excellent 10!  -5-
  7. 7. ccj/skk2/2010Model 2Sample sentences: 1. This is a classroom. 2. There is a teacher in the classroom. 3. There are many pupils in the classroom. 4. The teacher is writing on the blackboard. 5. The pupils are reading book. 6. The boy is sleeping. 7. The classroom is big. 8. The pupils are busy. -6-
  8. 8. ccj/skk2/2010Try to follow the tips to score more marks:Tip number 1: Use adjectives____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Tip number 2: Use adverbs____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Tip number 3: Form compound sentences________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Final Answer (Choose the BEST sentences!):1. ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________2. ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________3. ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________4. _______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________5. ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ -7-
  9. 9. ccj/skk2/2010TRY MORE EXERCISES!EXERCISE 1 Hisham celebrating Hari Raya shopping trying on shoes clothes Baju Melayu like wearFirst, try to write as many sentences as you can:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ -8-
  10. 10. ccj/skk2/2010Now, reread the sentences. Are there any adjectives or adverbs that youcan add in?Are there any sentences that you can combine to form a compound sentence?Check for any mistakes:1. Plural nouns – (many shoes not many shoe; remember the ‘s’!)2. Punctuation and capitalisation – Capital letter at the beginning ofsentences; a full stop at the end.3. Make sure you use the correct articles – check the article „a‟. Do you put„a‟ in the correct places? (e.g.: Writing “The woman is a shopping” is wrong!Remember, „a‟ and „an‟ means ONE).4. Do you use „is‟ and „are‟ correctly? (Remember: is – singular, are – plural).5. „There‟ or „They‟? (Do not confuse these two words!)5. Make sure every sentence you write is related to the picture. (Do notwrite any sentence that is not related to the picture!)6. Spelling – Check and double-check!Rewrite your improved sentences below:1. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________2. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________3. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________4. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________5. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ -9-
  11. 11. ccj/skk2/2010EXERCISE 2 dinner helping lay table serve roast chicken happy wash dry dishesDraft:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - 10 -
  12. 12. ccj/skk2/2010Final answer:1. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________2. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________3. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________4. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________5. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ - 11 -
  13. 13. ccj/skk2/2010EXERCISE 3Now, try to apply everything that you have learned. Write your best 5sentences for the picture below. busy market morning bargaining fishmonger handcart buying meat butcher vegetables1. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________2. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________3. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________4. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________5. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ - 12 -
  14. 14. ccj/skk2/2010EXERCISE 4 celebrating twelfth birthday holding party home cake games photographs enjoy1. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________2. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________3. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________4. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________5. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ - 13 -
  15. 15. ccj/skk2/2010EXERCISE 5 canteen recess pupils queuing up shouting helper buying ice-cream scolding running1. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________2. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________3. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________4. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________5. _______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ - 14 -
  17. 17. ccj/skk2/2010QUESTION 2(B): SECTION B (I would choose…)CHOOSING A PRODUCTINTRODUCTIONI would choose X because I think it is the best.I would choose X because it is the most suitable.I would choose X because I like it very much.I would choose X because my mother likes it very much.PRICEIt is cheap.It is reasonable.It is not very expensive.I can afford it.It is expensive, but worth it.COLOURThe colours are my favourite.The colours are my father‟s favourite.The colours are nice.It is attractive.I like the colours.MATERIALSThe quality is good.It is long-lasting.It is beautiful.I like the materials.FREE GIFT / OFFERSIt is useful.I can use the free gift.My brother can use the free gift.It is interesting.I like the free gift. - 16 -
  18. 18. ccj/skk2/2010MODEL QUESTION AND ANSWERModel 1You would like to buy a handbag for your mother. Which handbag would youchoose? Give reasons for your choice.Model answer:I would choose Coco Leather Handbag because I think it is the most suitable.First of all, the price is RM105.00. It is expensive, but worth it. Besides, thematerial is soft leather. The quality is good. Other than that, the colours areblack, brown and red. The colours are my mother‟s favourite. Lastly, the freegift is a lipstick case. My mother can use the free gift. I believemy motherwill be happy with my choice. - 17 -
  19. 19. ccj/skk2/2010Try to answer this question again. Choose another handbag. Use the samplesentences and model answer to guide you.I would choose ___________________________ because _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - 18 -
  20. 20. ccj/skk2/2010CHOOSING AN ACTIVITYTYPE OF ACTIVITYOutdoor:I am an active person, so I prefer outdoor activities.My friend is an active person, so I recommend outdoor activities.Indoor:I am usually quiet and inactive, so I prefer indoor activities.My friend is a quiet person, so I recommend indoor activities.THINGS NEEDEDI already have the things needed.My friend already has the things needed.The things needed are not difficult to find.I can get all the things needed easily.My friend can get all the things needed easily.BENEFITS / ADVANTAGESI like the benefits.My friend will like the benefits.I like to learn new things.My friend likes to learn new things.I can improve myself.My friend always wants to improve himself.OTHER SENTENCES THAT CAN BE USEDIt is a very interesting activity.It is a challenging activity.It is good for health.It is good for mental health.It is a good way to spend leisure time.It is a good hobby. - 19 -
  21. 21. ccj/skk2/2010Model 2You want to introduce your friend to an activity. Based on the informationgiven, which activity would you choose? Give reasons for your choice.I would choose football because it is the most suitable for my friend. Firstof all, the type of activity is outdoor activity. My friend is an active person,so I recommend outdoor activity. Besides, the things needed are a ball andfootball boots. My friend can get the things needed easily. Other than that,the benefit is it is a good form of exercise. My friend will like the benefit.Lastly, the advantage is my friend can learn football skills. My friend likes tolearn new things. This is the best choice for my friend. - 20 -
  22. 22. ccj/skk2/2010Try to answer this question again. Choose another activitiy. Use the samplesentences and model answer to guide you.I would choose ___________________________ because _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - 21 -
  23. 23. ccj/skk2/2010CHOOSING A PERSONAGEWe have the same age, so we will have many things in common.I want to make friends with someone younger.I want to make friends with someone older.COUNTRY / NATIONALITYI want to learn more about Britain.Japan is an interesting country.I believeto visit Australia one day.HOBBIES / INTERESTWe have the same hobbies.We can discuss our hobbies.The hobbies are interesting.AMBITIONI also want to be a pilot.We can talk about our ambitions.I want to know more about his ambition.OTHER SENTENCES THAT CAN BE USEDI believewe can become good friends.We can exchange ideas.I can tell him about our country. - 22 -
  24. 24. ccj/skk2/2010Model 3Which pen pal would you choose to write to? Give reasons for your choice.I would write to Sam Richards because I like him. First of all, he is 12 yearsold. We have the same age, so we will have many things in common. Besides,he is from Britain. I want to learn more about Britain. Other than that, helikes to read and collect stamps. The hobbies are interesting. Lastly, hewants to be a pilot. I also want to be a pilot. I believe we can become goodfriends. - 23 -
  25. 25. ccj/skk2/2010Try to answer this question again. Choose another person. Use the samplesentences and model answer to guide you.I would choose ___________________________ because _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - 24 -
  26. 26. ccj/skk2/2010CHOOSING A FOOD PRODUCTPRODUCT OF / COUNTRY / MADE INI want to try products from Australia.I prefer Malaysia product.My sister likes product from England.TASTEThe taste is nice.I like the taste.It is my favourite.It is my sister‟s favourite.It is delicious.NUTRIENTSThe nutrients are good for health.It is nutritious.My body needs the nutrients.It is a healthy product.I like to take care of my health.OTHER SENTENCES THAT CAN BE USEDI prefer this product.This product is better.I like this product.It is a high-quality product.I will enjoy eating the biscuits with my family. - 25 -
  27. 27. ccj/skk2/2010Model 4You want to buy some biscuits. Based on the information given, which packetof biscuits would you prefer? Give reasons for your choice.I would choose Milk Cookies because I think it is the best. First of all, theprice is RM4. It is not very expensive. Besides, it is imported from Australia.I want to try products from Australia. Other than that, the taste is milkyand it melts in the mouth. I like the taste. Lastly, it is high in calcium. Mybody needs the nutrients. I will enjoy eating the biscuits with my family. - 26 -
  28. 28. ccj/skk2/2010Try to answer this question again. Choose another food product. Use thesample sentences and model answer to guide you.I would choose ___________________________ because _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - 27 -
  29. 29. ccj/skk2/2010CHOOSING A HOUSE FOR RENTTYPE OF HOUSEI prefer to stay in a bungalow.I like wooden house better.An apartment is more suitable for my family.DESCRIPTION OF THE HOUSEIt has enough bedrooms for all the members in our family.It has enough bathrooms for our family.My family likes a large porch.My family likes the balcony.LOCATIONThe location is very nice.The location is beautiful.I like the location.My family likes the location.ADVANTAGESIt is convenient for my family.It can make our life easier.It can make our life more comfortable.RENTIt is not very expensive.It is reasonable.My family can afford it.It is expensive, but worth it.OTHER SENTENCES THAT CAN BE USEDMy family will like the house.We will enjoy staying in the house.It is a beautiful house.It is a comfortable house. - 28 -
  30. 30. ccj/skk2/2010Model 5You are helping your father to choose a house to rent. Based on theinformation given, which house would you choose? Give reasons for yourchoice.I would choose House A because it is the most suitable for my family. Firstof all, the type of house is a bungalow. I prefer to stay in a bungalow.Besides, it has 4 bedrooms. It has enough bedrooms for all the members inour family. Other than that, it is located close to the beach. The location isbeautiful. Also, it is near to a school and town. It is convenient for my family.Lastly, the rent is RM500 per month. My family can afford it. We will enjoystaying in the house. - 29 -
  31. 31. ccj/skk2/2010Try to answer this question again. Choose another house for rent. Use thesample sentences and model answer to guide you.I would choose ___________________________ because _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - 30 -
  32. 32. ccj/skk2/2010CHOOSING A PETPHYSICAL FEATUREI like the physical feature.It is cute and nice.It is beautiful.I like it.PLACE TO STAYIt is easy to accommodate.It is easy to look after.It is convenient.FOODIt is easy to feed.The food is easy to find.It does not cost much.CAREIt is not difficult to take care of.I can take care of it well.I can look after it easily.OTHER SENTENCES THAT CAN BE USEDI always love rabbit.I prefer goldfish.I can play with my pet.My pet will make me happy. - 31 -
  33. 33. ccj/skk2/2010Model 6Try to answer this question using the sample sentences as your guide: I would choose __________________________________ because__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - 32 -
  34. 34. ccj/skk2/2010PRACTISE MAKES PERFECT! HERE ARE MORE EXERCISES FOR YOUTO DO:EXERCISE 1 Tales from India Tales from China Tales from Africa Price: RM16.00 Price: RM10.00 Price: RM12.00 Publisher: Andra Publishing Publisher: Tai Publishing Publisher: Kang Publishing Malaysia Republic of China(R.O.C) Singapore Available at: AWK Bookshop Available at: A & S Bookshop Available at: RBK BookshopFree gift: Colourful Bookmark Free gift: Colouring book Free gift: Colourful pocket file Discount: 30% given Discount: 40% given Discount: 20% given(A) Complete the table base on the advertisement given. Title Tales from China _______________ Tales from Africa Price __________________ ________________ RM12.00 Publisher Andra Publishing Tai Publishing ___________________Available at __________________ A & S Bookshop RBK Bookshop Free gift Colourful bookmark ________________ _________________ Discount 30% ____________ 20% Republic of China Country ______________________ (R.O.C.) ____________________ - 33 -
  35. 35. ccj/skk2/2010(B) If you want to buy a birthday present for your younger sister, which book would youlike to buy? Give reasons based on your choice. I would like to buy the _________________________________________because______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - 34 -
  36. 36. ccj/skk2/2010EXERCISE 2 Island Surprise Hawaiian Chicken Beef Barbecue RM35.90 RM39.50 RM40.00  Size: Medium  Size: Medium  Size: Large  Toppings: Shrimp,  Toppings:  Toppings: Beef tuna and Thousand Chicken, sausages, island dressing pineapple and mushrooms and  Drinks: 2 orange bell peppers barbecue sauce juice  Drinks: 2 iced-  Drinks: 2 soft lemon tea drinks(A) Complete the table based on the menus given.Menus _______________ Hawaiian Chicken Beef BarbecuePrice RM35.90 _____________ _____________Toppings 1. Shrimp 1. ___________ 1. ______________ 2. _________ 2. Pineapple 2. Mushrooms 3. _________ 3. Bell peppers 3. ______________Drinks orange juice _________________ __________________ - 35 -
  37. 37. ccj/skk2/2010(B) You and your mother want to have pizza for lunch, which set would you choose?Give reasons based on your choice. I would choose _________________________________________because________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - 36 -
  38. 38. ccj/skk2/2010EXERCISE 3 Mr. Vadetto Master Johan  Price: RM80  Price: RM90  Material:  Material: silk leather  Made in  Made in Italy Indonesia  Colour: black  Colour: red and and brown blue  Discount: 20%  Discount: 10% Anwar’s Batik  Price: RM100  Material: silk  Made in Malaysia  Colour: yellow and blue  Discount: 30%(A) Complete the table based on the information given. Brand Price Material Product of Colour DiscountMr. Vadetto ____________ __________ Italy black ______ and brown___________ RM90 silk __________ ____________ 10% Anwar’s ___________ ____________ Malaysia ____________ _______ Batik - 37 -
  39. 39. ccj/skk2/2010(B) You want to give your father a present on his birthday. Which present would youchoose? Give reasons for your choice. I would choose _________________________________________because________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - 38 -
  40. 40. ccj/skk2/2010EXERCISE 4 SWIMMING PLAYING CHESS READING  Outdoor activity  Indoor activity  Indoor activity  Swimsuit/swimming  Chess  Books, magazines, trunks, goggles,  Mental exercise, comics swimming cap fun  Fun, relaxing  A full-body exercise,  Strategies, goal  Creativity, fun setting, knowledge  Time management, goal self confidence setting, self confidence(A) Complete the table below based on the advertisements given. Name of activity SWIMMING ________________ READING Type of activity _________________ Outdoor _________________ Things needed 1. Swimsuit 1. _____________ 1. Books 2. Swimming trunk 2. Magazines 3. ______________ 3._______________ Benefits 1. _______________ 1. _______________. 1. _______________ 2._______________ 2. Goal setting 2._______________ 3. Self confidence 3. Self confidence(B) You want to take part in one activity. Which activity would you choose? Givereasons based on your choice. - 39 -
  41. 41. ccj/skk2/2010 I would choose ____________________________________________ because________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________EXERCISE 5 - 40 -
  42. 42. ccj/skk2/2010 Hi there! My name is Akiko Myama. I am eleven years old. I live with my parents in Tokyo, Japan. I enjoy swimming and writing. I love to play bowling, too. When I grow up, I want to be a singer like Utada Hikaru. I wish to have a response from someone with the same interest. My email address: Hello, I am Anthony McGee. I live in East London. I am twelve years old. I enjoy swimming very much. I enjoy football and badminton, too. I also like to play computer games. I want to be a doctor. Hope to hear a good response from you soon. Email me at: I am Sarsono Budianto. I am eleven years old. I live in West Bali, Indonesia. I like to surf very much. Besides that, I also love to draw and write. I am a part time dancer in our culture community. I enjoy it very much. I wish that I could be an artist someday. Email me if you are interested to be my friend: Complete the table below based on the information given. - 41 -
  43. 43. ccj/skk2/2010 Name Akiko Myama ______________ ____________ Age _____________ twelve years old ____________ Hobbies swimming swimming surf writing football draw _____________ badminton write computer games _____________ Ambition singer _____________ ____________ Country ______________ England ____________(B) You want to have a pen friend oversea. Which one will you choose? Give reasonbased on your choice. I would like to be friends with _________________________________ because________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - 42 -
  45. 45. ccj/skk2/2010Model 1 Noni - walking – school – saw – beggar – shivering – hungry – took beggar - tree - lunch box – gave - him0 ate up – food – eating – smiled - thanked – kindnessSTEP 1: What is the story about? It is about a girl who gave her food to a beggar.STEP 2: Look at the verbs given. Try to identify the correct tense to use. - 44 -
  46. 46. ccj/skk2/2010Find the verbs in the story:walking Continuous Tensesaw Past Tenseshivering Continuous Tensetook Past Tensegave Past Tenseate Past Tenseeating Continuous Tensesmiled Past Tensethanked Past TenseWhat is the Tense to be used? Simple Past Tense and Past Continuous TenseSTEP 3: Write the story.IntroductionNoni was a kind and helpful girl. She liked to help other people in trouble.Picture 1 SUBJECT VERB ROS Noni was walking to school She saw a beggar The beggar was sitting under a tree One day, Noni was walking to school. On her way, she saw a beggar. The beggar was sitting under a tree.Noni - walking – school – saw –beggar - treePicture 2 SUBJECT VERB ROS The beggar was shivering - 45 - He was hungry Noni took out her lunch box
  47. 47. ccj/skk2/2010beggar – shivering – hungry – took- lunch box – gave - himPicture 3 SUBJECT VERB ROS The beggar ate up the food He finished eating He smiled He thanked Noni for her kindness The beggar ate up all the food. After he finished eating, he smiled and thanked Noni ate up – food – eating – smiled - thanked – kindness for her kindness.Ending: Noni felt happy because she had helped the beggar. She continued herwalk to school with a big smile on her face.STEP 4: Read the story again. Can you make it better?Try to add some adjectives and adverbs. Change nouns to pronouns whereverappropriate. Form compound sentences. You may also try to add similes,idioms and proverbs* to make your writing more interesting.*Refer to Appendix 7-8.Model 2 - 46 -
  48. 48. ccj/skk2/2010 Halim – washes – hands – before – – weekend – he – breakfast meals – – together – parents – after breakfast – helps – mother – clear – table –Identify the Tense: ___________________________Introduction: Halim is a _______________________________ boy. He likes to__________________________________. He also likes to____________________________________________________.Picture 1: - 47 -
  49. 49. ccj/skk2/2010 SUBJECT VERB ROS Halim washes his hands before meals ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ Halim – washes – hands – before – meals –Picture 2: Try to answer these questions: _ SUBJECT VERB ROS He eats breakfast together with his parents ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ – weekend – he – breakfast ____________________________________ – together – parentsPicture 3: Try to answer these questions: SUBJECT VERB ROS Halim helps his mother -He - 48 clears the table ____________________________________
  50. 50. ccj/skk2/2010 – after breakfast – helps – mother –clear – table –Ending:___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________MORE EXERCISES! - 49 -
  51. 51. ccj/skk2/2010EXERCISE 1- Aswad – Sports Day – parents - - took part – high jump - 200 came – support - metres race – first – both - events -received – trophies – headmaster - parents - proud – Aswad – tired – happy-_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________EXERCISE 2 - 50 -
  52. 52. ccj/skk2/2010 holidays – theme park – morning - father – entrance – excited - restaurant rides ride – spaceship – stars – got off train ride – driver – places - lunch____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________EXERCISE 3 - 51 -
  53. 53. ccj/skk2/2010 week – took – bus – airport – flew – Kota Kinabalu Park – rafflesia – biggest – Mount Kinabalu Kinabalu – highest – South East Asia - photographs Manukan Island – boat – seawater – beautiful – snorkeling – marine life – corals - enjoyed________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________EXERCISE 4 - 52 -
  54. 54. ccj/skk2/2010 Lotter - friend – went – bird -evening – home - lost – way – tired watching – jungle - – frightened - decided – spend night heard - voices – woke up – happy – parents – hugged________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________EXERCISE 5 - 53 -
  55. 55. ccj/skk2/2010 - crow – found – meat – flew - tree fox – saw – wanted – told – sing - chicks - sweetly - proud crow – opened mouth – dropped –meat – fox - ran away___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ APPENDIX 1ADJECTIVES - 54 -
  56. 56. ccj/skk2/2010FEELINGS PERASAAN CHARACTER SIFAT LOOKS RUPAangry arrogant attractiveanxious brave beautifulbored clumsy bigshy courageous nicescared diligent darkpuzzled hardworking elegantsurprised intelligent fairhappy clever gorgeoussad smart handsomeexcited funny tallgloomy strict shortjoyful selfish smallsleepy pleasant spacioustired rude neathungry polite largeill talkative tinyworried quiet good-lookingconfident humble uglyhungry friendly hideousCONDITIONS KEADAAN FEATURES CIRI-CIRIdirty long-lastingclean expensivetidy cheapneat high-qualitycold delicioushot moderncrowded old-fashionedempty challenginghectic easybad difficultgood interestingterrible suitableexcellent reasonablenew usefulold educationalcomfortable nutritiousenjoyable heavydull lighthectic affordable APPENDIX 2ADVERBS - 55 -
  57. 57. ccj/skk2/2010accurately surelybeautifully trulycarefully clearlydiligently lovinglyexcellently gentlyfaithfully excitedlygracefully joyfullyhungrily cheerfullyloudly sadlynicely fastneatly wellobviously badlypleasantly terriblyquickly quietlysoundly busilytidily attentivelyskillfully accidentallyslowly proudlysoftly comfortablydefinitely patiently APPENDIX 3SC CARDS - 56 -
  58. 58. ccj/skk2/2010 SC CARD 1 1. Place / Location / Event This is a (name of place / location / event). 2. People / Animals / Things / Plants There is a (singular noun). There are (plural noun). 3. Activities (Singular subject) is (verb + ing). (Plural subject) are (verb + ing). 4. Adjectives (Feelings / Look) (Singular subject) is (adjectives). (Plural subject) are (adjectives). SC CARD 2 1. Add adjectives (beautiful, big, happy, excited, angry, busy, etc.) 2. Add adverbs (busily, happily, soundly, gracefully, sweetly, etc.) 3. Write compound sentences - Use conjunctions: and, but, while, because, or 4. Write complex sentences (if you can) The (subject), who/which (is/are) (verb+ing/adjective), (is/are) (verb+ing/adjectives). Appendix 4SUBJECT GROUPS - 57 -
  59. 59. ccj/skk2/2010 Group 1 I am do have was did had Group 2 He She is does has It was did had Ali (SN) Group 3 You We are do have They were did had Ali and Abu (PN) FORMS OF VERBS Present Tense Continuous Past Tense Perfect Tense Future Notes Tense TenseEvery day I… Every day he… Now I am/he Yesterday Already I Tomorrow Malay(G1 & G3) (G2) is/they are… I/he/they… have/he I/he/we (G1, G2, G3) (G1, G2, G3) has/they have… will... (G1, G2, G3) (G1, G2, G3)bathe bathes bathing bathed bathed bathebeat beats beating beat beaten beatbegin begins beginning began begun beginbend bends bending bent bent bendbite bites biting bit bitten biteblow blows blowing blew blown blowborrow borrows borrowing borrowed borrowed borrowbreak breaks breaking broke broken breakbring brings bringing brought brought bringbrush brushes brushing brushed brushed brushbuild builds building built built buildburn burns burning burnt/burned burnt/burned burnbury buries burying buried buried burybuy buys buying bought bought buyclimb climbs climbing climbed climbed climbcatch catches catching caught caught catchcomb combs combing combed combed combcome comes coming came come comecycle cycles cycling cycled cycled cycledig digs digging dug dug dig Present Tense Continuous Past Tense Perfect Tense Future Notes Tense TenseEvery day I… Every day he… Now I am/he Yesterday Already I Tomorrow Malay(G1 & G3) (G2) is/they are… I/he/they… have/he I/he/we - 58 -
  60. 60. ccj/skk2/2010 (G1, G2, G3) (G1, G2, G3) has/they have… will... (G1, G2, G3) (G1, G2, G3)dive dives diving dived dived divedo does doing did done dodance dances dancing danced danced dancedraw draws drawing drew drawn drawdrink drinks drinking drank drunk drinkdrive drives driving drove driven driveeat eats eating ate eaten eatfail fails failing failed failed failfall falls falling fell fallen fallfight fights fighting fought fought fightfly flies flying flew flown flyforget forgets forgetting forgot forgotten forgetget gets getting got got getgive gives giving gave given givego goes going went gone gogrow grows growing grew grown growhang hangs hanging hung hung hanghide hides hiding hid hidden hidehold holds holding held held holdkeep keeps keeping kept kept keepkick kicks kicking kicked kicked kickkneel kneels kneeling knelt knelt kneelleave leaves leaving left left leavelie lies lying lay lain liemake makes making made made makepay pays paying paid paid payride rides riding rode ridden ridering rings ringing rang rung ringsell sells selling sold sold sellrun runs running ran run runsay says saying said said saysee sees seeing saw seen seesell sells selling sold sold sellsend sends sending sent sent sendsew sews sewing sewed sewn sewshake shakes shaking shook shaken shakeshine shines shining shone shone shineshout shouts shouting shouted shouted shoutshoot shoots shooting shot shot shootshow shows showing showed shown showskip skips skipping skipped skipped skipsing sings singing sang sung singsmile smiles smiling smiled smiled smile Present Tense Continuous Past Tense Perfect Tense Future Notes Tense TenseEvery day I… Every day he… Now I am/he Yesterday Already I Tomorrow Malay(G1 & G3) (G2) is/they are… I/he/they… have/he I/he/we - 59 -
  61. 61. ccj/skk2/2010 (G1, G2, G3) (G1, G2, G3) has/they have… will... (G1, G2, G3) (G1, G2, G3)sit sits sitting sat sat sitsleep sleeps sleeping slept slept sleepsmile smiles smiling smiled smiled smilespeak speaks speaking spoke spoken speakspend spends spending spent spent spendstand stands standing stood stood standsteal steals stealing stole stolen stealstrike strikes striking struck struck strikesweep sweeps sweeping swept swept sweepswim swims swimming swam swum swimtake takes taking took taken taketalk talks talking talked talked talkteach teaches teaching taught taught teachtear tears tearing tore torn teartell tells telling told told tellthink thinks thinking thought thought thinkthrow throws throwing threw thrown throwtry tries trying tried tried trytie ties tying tied tied tiewear wears wearing wore worn wearwin wins winning won won winwind winds winding wound wound windwrite writes writing wrote written writeadd adds adding added added addallow allows allowing allowed allowed allowarrive arrives arriving arrived arrived arrivebreathe breathes breathing breathed breathed breathebrush brushes brushing brushed brushed brushcarry carries carrying carried carried carrychange changes changing changed changed changeclose closes closing closed closed closecopy copies copying copied copied copycook cooks cooking cooked cooked cookcry cries crying cried cried crydivide divides dividing divided divided dividedrop drops dropping dropped dropped dropfit fits fitting fitted fitted fithand hands handing handed handed handdrop drops dropping dropped dropped dropfit fits fitting fitted fitted fithand hands handing handed handed handhope hopes hoping hoped hoped hopehop hops hopping hopped hopped hop Present Tense Continuous Past Tense Perfect Tense Future Notes Tense TenseEvery day I… Every day he… Now I am/he Yesterday Already I Tomorrow Malay(G1 & G3) (G2) is/they are… I/he/they… have/he I/he/we - 60 -
  62. 62. ccj/skk2/2010 (G1, G2, G3) (G1, G2, G3) has/they have… will... (G1, G2, G3) (G1, G2, G3)hurry hurries hurrying hurried hurried hurryjoin joins joining joined joined joindrive drives driving drove driven drivejump jumps jumping jumped jumped jumplaugh laughs laughing laughed laughed laughlive lives living lived lived livelock locks locking locked locked lockopen opens opening opened opened openread reads reading read read readreply replies replying replied replied repliedrow rows rowing rowed rowed rowstop stops stopping stopped stopped stopstudy studies studying studied studied studytype types typing typed typed typeuse uses using used used usewalk walks walking walked walked walkwait waits waiting waited waited waitcut cuts cutting cut cut cuthit hits hitting hit hit hithurt hurts hurting hurt hurt hurtlet lets letting let let letput puts putting put put putpush pushes pushing pushed pushed pushshut shuts shutting shut shut shutpull pulls pulling pulled pulled pullsink sinks sinking sank sunk sink APPENDIX 5 TENSES, SENTENCE STRUCTURE AND TYPES OF SENTENCES - 61 -
  63. 63. ccj/skk2/2010All English sentences are made up of three basic parts: Subject Verb The Rest of the Sentence Ali kicks the ball. The girl is pretty.Study the sentences below: Subject Verb The rest of the Time sentence 1. Ali kicks the ball every day. 2. Ali is kicking the ball now. 3. Ali kicked the ball yesterday. 4. Ali will kick the ball tomorrow.Sentence 1 is in Simple Present Tense (happens daily or regularly).Sentence 2 is in Present Continuous Tense (is happening now).Sentence 3 is in Simple Past Tense (happened in the past).Sentence 4 is in Future Tense (will happen in the future).These four tenses are the basic tenses that you may use in writing Englishsentences.Besides the four tenses above, there are another two important tenses thatyou should know:Past Continuous TenseAli was kicking the ball when I reached the field yesterday (was happeningat some time in the past).Perfect TenseAli has already kicked the ball (has already happened). - 62 -
  64. 64. ccj/skk2/2010TYPES OF SENTENCES1. Active and Passive SentencesActive sentence:Subject Verb ObjectAli kicks the ball. (Simple Present Tense)Passive sentenceObject Verb SubjectThe ball is kicked by Ali.More examples:Active sentences Passive sentencesAli kicked the ball. The ball was kicked by Ali.Mother cooks the vegetables. The vegetables are cooked by mother.He drove the car. The car was driven by him.Siti tears the book. The book is torn by Siti.The policeman caught the thief. The thief was caught by the policeman.2. Simple and Compound SentencesSimple sentence 1: Ali goes to school. - 63 -
  65. 65. ccj/skk2/2010Simple sentence 2: Abu goes to school.Compound sentence: Ali and Abu go to school.A compound sentence is formed by joining two or more simple sentencesusing conjunctions (and, but, or, because, so, while).Another example:Simple sentence 1: Ali is sick.Simple sentence 2: Ali does not go to school.Compound sentence: Ali is sick, so he does not go to school.3. Complex sentenceA complex sentence is formed by adding a clause.Example:Sentence 1: The girl is my sister.Sentence 2. The girl is wearing a blue dress.Complex sentence: The girl who is wearing a blue dress is my sister. clausePRACTISE!Sentence Subject Verb Tense - 64 -
  66. 66. ccj/skk2/2010I like to go to school.One of the girls is missing.Abu and Ali came here yesterday.She sells seashells by theseashore.The water is clear.They were walking to the busstop.The children are dancing aroundthe rose bush.My Bonnie lies over the ocean.She has already given the namesto the teacher.Father cooks breakfast everySunday.Wendy and her brothers playedbadminton last week.My sister and I will visitgrandmother next Tuesday.I will get 5A in UPSR.The cat was jumping over thefence.The dogs were chasing the cat.We were happy and excited. APPENDIX 6PRACTISE! - 65 -
  67. 67. ccj/skk2/2010Every day Now Yesterday Tomorrow AlreadyI come I am coming I came I will come I have comeShe buys She is buying She bought She will buy She has boughtWe eatIt fliesHe givesYou growThey singI holdThe girls goMy father drivesThe water flowsThe man restsOne of the ladiesshoutsThe thief runsThe boat sinksThe flowers bloomThe postman comesAll of them seeMost girls playThe tiger roarsBoth boys winThe fan turnsI singMany teachersscoldMore people leaveEach one bringsEveryone tellsNobody pushesNo one keepsSomebody hitsSeveral man seeMost of them putIt shinesThe baby criesThe plant grows APPENDIX 7as agile as a monkey - 66 -
  68. 68. ccj/skk2/2010as alike as two peasas angry as a waspas bald as an eggas bashful as a schoolgirlas beautiful as a rainbowas big as an elephantas black as coalas blind as a batas busy as a beeas careless as the windas clear as crystalas cold as iceas cool as a cucumberas cunning as a foxas deep as the seaas easy as ABCas faithful as a dogas fast as lightningas fit as a fiddleas gentle as a doveas graceful as a swanas green as grassas happy as a larkas hard as ironas playful as a kittenas sweet as honeyas proud as a peacockas quiet as a mouseas steady as a rockas tall as a giantas tough as a leatheras white as snowas wide as the oceanas wise as an owl SIMILES APPENDIX 8 ENGLISH IDIOMS AND EXPRESSIONS - 67 -
  69. 69. ccj/skk2/2010Bird in the Hand Is worth Two in the Bush: Apa yang sudah pasti lebih baik dari apa yangbelum pasti.A Blessing In Disguise: Hikmah dalam kesusahan yang berlaku.A Piece Of Cake: Sesuatu yang sangat mudah.A Slip Of The Tongue: Tersilap cakap.A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing: Kejahatan yang menyamar sebagai kebaikan.Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder: Apabila jarang bertemu, semakin sayang.Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Perbuatan lebih berkesan dari perkataan.All That Glitters Is Not Gold: Tidak semua yang nampak menarik itu baik.As Light As A Feather: Sangat ringan, seperti bulu burung.Beating Around The Bush: Putar-belit.Better Late Than Never: Lebih baik lambat, dari tidak ada langsung / tidak pernah.Birds Of A Feather Flock Together: Orang yang mempunyai persamaan akan berkumpulbersama.Burning The Midnight Oil: Bekerja hingga lewat malam.Cross Your Fingers: Mengharapkan yang terbaik.Cry Over Spilt Milk: Menyesal atas sesuatu yang sudah berlaku.Curiosity Killed The Cat: Perasaan ingin tahu yang membawa kesusahan.Dont Count Your Chickens Until Theyre Hatched: Jangan mengira hasil sebelum berusaha(angan-angan Mat Jenin).Dont Put All Your Eggs In One Basket: Jangan letakkan semua harapan pada satu tempatsahaja.Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining: Setiap kesusahan yang berlaku ada hikmahnya.Great Minds Think Alike: Pemikiran yang sama.Have No Idea: Tidak tahu langsung.Head Over Heel: Jatuh cinta.Icing On The Cake: Perkara yang baik / menggembirakan.It Takes Two To Tango: Setiap pergaduhan melibatkan dua pihak.Lend Me Your Ear: Tolong dengar apa yang saya ingin katakana.Let Bygones Be Bygones: Yang berlalu biarlah berlalu.Let The Cat Out Of The Bag: Membocorkan rahsia. - 68 -
  70. 70. ccj/skk2/2010Out Of The Blue: Secara tiba-tibaOut Of the Frying Pan and into the Fire: Dari satu kesusahan, ke satu kesusahan yang lain.Practice Makes Perfect: Latihan berterusan akan memahirkan kita.Pulling Your Leg: Bergurau.Rome Was Not Built In One Day: Tidak ada jalan pintas ke arah kejayaan.Second Nature: Kemahiran yang sudah menjadi satu kebiasaan harian.Start From Scratch: Bermula dari bawah.The Apple Of Your Eye: Kesayangan.The Early Bird Catches The Worm: Orang yang awal bangun dan bekerja akan mendapat lebihhasil.The Pot Calling The Kettle Black: Orang yang bersalah tetap mempersalahkan orang lain.The Pros And Cons: Kebaikan dan keburukan.The Sky Is The Limit: Tidak ada batas.Turn Over A New Leaf: Berubah / Insaf.Two Wrongs Dont Make A Right: Jangan membalas kejahatan dengan kejahatan.Under The Weather: Kurang sihat.Variety Is The Spice Of Life: Kepelbagaian menjadikan kehidupan lebih menarik.Without A Doubt: Tanpa sebarang syak-wasangka.You Cant Judge A Book By Its Cover: Jangan menilai seseorang daripada luarannya sahaja. PROVERBS - 69 -
  71. 71. ccj/skk2/2010Where there’s a will there’s a way:When a person really wants to do something, he will find a way of doing it.First come, first served:The first in line will be attended to first.A friend in need is a friend indeed:A friend who helps when one is in trouble is a real friend.Discretion is the better part of valor:If you say discretion is the better part of valor, you mean that avoiding a dangerous or unpleasant situation issometimes the most sensible thing to do.A hungry man is an angry man:A person who does not get what he wants or needs is a frustrated person and will be easily provoked torage.Empty vessels make the most noise:Those people who have a little knowledge usually talk the most and make the greatest fuss.A man is as old as he feels:A person’s age is immaterial – it is only when he thinks and feels that he is ageing that he actually becomesold.Great talkers are little doers:Those people who talk a lot and are always teaching others usually do not do much work.An idle brain is the devil’s workshop:One who has nothing to do will be tempted to do many mischievous acts.An ounce of discretion is worth a pound of wit: - 70 -
  72. 72. ccj/skk2/2010It is better to be careful and discrete than to be clever.Faint heart never won fair lady:To succeed in life one must have the courage to pursue what he wants.A penny saved is a penny gained:By being thrifty one will be able to save up.A rolling stone gathers no moss:A person who never settles in one place or who often changes his job will not succeed in life ; one who isalways changing his mind will never get anything done.As you sow, so you shall reap:One will either enjoy or suffer the consequences of his earlier actions or inactions.Barking dogs seldom bite:Those who make loud threats seldom carry them out.Better late than never:To do something that is right, profitable, or good a little late is still better than not doing it atall.A bird in hand is worth two in the bush:Something that one already has is better than going after something seemingly more worthwhile that onemay not be able to get.Birds of a feather flock together:People of the same sort of character or belief always go together.Call a spade a spade:If you say that someone calls a spade a spade, you mean that they speak frankly and directly, often aboutembarrassing or unpleasant subjects; an informal expression.Charity begins at home : - 71 -
  73. 73. ccj/skk2/2010A person’s first obligation should be to help the member of his own family before he can begin thinking oftalking about helping others.A great talker is a great liar:A smooth and persuasive talker may be a good liar.Every cloud has a silver lining:If you say that every cloud has a silver lining, you mean that every sad or unpleasant situation has a positiveside to it. If you talk about silver lining you are talking about something positivethat comes out of a sad or unpleasant situation. - 72 -