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English 4 Honors –
Why crate training puppies is important.
When I first got my puppy I had no clue on what to do and how ...
couch but to me, it is definitely worth it! Think of a puppy as a baby, you wouldn’t throw out a baby for
crying during th...
After raising a few dogs for nearly ten years I have gone through many squeaky dog toys, and I have
seen some crazy squeak...
When you are training your puppy (or dog if you adopt) you will go through many hardships, which a big
one will be potty t...
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Do You Need An Indestructible Dog Crate?


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Many people don't realize how easily a dog can rip through the average dog crate. You may need to step up your game. If you have a dog that is constantly ripping through his or her crate maybe it is time for an indestructible dog crate. You can get one at

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Do You Need An Indestructible Dog Crate?

  1. 1. English 4 Honors – Why crate training puppies is important. When I first got my puppy I had no clue on what to do and how to properly take care of my pup named Rex. Which if I could start all over I would have done a lot more research before getting a dog because I was completely lost. But I learned and I adapted to living with a puppy. I came at least a little bit prepared because I owned a dog crate that my parents gave me, and I knew the importance of crate training because when I was a kid my parents learned this lesson the hard way. But if you follow my article you will learn why crate training puppies is important! Some dogs are more inclined to spend time in a crate than others are. I got pretty lucky as Rex was pretty easily swayed to rest in his crate at night, but many of you probably won’t get so lucky. The best way to do convince your furry friend to spend the night in the crate is to start training as soon as you can so that he/she can get in a routine. I started by keeping the crate in my bedroom so Rex wouldn’t get lonely and he could see me so he wouldn’t freak out. But I would coax him in the crate with some dog treats. Once he was in I would give him a Kong dog toy filled with peanut butter to keep him occupied until he was a little more tired. The first few nights were rough, and it can be even worse if you have a puppy that likes to chew. If you do have a puppy that likes to sink his/her teeth into anything, especially its crate than I would suggest looking for an indestructible dog crate, as it will help. You sometimes have to be wary of how your dog will act in a crate or a cage. Some dogs adapt to it a lot easier than others. But as long as you slowly introduce your dog to the crate and make sure you have a correctly sized crate you should be fine. Even though it sounds backwards, you want a smaller crate as opposed to a very large sized crate compared to your dog’s size. If you buy a too large of a crate for a smaller dog, they sometimes seem to think that the crate is an acceptable place to use the bathroom because they don’t treat it as a home. And if you have ever cleaned a crate full of dog poop you will learn how important this will be. Crate training is a pain, but once you and your dog have gotten it down, it will make your life a whole lot easier. So I hope this post has helped you learn why crate training puppies is an important step in your dog training career. Why do people not consider dog training in your home? Throughout all my experiences with owning a dog, one thing has baffled me. Why do people not consider dog training in your home? I have heard countless stories of people refusing to train their dog at their house because they don’t want to clean up pee or face the destruction of some of their property. I agree that they have a viable point because puppies can cause a fair amount of monetary damage, but I think that if you aren’t considering paying the damage for owning a lifelong friend that will love you no matter what, then maybe owning a dog isn’t for you. To me at least I think that there are certain downfalls that owning and training a dog has, and if you don’t think the advantages of having a dog outweighs those downfalls than maybe you shouldn’t own one. I have always trained my dog inside my house and yes I have had to get my carpet cleaned a few times, and I have had to replace a
  2. 2. couch but to me, it is definitely worth it! Think of a puppy as a baby, you wouldn’t throw out a baby for crying during the night, so you shouldn’t throw out a dog for going to the bathroom in your house, they don’t know any better! Be Careful of Dog Park Rules – You Actually Can Get In Trouble Many of use dog owners have taken our dog to a public park or specifically a dog park. Dog parks can be a great gift to anyone lacking in outdoor space for their dog. But I do have to warn you, some parks do enforce their rules pretty harshly. I didn’t believe this until I heard a story from my friend last week. My friend Mike took his dog Rocky to a local dog park in Albany, NY. Mike took Rocky to get some exercise and just throw a tennis ball around and hopefully tire Rocky out before the night. But as you may or not know many dog parks are extremely harsh about dogs being on leashes in certain areas of the park. To me it is very strange because in the end it is a “dog park”. But, Mike ended up taking Rocky off his leash before the area where you are allowed to be leash less. My friend thought this was fine because he thought he was the only person at the park so what’s the big deal. Mike and Rocky played fetch for just a few minutes before a park officer walked up to him and handed Mike a ticket for $75 for having his dog leash less in the area where he has to be leashed. Mike ended up trying to fight it but in the end he had to pay the cash. So I guess the lesson here is to follow the dog park rules even if you think they are insignificant. We need a dog park locator! – I mean it! After moving to a new city, I never thought I would have had this problem; it never even crossed my mind, I needed to find a dog park but I couldn’t find it anywhere! I looked online; I looked through all the city directories and nothing! I continued to search everywhere, and ask my neighbors, but no one seemed to know anything. Normally this wouldn’t have been a too big of a deal, but I just moved into an urban city so I didn’t have any lawn that my dog could run around in. So I knew I had to step it up, and I went down to the community center next to town hall. I walked in there and I asked them about any nearby dog parks. I talked to five different people, and the first four had absolutely no idea. I got very lucky, as the last person I talked to, she was an avid dog trainer and a breeder. She told me about a tiny public dog park on the outskirts of town that no one else seemed to know about. I never would have found this park if I didn’t get extremely lucky and find someone who has actually been there. That’s why I say we should have a public dog park locator that people can fill in where dog parks are in a city, so everyone can find! What is the best squeaky dog toy you have ever seen?
  3. 3. After raising a few dogs for nearly ten years I have gone through many squeaky dog toys, and I have seen some crazy squeaky toys. I remember my favorite toy that I have ever given to one of my dogs was a giant crocodile. It was last Christmas, and I decided that I should do something special for my new puppy (He was around 2 years old, so not entirely a puppy haha) George. George was a loveable Westie, and he has been known to tear apart dog toys at will. But anyway, this crocodile was about as big as George was. This toy was crazy because it had sixteen squeakers! It was insane! George’s eyes brightened up, and he went to town on this toy. I wish I could say that this toy lasted George a long time, but it didn’t. George probably ripped up and took out all sixteen squeakers in this toy in less than 15 minutes. I wish this amazing squeaky dog toy lasted a little longer, but it was still an awesome toy! What’s the most fun you have had with you dog? I like to think that me and my dogs are always having fun, and most of the time we are. It is hard for me to say which time with my dogs I have had the most fun with them. I guess it would have to when I took all three of my dogs to the beach. I live around 3 hours from the beach so it was a little bit of a hike but it wasn’t too bad. I packed up the dogs and brought all the supplies I needed. I brought enough food for all three of them, and them some human food for me. I brought enough tennis balls to supply a tennis tournament, but I thought it was enough! We drove the three hours and all the dogs were great, surprisingly they all lay down as soon as they got in the car and they didn’t bark or freak out until they saw all the other dogs on the beach! I opened the door and all three of them jumped out and we had some great fun! This beach was a public dog park so there were quite a few dogs that my pupps got to play with. We ended up sharing all our tennis balls with the other dogs. We played fetch for a fair amount of time and running into the ocean. We had a blast, and I am planning another trip to the beach with them again! Along with going to the beach again, I have always wondered how my dogs would react to going up to the mountains. I personally love the mountains and I believe my dogs would love it too. It’s just so outdoorsy and they could have fun there, so I maybe planning a trip up there also. Why Do You Own A Dog? I have been asked this question a few times. So, how about you, why do you own a dog? Whenever I am asked this, I always answer differently but most of the time pretty similar to each other. I normally answer something along the lines of I love having the companionship, my dogs are like people that will constantly love you, even if you do something wrong. Dogs are as lovable the nicest human being you have ever met, but they are constantly this lovable. These dogs are more than just animals to me; they are part of my family. If you haven’t owned a dog you may think I’m crazy but that’s just how it is.
  4. 4. When you are training your puppy (or dog if you adopt) you will go through many hardships, which a big one will be potty training and teaching basic commands. But along this journey you will learn to love these animals like they are your own! I guarantee that you will have some of the happiest moments, the funniest moments, and some of the lovable moments in your life with your dog. Dogs will change your life for the better. There is a reason dogs are called man’s best friend. There is a reason dogs can be used for therapy, they are some of the most lovable creatures ever! I personally have loved every minute I have spent with my dogs. Even though some of it may have sucked, like cleaning up accidents, and maybe getting a little bit, but it is worth it. My dogs are family to me, and they always will be. How hard was dog training for you? I have heard it all about the trials of training a dog, especially a puppy. And I’m not here to tell you that it will be easy, or it will be fun. Because it is not, training a new puppy is some of the most frustrating, and hardest things you will ever do. It will drive you up the wall and it can even destroy your furniture and precious possessions, but it is a step you will have to take if you want a fully trained dog. I remember the first time I trained a puppy by myself with no help from anyone else. And boy, it was a shock to my system. When I was younger I thought it was a breeze because I only paid attention to the easy stuff. My parents had to deal with all the bathroom accidents on the floor and all the destruction that a puppy may cause. But I just had to power through it. I read some books and some articles online and it did help a lot! It is crazy how much effort you may have to put into a puppy but the rewards are limitless. Would you be willing to put through a couple of weeks or a couple of months of minor destruction by a puppy to have a lifelong friend that will be by your side no matter what? I know I would any day of the week. I can’t imagine my life any other way. I can’t imagine opening my door after work and not having any dogs running up the hallway to greet me. Can You? So how hard was training your first puppy? About Me – My name is James Samson, and I am 26 years old. My fascination with dogs began when I was very young, and I grew up with a family dog named Spot (real original right?). I spent many of my younger years with this dog, and I still remember him today. I knew I was going to grow up with dogs from this point on. When I went off to college I decided I was going to get a dog as soon as I was financially stable enough to have a dog and to have my own apartment. By the time I was 22 I was living in an apartment with my new welsh corgi named Gizmo. Gizmo is still with me and we are still having as much fun as we were right when I got him. We are constantly going on adventures, and when we aren’t we are perfectly fine chilling at home. I hope you enjoy my stories and random blog posts, and if you need anything don’t hesitate to ask!