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Universal Design for Learning


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Published in: Education, Technology

Universal Design for Learning

  1. 1. Universal Design for Learning Cindy Buchanan
  2. 2. What is UDL?An approach to designingcurriculum, materials andinstruction to meet the needsof all learners.UDL provides equal access tolearning.
  3. 3. Cartoon by Bill Browning, from his webpage:
  4. 4. Inspiration for UDL An extension of the architectural movement called “Universal Design”, architects create access for all users of a building. UDL extends this idea to education by incorporating flexible access to information and learning for all students.
  5. 5. Examples of UDL in the physical environment
  6. 6. Principles of UDLPrincipal 1: Provide multiple means ofrepresentation (the “what” of learning)Examples: use of graphic organizers changing size and color of text text to voice software mnemonic devices powerpoint podcasts
  7. 7. Principles of UDLPrincipal 2: Provide multiple means of action(the “how” of learning)Examples: touch screens Use of physical manipulatives Use of spell and grammar checkers alternative keyboards wikis, blogs or other online forums
  8. 8. Principles of UDLPrincipal 3: Provide multiple means ofengagement (the “why” of learning)Examples: cooperative learning groups interactive webquests online collaboration allow students to help design tasks assist students in setting academic goals
  9. 9. Role of Technology in UDL Technology and digital media play a central role inUDL. Traditional instruction has relied on speech and print text, creating a barrier for many students. The cartoon above is used for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES retrieved from
  10. 10. Role of Technology in UDL Technology allows flexibility and options in customizing learners’ experiences. The use of technology increases accessibility.Examples: captioned or narrated videos voice recognition software electronic versions of books enlarging text spelling and grammar checkers
  11. 11. Potential impact of UDL on student learning at Brookview Elementary All students will have access to learning. Students will be engaged in their learning. Students will be empowered learners. Students will feel more comfortable in their learning environment.
  12. 12. UDL and the 3 Neural NetworksBrain research has demonstrated that learning isdistributed across three interconnected networks:the Recognition, Strategic and Affective networks
  13. 13. UDL and Brain ResearchUDL is consistent with what is being found inbrain research, which indicates that studentshave many multifaceted learning capabilities.Knowing how the three brain networksfunction suggests different approaches forteaching information (what), for teaching skillsand strategies (how), and for teaching studentsto love learning (why).
  14. 14. UDL supports Diverse Learners Every student’s schema is different. Each student’s cultural, ethnic, linguistic and academic backgrounds impact how information is stored in the brain. Knowing your students’ diverse needs and strengths will assist in building knew knowledge.
  15. 15. We know there are 3 distinct brain networksthat affect how we learn, and that we alllearn differently based on our cultural,ethnic, linguistic and academic backgrounds.  Now what? We can use UDL principles in our classrooms to allow access to ALL students. We can utilize the technology tools we have in order to increase access and engage learners. We can support one another by sharing new information and tools to help make UDL a part of Brookview.
  16. 16. UDL Resources and ToolsUDL Tech Toolkit: http://udltechtoolkit.wikispaces.comThis site provides resources for teachers such as graphic organizers, math tools,and literacy toolsLesson Builder: http://lessonbuilder.cast.orgThis tool has many examples of UDL lessons and can also be used to help buildlessons which align with UDL standards.CAST UDL Book Builder: http://bookcuilder.cast.orgThis site will help you create, share, publish and read digital books to help supportdiverse learners according to their individual interests, needs and skills.