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Cindy marie


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Cindy marie

  1. 1. Saving & Restored Mangroves Organized by:Cindy Marie Carbajosa November 10, 2012
  2. 2. Need for ProjectOur community is located in a coastal area where in some of the factors for a good environment are becoming rare like the Mangroves. Mangrove plant is one of the best places where fishes lay their eggs. And in my little capacity I want to restore it by the help of my fellow GCE participants.
  3. 3. GoalMy goal for my little project is to restore the environment by planting those little mangroves. Also I want to preserve the place fishes to lay eggs since the main source of our income is fishing.
  4. 4. Project ActivityTo complete my goal, I invited my GCE fellow members to join me to visit the mangrove plantation. And replace those mangroves which died because of floods. So that it will be replenish with the new once that we planted.
  5. 5. Step by Step Planning I invited my co GCE team to be with me in my small project. After we gathered together we went to the sanctuary of mangroves. Last November 10, 2012 we plant our mangroves after the orientation that was given by the care taker. The orientation includes how to plant the mangroves properly and how deep it should be buried. After the tree planting we successfully plant 50 mangroves and replaces the died one.
  6. 6. ResultAfter my small project me and my team are expecting that in the following months there would be a good place to lay eggs for fishes more foods for them and good environment. And hopefully there will be more fishes soon.