WTF Is Mobile Marketing


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“WTF is Mobile Marketing” with Buzz 360’s Chris Bergman. There's so much confusion and clutter around this "new idea" that's been around for a while but has been hard to execute.

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WTF Is Mobile Marketing

  1. 1. What The Frak is Mobile Marketing?
  2. 2. And Why The Hell Should I Care?
  3. 3. January 1, 1982
  4. 4. Daily Bread Skate Magazine
  5. 5. Pause Magazine
  6. 6.
  7. 7. buzz360
  8. 8. Mobile Marketing is: the use of wireless media (primarily cell phones) as an integrated content delivery and direct response vehicle within a crossmedia marketing program.
  9. 9. So what does that mean? Mobile marketing is a way brands reach their consumers and connect with them in a one to one relationship through: SMS - Mobile Web - Phone Applications. Mobile is a permission based platform. The brand is giving the consumer the power to drive the relationship. It’s an opportunity for the brand to speak authentically to it’s audience, reaching them directly where they are. No more Top Level, easily ignored advertising.
  10. 10. What About that Cross-Media Part?
  11. 11. In 1997, 215 million mobile subscribers 2.9 billion today Source: Informa Telecoms & Media Worldwide Mobile Subscribers (in Millions) 2,902 2,058 729 1 12 88
  12. 12. SMS (Short Message Service) Most widely used mobile data service on the planet. 72% of all phone subscribers are active users of SMS services. President Obama announced his running mate, Joe Biden, via SMS to 2.9 million supporters before announcing to any other news outlets. American Idol has received over 178 million SMS messages for their show. User MUST opt in to participate. User MUST be able to easily opt out.
  13. 13. SMS % of U.S. users using text messages daily 43% 22% 16% 10% Source: InsightExpress, Mobile A&U Research Results
  14. 14. Mobile Web Mobile Web Usage 50% 19% of U.S. consumers access the web from their mobile phones, that’s 60 million consumers. 60% are male 32% 46% under 35 38% earn over $75,000 year. 17% 13% Source: M:Metrics, 2007 50% of mobile web users use it for immediate search results. Source: MobiLens
  15. 15. Applications Smart Phone Penetration (by OS) By Applications, we mean Smart Phone Applications. 12% of all mobile subscribers are smart phone Apple users. Smart phone users are 3x as likely to browse Google mobile web and 2x as likely to send photos or RIM video. Twice as many iPhone users than other smartphone users complete at least one financial Microsoft transaction per month. Symbian Palm 93% of iPhone owners have added applications, vs. only 66% of other smartphone owners. Smartphone users are 40% above the U.S. median in household income. Source: MobiLens
  16. 16. So What Does it All Mean? Mobile is an extension of our Body It is with us 80% of the day As it grows, it will be the #1 place where brands will want to communicate with their consumers. It is the place where brands will meet people where they are.
  17. 17. Contact: @chrisbergman text “chrisbergman” to 84280 513-226-7280
  18. 18. Questions?