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Climate and weather notes


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Climate and weather notes

  1. 1. WeatherWeather is…• the state of the atmosphere at a particular time and place• temperature and precipitation• measured short term – ie. the weather forecast
  2. 2. ClimateClimate is…• average weather in a particular region• temperature and precipitation• measured long term How many inches of snow equal an inch of precipitation?
  3. 3. ClimographsA climograph...• is a graphic representation of two climatic elements (temperature and precipitation) plotted at monthly intervals throughout the year• uses a bar graph to show precipitation• uses a line graph to show temperature
  4. 4. *F in. Climagraph Litchfield City Latitude Longitude Elevation Month Mean Temp Precip Jan 9°F 0.79 in Feb Month Mean16°F Precip Temp 0.67 in Mar Jan 28°F9°F 0.79 in in 1.55 Apr Feb 16°F 44°F 0.67 in in 2.35 Mar 28°F 1.55 in May 58°F 3.37 in Apr 44°F 2.35 in Jun May 67°F 4.89 in 58°F 3.37 in Jul Jun 71°F67°F 4.89 in in 4.02 Aug Jul 69°F71°F 4.02 in in 3.67 J F M A M J J A S O N D Sep Aug 59°F 69°F 3.67 in in 2.92 Oct Sep 47°F59°F 2.92 in in 2.15 Nov Oct 30°F 47°F 2.15 in in 1.50 Dec Nov 14°F 30°F 1.50 in in 0.68 Dec 14°F 0.68 in
  5. 5. *F in. Climagraph City Latitude Longitude Elevation J F M A M J J A S O N D