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Jeopardy library terms


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Review of library terminology for elementary students.

Published in: Education
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Jeopardy library terms

  1. 1. Choose a category. You will be given the answer. You must give the correct question. Click to begin.
  2. 2. Click here for Final Jeopardy
  3. 3. 10 Point 20 Points 30 Points 40 Points 50 Points 10 Point 10 Point 10 Point 10 Point 10 Point 20 Points 20 Points 20 Points 20 Points 20 Points 30 Points 40 Points 50 Points 30 Points 30 Points 30 Points 30 Points 40 Points 40 Points 40 Points 40 Points 50 Points 50 Points 50 Points 50 Points Library Terms 1 Library Terms 2 Library Terms 4 Library Terms 5 Library Terms 6 Library Terms 3
  4. 4. Name of a book, movie, song, etc.
  5. 5. What is a title?
  6. 6. Person that draws the pictures for a book, magazine, etc.
  7. 7. Who is an illustrator?
  8. 8. An alphabetical list of important words from a nonfiction book with definitions to help the reader understand the text. It’s often in front of the index.
  9. 9. What is a glossary?
  10. 10. A list of resources arranged alphabetically by author and title.
  11. 11. What is a bibliography?
  12. 12. A fundraising event in school libraries, in which you can buy books!
  13. 13. What is a book fair?
  14. 14. Writer of a book, play, article or poem
  15. 15. Who is an author?
  16. 16. One of the people in a story, book, play, movie or TV program
  17. 17. What is a character?
  18. 18. A book used when writing which contains synonyms and antonyms to make wording more interesting.
  19. 19. What is a thesaurus?
  20. 20. One book of a set, such as one book in a set of encyclopedias.
  21. 21. What is a volume?
  22. 22. A journal or magazine that is published at regular intervals most often once a week or once a month
  23. 23. What is a periodical?
  24. 24. Stories about characters and events that are not real.
  25. 25. What is fiction?
  26. 26. Company that produces and sends out books and other media to stores
  27. 27. Who is a publisher?
  28. 28. The page to look for in any book that will have the title, author, publisher and city of publication (This is useful when creating your bibliography)
  29. 29. What is the Title Page?
  30. 30. An introduction to a book, movie, poem or other work, also called a preface.
  31. 31. What is a foreward or prologue?
  32. 32. A point in a number that separates the whole number from the fractional part – this point is also used in the Dewey System to make subgroups.
  33. 33. What is a decimal?
  34. 34. Writing that is not made-up, it contains facts and information about a topic.
  35. 35. What is nonfiction?
  36. 36. A list in the front of a book that has topics or chapters in a book in order by page numbers.
  37. 37. What is the contents?
  38. 38. A book of maps.
  39. 39. What is an atlas?
  40. 40. The second, less important title of a book, movie, song, etc. often it will explain a bit about the work.
  41. 41. What is a subtitle?
  42. 42. A collection of related records or information, stored on a computer and organized to make any part of it accessible by typing in a keyword.
  43. 43. What is a database?
  44. 44. A written account of a person’s life
  45. 45. What is a biography?
  46. 46. An alphabetical list in the back of a book of topics or subjects contained in a book with page numbers to locate them.
  47. 47. What is an index?
  48. 48. A reference book that contains over a million facts and is NOT arranged alphabetically.
  49. 49. What is an almanac?
  50. 50. One of the many databases or other online resources free to Kansas kids – thanks to the state.
  51. 51. What is MANGO Student Reference Center, Britannica, Novelist or … (many others)?
  52. 52. The name of our library catalog database
  53. 53. What is Alexandria Researcher?
  54. 54. The last name of the librarian that devised the classification system for library materials
  55. 55. Who was Dewey?
  56. 56. Area of the library with aids for finding information (such as enclyclopedias, atlases and almanacs)
  57. 57. What is reference?
  58. 58. A law that protects a published work from unauthorized use
  59. 59. What is copyright?
  60. 60. A regular customer of a store or a regular visitor at a library that enjoys checking out materials or using services such as Internet or WiFi access.
  61. 61. What is a patron?
  62. 62. Restricting access to materials deemed objectionable – pulling books one thinks inappropriate. Morally, politically or religiously
  63. 63. What is censorship, censoring or banning
  64. 64. Make your wager
  65. 65. Final Answer: What judges evaluate when awarding the Caldecott Medal
  66. 66. Final Question: What are the illustrations? A Caldecott Award is given annually to the best illustrated picture book for children.