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Your Brain is Out to Get You


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The Lean Event, Brighton, April 2016

Published in: Internet
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Your Brain is Out to Get You

  1. 1. The Lean Event, Brighton Cindy Alvarez Your brain is out to get you. Photo credit: Michael Robinson You can tweet things: @cindyalvarez
  2. 2. Test with rigor Invalidate hypotheses Fail fast Pivot Avoid waste Use shortcuts and fill in gaps Preserve sense of self Preserve normalcy Stick with the familiar vs.
  3. 3. Our customers – and ourselves – are only human.
  4. 4. “Now, let’s talk past each other…”
  5. 5. Cognitive dissonance Our brains don’t like to hold two conflicting ideas at once
  6. 6. Confirmation bias Our brains like to prove us right, so it ignores/listens to information accordingly
  7. 7. Anchoring Our brains (irrationally) fixate on first piece of information and it affects later opinions
  8. 8. Choice-supportive bias Our brains like to defend the decisions & behaviors we’ve already made
  9. 9. Aspirational selves We like to think of ourselves as better, fitter, more diligent, stronger- willed (and upholding social norms)
  10. 10. …but mastering customer interviews isn’t enough…
  11. 11. “…seriously, this is what the customer needs!”Photo credit: Herval
  12. 12. We don’t like being bad at our jobs (even temporarily) Photo credit: 52 Weeks of UX
  13. 13. We’re lonely when our peers are still doing something else Photo credit: Omer Unlu
  14. 14. We might not have felt our concerns heard Pearls Before Swine comic by Stephen Pastis
  15. 15. Every action leads to (lots of) reactions
  16. 16. What do we do?
  17. 17. Be MORE human!
  18. 18. Know your bias. Write it down.
  19. 19. Create checks & balances
  20. 20. Listen to people. Make it okay to talk about what they dread.
  21. 21. Make connections.
  22. 22. Give credit (for the right things) Photo credit:Bryan Ledgard
  23. 23. Share what you do know, early and often.
  24. 24. Keep fighting! @cindyalvarez Thanks Brighton!