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Let's Reprogram Youth for Safer Schools


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As a 25 year veteran educator and mother of four, grandmother of nine, I prayed and pondered and want to share my perspective in the wake of yet another horrible school tragedy in Connecticut. The answer to senseless killings is not as simple as taking away the weapons. The real problem is so much deeper and is more complicated than that. In the wake of yet another horrible tragedy, let's not be like the 6 Blind Men & the Elephant. I put together a few slides with my research, thoughts and ideas. Please view, share and add your thoughts. The answer to senseless killings is not as simple as taking away the weapons. The real problem is so much deeper and is more complicated than that. We need to unite - to comfort, think and find some solutions to prevent these types of attacks.

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Let's Reprogram Youth for Safer Schools

  1. Let‟s Stop the Terrifying Killing Sprees A 25-year educator‟s perspective Cynthia Hesser, Teacher, Librarian
  2. Don‟t be One of theBlind Men…• I recently read to my first graders the story of six blind men and the elephant. The point of the story is that if each person only examines one part without studying the whole, the wrong conclusions will be reached and pointless disputes will be the only result.• YouTube 6 Blind Mice:•
  3. It‟s Complex• The reasons for such a dramatic increase in violent killing sprees are complex and it will not going to be effective if we try to simplify it.• #1 Guns do not kill people. Peoplekill people. Kids on the frontier were around weapons all the time, but they didn‟t go on killing sprees. Many of our children‟s minds are being „programmed‟ for violent behavior.• #2 On the other hand, weallneed toagree to limit access to powerful weapons that would not be used for hunting or self protection. It is just common sense.
  4. More Reasoning…• Whatever is put in to a child‟s mind is what you can expect to come out later… I highly discourage putting in violent video games for hours on end.• It is impossible to stop children‟s access if they are on the market, because so many parents today irresponsibly buy them for the kids then do not limit the amount of time they play them.• Therefore, I propose the very violent ones should be banned entirely unless we want the frequency of these events to continue toincrease. I know – First Amendment – we had that amendment when I was a kid, but somehow there were limits to what could be aired and produced.
  5. Digging Deeper….• This „elephant‟ has other facets to study and try to understand and eradicate. Many of the youth were suffering from one of many disorders that made it difficult for them to „fit in‟ socially in school. Many were bullied. Bullying now often occurs not only in hallways and classrooms, but online and after school. It is very difficult to control, but we must continue to seek ways to help kids through the difficult times. If a kid has a disorder, we need to work together to treat them with every method available…
  6. Root Cause of Disorders• Some disorders tend to alienate children and eventually can lead to extreme anti-social behavior• Dr. Kenneth Bock wrote an insightful book entitled “Healing the New Childhood Epidemics” about the 4-A Disorders – Autism, ADHD, Asthma, and Allergies (and others).• Here is a link to his CBS interview:• Why are so many kids being diagnosed with these disorders? Bock states: heredity can load the gun and environment can pull the trigger.
  7. Vaccines & Diet• Over the past 50 years, the number of vaccines given to children has dramatically increased. Exposure to other environmental toxins has increased as well. Dr. Bock‟s book mentions vaccines and the associated effects as one aspect contributing to the 4-A disorders. IFwe really need all of them, I think it is important that we verify the effects and possible means to reduce any harm they may cause. When kids get behind, often shots are given to close together to meet a Kindergarten deadline. This does not make sense.• Dr. Bock states that he has seen some great improvements by treating the 4-As with diet modifications and supplements – it is worth trying, isn‟t it?
  8. Strengthening Families• Another aspect of the „elephant‟ is the disintegration of family nurturing, discipline and the right kind of love. The kind that does not indulge, but gives time and attention to matters of morality, self esteem, positive experiences, and enlightenment.
  9. TURN OFF THE TV ...... News programs that broadcast every detail, sensationalizing and glamorizing the horrific act only makes things worse. If the networks have no interested viewers, they will not keep the criminal‟s namein the news. Producing violent movies is even more irresponsible.
  10. Counseling & Nurturing• Sometimes it is very difficult to get kids the counseling they so desperately need. What can we do to make it easier and more effective?• I believe youth would benefit tremendously from spending more time with older people. Could we organize programs that bring older people together with youth (as young as 3) in libraries to read, color, put puzzles together and play board games? Other suggestions?
  11. Can You Add to the List?• There are probably other aspects to the problem, but I think the ones I have addressed are KEY and if they are not EACH studied to find ways to reduce the ill consequences of ignoring them, I fear the future. The young ones today are exposed to even more violence through video games, movies, television etc. than ever before.• Thank you for viewing this, it‟s a first step… • December 16, 2012