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User Testing Tactics


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User Testing Tactics for Startups - the "how to" you usually have to learn the hard way. Cindy Alvarez -

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User Testing Tactics

  1. 1. User Testing: The Gory Tactical Details Cindy Alvarez The Experience is the Product - Copyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez
  2. 2. What We’ll Cover • Why In-Person User Testing? • Methodology • Setting Up • Running the Test • Followup Copyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez
  3. 3. My Background • 10 years running product design and product management for startups of various sizes • Designed/managed products used by millions on sites like Bank of America, American Express, AOL, PCWorld, US News, • Average yearly user testing budget: $3,000 Copyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez
  4. 4. What You Can Learn For $700 • How do people complete this task? • How well do they understand what they’re doing? • What issues are hidden by successful completion rates? • What would they not even dream of asking for? Copyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez
  5. 5. Why Not Online Testing? Body Language Tangents Errors Copyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez
  6. 6. When Should I Test? Now. • Test as soon as you’ve identified your 2-3 core use cases • Users don’t know your product isn’t complete • You only need the minimum pages to get through workflow - Paper, BalsamIQ, HTML - Think static, minimal, not all links need to work Copyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez
  7. 7. 2 Core Use Cases + ... New product concept Splash screen Registration > 1 screen Entire first user Registration requires signup personal/financial info experience Distribution relies on social/viral Invite/share Validating minimum Navigation viable feature set menus Copyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez
  8. 8. Minimize Effort • Existing market? Use a competitor site • Borrow HTML forms from other sites • Use screenshots for non-interactive parts of page Copyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez
  9. 9. Methodology • 2-3 task-based use cases • 7-8 users • 45 minutes • Moderator + note-taker (or video) • $50-75 (Amazon GCs are easy) Copyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez
  10. 10. Finding People • Craig’s List “gigs” section • 1-2 weekdays in advance • Provide a non-anon email address and voicemail • Ask for qualifiers (profession and city are good) • Plan for 10-15% “flake rate” • Allow extra time after 1st tester Copyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez
  11. 11. Advance Prep • “Standard” computer setup in private room or isolated area • Test any recording equipment/software • Provide dummy “personal” info, credit card #s • Make templates for note-taking so it’s easier to line up feedback later Copyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez
  12. 12. Moderator Intro • Act like a third party • Encourage “thinking out loud” • Explain upfront that this is NOT a working product, some things may not work Copyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez
  13. 13. Example Test Copyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez
  14. 14. QUESTIONS: • What do you think this product will do for you? • Would you be likely to continue on? • Why? TIP: Include dummy footer to pass basic “credibility gut-check” Copyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez
  15. 15. “I Just Wouldn’t Use This” • Not understood or not useful? • Substitute? • Specific concern? • Do they use any sites/products in this category? • “Well, let’s pretend that you were curious about it and finish the tasks.” Copyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez
  16. 16. TIP: Don’t skip any steps, even if they seem obvious. You don’t need to ask questions if none seem appropriate. Copyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez
  17. 17. QUESTIONS: • What do you think “Connect Your Networks” means? • Have you seen something like this before? • What would you do next? Copyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez
  18. 18. “I Have No Idea What to Do Next” • Does anything stand out? • What would you do in “real life”? • Acknowledge frustration • 3 Strikes, then “Actually, you’d click here.” How could that be clearer? Copyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez
  19. 19. TIP: When there is hard- coded “personal” information, ask them to pretend it is theirs. QUESTIONS: • Has anything so far surprised you? Copyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez
  20. 20. QUESTIONS: • Is this the type of information you were expecting to see? • What would you do next? TIP: Don’t stop users from clicking on “dead” links - find out why they were more interesting, then hit the Back button. Copyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez
  21. 21. QUESTIONS: • What can you do on this page? • Why do you think the blue box is asking you to enter more information? • What do you expect to happen if you were to click one of the links in “In the News?” Copyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez
  22. 22. “I Don’t Like this Color” • Legible? • Credible? • “I don’t think these are the final colors and graphics. Let’s focus on the task you’re trying to complete.” Copyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez
  23. 23. QUESTIONS: • What can you do on this page? • Why do you think the blue box is asking you to enter more information? • What do you expect to happen if you were to click one of the links in “In the News?” Copyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez
  24. 24. TIP: It’s OK to hack things like links to other sites, applications, etc. Copyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez
  25. 25. QUESTIONS: • Would having this information make it easier for you to write an email to this contact? Copyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez
  26. 26. QUESTIONS: • Is this what you expected to see when you clicked “Compose Email”? • If you had been on your own, how likely would you have been to go through this whole process? Copyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez
  27. 27. Moderator Wrap-up • Ask for any additional feedback/ comments • Thank the user for their time • Ask for future participation Copyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez
  28. 28. Followup • Share results internally ASAP • Prioritize issues that need fixing • Look for patterns in freeform user comments • Share results with testers who agreed to participate in future Copyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez
  29. 29. Questions? Send them to: Sample templates for Moderator Script, Notetaking, and Craig’s List Ad available at Copyright 2009 Cindy Alvarez