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New Italian network for MRO in Aerospace: 16 hi-tech companies looking for worldwide challenges.

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  1. 1. INDEXI. MRO Network ArchitectureII. Added value of MRO NetworkIII. Why the MRO Network!IV. Companies in the networkV. Contacts
  2. 2. MRO NETWORK ARCHITECTURE The network model adopted is classified as "heavy" according to the latest legislative guidelines. This allows us to acquire the “rank” necessary to be able to work with relevant stakeholders, such as government agencies or the corporate operators of transportation systems. The setup of the network was based on the following three points: • Increase in business . • Development of innovative , and more integrated , products and services . • Professional growth .
  3. 3. MRO NETWORK ARCHITECTUREThe companies that make up the networkfall into one of THREE SPECIFIC LogisticsCATEGORIES: Services Production and Maintenance of Industrial components which are Manufacturing organized according industrial criteria. Support ActivitiesCertification, training and engineering aimedto both the market and the industrialactivity.
  4. 4. ADDED VALUE OF MRO NETWORK Just one Contact point For a wide range of services / products and one interface ... The Network High level of customization Products and interior fittings of the machinery , achievable during maintenance activities" Out of Market ” spare parts production Ability to reproduce, even in small series , no longer available spare parts Flexibility - adaptability Flexible responses for any needStatistical and predictive analisys Failure analysis and spare parts production fporecasts Equipment testing “In house” development , compliant with the requirements of operators and parts manufacturers Support Services Education, aeronautical certifications, training , ILS , etc .
  5. 5. ADDED VALUE OF MRO NETWORKThe implementation of the network will be mainly conductedthrough a project aimed to development and implementationof methodologies / products / services for the " lean &smart MRO " as a new frontier of product support .
  6. 6. WHY THE MRO NETWORK• To differentiate and / or even evolve your own businesses .• To share experiences and generate new ideas and business opportunities .• To enter new ( foreign ) markets , no longer alone as pioneers , with a support network .• To have the opportunity to access new sources of financial funding .• To access an " evergreen " market .
  7. 7. COMPANIES IN THE NETWORK INDUSTRY SERVICES Aero Sekur Altair Blue Magic Setel CMD Heli aero Estintori Signorotto Ital Consul Giannuzzi Leonardo Sistemi HRD Aero Sekur MaxFon UnoaUno EDA Leat LTG
  8. 8. Products portfolio - RotableBlue Magic rotable line includes: Atlas and KSSU drawers, trays withand without runner guides, dry-ice shelves, tableware, planned to havethe utmost functionality; everything can be customized for material, color,logo INDUSTRY
  9. 9. Products portfolio - DisposableBlue Magic disposable line includes: plates, cutlery, glasses, cups,containers for inflight catering, with a strong attention to design; they areavailable in ‘eco-friendly’ version too INDUSTRY
  10. 10. CapabilitiesBlue Magic know-how:- Moulds design according to customers’needs;- New products development, codesign,new materials and solutions testing;- SMD electronic boards: study,engineering, production with a dedicatedline INDUSTRY
  11. 11. CMD from more than thirty years in the marine industryproduces and markets marine diesel engines with the FNMbrand for pleasure boats around the worlds .CMD has always focused on technological innovation byfocusing its resources on the technical growth, adapting tomarket changes. Today it has grown with its products, giving rise to two new also well-established fields, one operating in the manufacturing sector machines for the automotive, aerospace, hydraulics, industrial, agricultural and the other in the design of internal combustion hi-tech engines and related electronic control systems. CMD is building the GF56 engine , a common rail diesel engine, two stroke with a displacement of 5600 cc for general aviation and UAV markets and the CMD22 gasoline engine for VLA and LSA categories. INDUSTRY
  12. 12. CMD can implement the completedesign of of the hi-tech internalcombustion engines and theirelectronic control systems withelectrical interface for the mostvarious applications. •Engine standard 120 hp •Low cost of operation •Avaibleas non certified engine •Leading class power to weight (0.82Kg/Kw) radio •Light, quiet and smooth •TBO 2,000 hrs •Very low fuel consumption •Fed with Jet A1 or Diesel Fuel •Liquid-cooled CMD22 Engine •Supercharged with two dynamic compressors and two Roots •Diesel Cycle compressors •220 Kw & 220 Kg •Direct drive •2-stroke, direct injection Common Rail •6-cylinder horizontally opposed, 5.6 GF56 Engine liter INDUSTRY
  13. 13. The CMD experience allows today to cover every phase of the engineering design of anengine.CMD has consolidated its experience in the MRO mainly through its range of servicesassistance and review of its marine engines with a global network and with the implementationof their own process.The system management and environmental quality of the CMD is certifiedunder:•ISO 9001 : 2000•ISO 14001•EN 9100 : 2009 INDUSTRY
  16. 16. Aircraft and Helicopters interiors INDUSTRY
  17. 17. Thermoacoustical insulation Thermoformed parts INDUSTRY
  18. 18. QUALITY CERTIFICATIONS • UNI EN ISO 9100 : 2009 “ Aerospace series – Quality management system requirements and Quality Systems ” • PROGRESS 9001 : 2008 IN UNI EN ISO •AQAP2110 •POA JAR / EASA PART 21 SUBPART G• AGUSTAWESTLAND - class B, fields: 190 (Finish & Coating)/ 909 (Machining)/ 915 (Plastic Fabrication)/ 915-Y (No Structural Bonding)/ 920 (Tooling)/ 934 (Interior Installation )/ 950 -B (DMFG Medium Level)• ALENIA AERONAUTICA – CLASS C2 - C3 E C4 ( Plastic Fabrication)/ Painting and decoration)• PZL II CLASS ( REF . PZMA / 2231 / 2008 )• EADS SOGERMA ( Interiors Furnishing )• DUQUEINE Interiors Furnishing ) INDUSTRY
  19. 19. unoauno s.r.l. • Unoauno is a firm specialized in Rapid Prototyping technologies for the following markets: aerospace, design and architecture. • The Company has been incorporated on 2003 combining the experience of the two founding partners, the interior designers Annalisa Battista and Simona Nacamulli, in the experimental application of new technoligies . Today , in Italy , it has become the point of reference for those who need to transform an idea into a physical product. • Thanks to the expertise acquired over the years and the use of CNC machinery , Unoauno delivers very high quality items also from the finishing point of view . • Unoauno creates: manufactured goods, prototypes for ergonomic , functional and assembly testing; small number production, simulation models for design or commercial requirements. • In 2010, Unoauno entered into an agreement with the DATA Department “Sezione Arti, Design e nuove Tecnologie” of the University of Rome “La Sapienza ” and FGTecnopolo, playing a leading role also in research and innovation projects related to the academic world. INDUSTRY
  20. 20. unoauno s.r.l. FDM Rapid Prototyping technology is the most widely used in the Aeronautic world This technology thanks to the properties of the materials it can use (ABS , PC , PPSF and Ultem ) and to soluble support material, allows the design objects with an honeycomb structure :• It is possible to manage the density of the cells depending on specific and technical needs of the part.• It is possible to insert metal parts during production• FDM technology uses different materials so as to meet different needs of strength , temperature , and longevity. INDUSTRY
  21. 21. unoauno s.r.l. • Parts built with FDM technology offer an easy, fast and cost-effective alternative to machining or molding of composite materials. • FDM technology using soluble support as production material offers an alternative approach to soluble mandrel manufacturing • Production of final goods: single piece or small quantities • Customized finishing INDUSTRY
  23. 23. EDAIndustries INDUSTRY
  24. 24. OverviewLEAT started its activities in 1962 in repair, overhaul, maintenance and upgrade ofcommunication equipment , instrumentation and audio recorders for military avionicsapplications.LEAT today is composed by experts and certified technicians trained for the design,development, production, integration, modification, repair, testing, and certification of newor retrofit products and servicesLEAT is owned by Globavia SpA since August 2010 Lines of Product and Service Modification, maintenance, repair, overhaul and modernization of avionics equipment and navigation systems installed on aircraft and / or certification of new ones in conformity of EASA MOA part 145 and NATO AQAP-2110 (AER-Q- 2110). Designing avionics systems in conformity of EASA DOA Part 21J and NATO AQAP-2110 (AER-Q-2110) Design and manufacture of avionics equipment such as the ICS (intercom system) and ASU (Autopilot Switching Unit) in conformity EN 9100:2009 INDUSTRY
  25. 25. Certifications EASA M.O.A. Part 145 – (Maintenance Organization Approvals) EASA D.O.A. Part 21J – (Design Organization Approvals) UNI EN 9100:2009 UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 UNI EN ISO 17025 NATO AQAP - 2110 ItAF AER-Q-2110 INDUSTRY
  26. 26. CapabilitiesAerospace  GSE systems  Custom design of equipment and systems  Parts and components reverse engineeringSystems  Test equipment design and manufacturing  Antennas and related servosystemsEngineering  RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability , Safety )  Parts, Materials and Processes  Technical Documentation  Training CoursesFacilities  Climatic chamber  Anechoic chamber (compact range type)  Vibration test equipment  Clean room INDUSTRY
  27. 27. Computer - Based Automatic Test Equipments Our company has ten years of experience in the GSE. Our systems are based on a general purpose platform, easily interfaced with devices such as tablet, etc. They are easily adaptable to any type of test because it can be easily reconfigured by simply replacing interface cards and control software. Equipment can be delivered also in special water-resistant, mechanically ruggedized, transportable packages that makes for reliable use in the flight line. INDUSTRY
  28. 28. Special Purpose Test Equipments In the case where it is required a very high safety factor, or when you need to test “one-shot” systems (eg: pyrotechnic devices), special GSE units can be developed "ad hoc". This kind of systems are optimized for testing a single device or system: internally developed solely in wired logic, for maximum reliability. Our experience includes systems used to test the deployment of antennas for communications satellites. INDUSTRY
  29. 29. Aero Sekur provides fullassistance for MRO services forthe Helicopter Industry. INDUSTRY
  30. 30. Aero Sekur, thanks to its own RepairStations Global Network , is reallyin conditions to grant a prompt andefficient MRO service to the ClientsFleet worldwide. INDUSTRY
  31. 31. • FAA and EASA part 145 certified for escapèing slides and rafts of aircrafts (MD80, MD11, A320f, A330/340, B737f, B757, B767) overhaul• US-Dot certified for testing and recertification of aircraft gassing systems INDUSTRY
  32. 32. Aviation TrainingManagement system Safety Maintenance servicesLogistic engineeringComposite materialsTest and validation SERVICES
  33. 33. AVIATION Reliable and qualified partner for support in civil and military sectors • Support for organizations and product approvals (EASA/FAA/MIL) • Technical and organizational consultancy • Simulators (Training devices) • Servicing, line and base maintenance TRAINING• Personnel training in aviation and industrial sectors.• Support to business financing for training The instructional activities can be delivered either in traditional modes ( class -room , laboratories , etc .) or in Technology Based Training scenarios ( i . e . interactive simulations , CBT , e - learning scorm conformant , etc .) QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Consultancy for development and certification of quality management systems – aerospace series • AS/EN 9100, 9110, 9120 • other standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 , ISO 50001 SAFETY Consultancy for safety assessment , support and management in aviation and industrial sectors • Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) • Safety Management System – ICAO/EASA SERVICES
  34. 34. MAINTENANCE SERVICE Maintenance support on military and civil aircrafts • Servicing, line and base maintenance • Aircraft disassembly, assembly, transport • Handling and logistics LOGISTIC ENGINEERING Integrated Logistic Support Engineering• Services: LSA deliverables, Technical documentation, Maintenance planning• Dependability analyses: RAM, FMEA, FMECA, LCC, System effectiveness• Integration: IETM/IETP techniques, Configuration control• Tools: for Logistics, Editing & Publishing, Integrated Training COMPOSITE MATERIALS Advanced Thermoplastic Matrix Thermoformable Laminate• Very fast processing, no autoclave, panels or foam and honeycomb sandwich• Applications for aviation primary and secondary structures, interiors, wind turbines, automotive TESTING AND STUDIES Acoustics, Vibrations, Fluid mechanics, Radio, Electrical, EMC, Harsh environments• Test, validation, engineering, numerical simulation, training SERVICES
  35. 35. IC TMeth od es s Established vi c r 1973 Se SERVICES
  37. 37. We provide the ILS skill within the Aerospace & Defence SME Cluster The network38 years of experience approach Cooperation with SME Cluster IC T & University allows a40 logistic engineers multidisciplinary SE approach Met odsInternational and Sectors: hmultidisciplinary experience AS&D es vi c TransportationSub-contractors of the S er Energymost important italian Environmentcompanies SafetyLocations: Rome, Turin SERVICES
  38. 38.  Heliaero Consulting s . r . l . ( HAC ) is a consulting firm in the aviation field incorporated in 2005 by academic and industrial professionals. HAC has worked with both major Italian airlines such as Alitalia , Blue Panorama Airlines , Mistral Air, and with major aircraft manufacturers such as AgustaWestland . HAC offers consulting services and Technical training activities. SERVICES
  39. 39. Consulting ServicesHAC provides consulting services to companies in the field of EASA certifications: In accordance with Part 21 of Regulation (EC) 1702/2003 (DOA, ADOA, POA , ETSO, etc.) In accordance with Part M and/or Part 145 of Regulation (EC) 2042/2003 (CAMO and/or Aviation Maintenance Organisation ) In accordance with Part 147 of of Regulation (EC) 2042/2003 (Aviation Maintenance Training Organisation)In addition, HAC can provide consulting services also in the field of Management Area (Corporate Finance and Business Planning, Marketing, Human Resource ) SERVICES
  40. 40. Training ActivitiesHAC provides the following training activities: Basic courses (Part 66 modules) for Aircraft Maintenance Licence (LMA) in accordance with Part 66 of Regulation (EC) 2042/2003 (CAMO) Training courses, ENAC approved, for Maintenance Organisation Personnel (Human Factor, EWIS, Fuel Tank Safety). Technical training regarding design softwares such as CATIA®, NASTRAN®, STAR-CD® et al. SERVICES
  41. 41. Services in Aeronautical Sector Logistics Engineering Consulting: RAM Analysis (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability), Safety&Security Analysis (FTA, Hazard Analysis, Hazop), FMECA, Testability, Life-Cycle-Cost, DOE, Risk Assessment, RCM, Feasibility Studies, Manuals and Maintenance Plans, FRACAS, etc… Design of Mechanical Structures by means of Finite Elements Tool System Engineering based on multi-domain System Analysis “Concurrent Engineering” for Research and solution of real and potential trouble, including through innovative methods Probabilistic Design, even with few statistical data, by means of original proprietary methodology (proprietary tool “RELYSOFT”) SERVICES
  42. 42. “ RELYSOFT ”“RELYSOFT” is the ItalConsul’s Methodology, which provides an innovativeapproach to the Probability Calculus of the physical processes.Traditional approaches, based on the use of Failure Rate (for exampleNPRD), reckon accidental all kind of failures and need a great deal ofstatistical data.Instead, “RELYSOFT” is based on Failure Equation, seeks the failurecauses, reconstructs (by means of analytical expression or simulations) andrandomizes the physical event (by means of the uncertainty of the “PhysicalQuantity”) and looks at the effects.“RELYSOFT” reduces also, in comparison to traditional methods like the“Montecarlo” method, the amount of simulations which are necessary for theCalculus of the Success Probability. SERVICES
  43. 43. Experiences Verification of Logistics Engineering documents and carrying out of FMECA and RCM Analysis of the M346 Landing Gear RAMTS and FMECA Analysis of dispensing systems, installed on the Agusta helicopters NH90 RAMTS and FMECA Analysis of dispensing systems, installed on the Sikorsky helicopters Structural Analysis of dispensing systems, installed on the Agusta helicopters NH90, verification to the Crash and Shock Tests by means of Finite Elements Tool. RAMTS and FMECA Analysis of the countermeasure system, installed on Agusta helicopter SERVICES
  44. 44. BUSINNES AREAS: – Design and manufacture of automatic and/or manual Test Benches for electronic units oriented to: • support production/validation/qualification tests; • execute GO-NOGO validation tests; • execute troubleshooting during maintenance/repair phase; • design and manufacture of custom peculiar prototypes.PRODUCTS: – Automatic Test System (ATS), Special To Type Equipment (STTE), Test Box (TB) – Application, functional and/or diagnostic sw (languages: C/ATLAS, NI LabVIEW, NI LabWindows, C/C++) – Ancillary equipments to support test activities (modules, cables, EMI/EMC test cables, etc.) – Test design (Test Requirement Document, Acceptance Test Procedure, etc.) – Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) for Engine Test Bed.SERVICES: – Execution od production/validation/qualification test – Maintenance support for Test Bench. SERVICES
  45. 45. GP ATE ( General Purpose Automatic Test Equipment )Customer: Selex Elsag Eurofighter e Tornado program Utilization: Production/validation test for the following UUT (Unit Under Test): • Microwave Landing System Eurofighter • Distance Measurement Equipment Eurofighter • Multi Mode Receiver Eurofighter • Multi Mode Receiver Tornado Activities: • Design and manufacture of electrical/mechanical HW • Development of test procedures application Sw for each UUT Technical features: • Commercial programmable instrumentation (PXI, VXI of National Instruments, scope, MLS e DME simulator, multimeter, PC) • Peculiar instrumentation (Interface Test Adapter, Bus Interface Unit, Power Distribution Unit) • SW languages (C, LabView) SERVICES
  46. 46. Utilization:Customer: Thales Italia Functional Test of EJ200 gas turbine engine Tranche 1/Tranche 2 Activities: • Design and realization of DAS electrical/mechanical HW components. • Development of Configuration Sw, Calibration Sw, Self-test Sw • Commissioning • User Training Technical features: • Programmable instruments (PXI, CRio, I/O boards, Videos, ruggedized PC) • Peculiar instrumentation ( Engine Control Module, Flight Instrument Monitor, Engine Monitoring Unit) • Miscellaneous (Mechanical/Electrical Junction Boxes, Flow meters, Pressure/temperature sensors installation, Dressing of Engine Adapter, etc.) • Sw development (LabWindows language) Acquired parameters: • Thrust • Engine Speed • Fuel Flow • Pressure • Temperature • Vibration SERVICES
  47. 47. INTRODUCTI ON Maxfon Campania Srl works since 2005 in IT, in these years, activities have followed two main strands: Telecommunications and Informatics. In the field of Telecommunications, Maxfon Campania has developed numerous projects, has created networks of telecommunications wired and wireless, transport data, voice and security systems, video surveillance and environmental monitoring. In the field of Computer Science, Maxfon Campania has produced several research projects and development. Maxfon has made advanced information systems including software for dynamic optimization of inventory management and scheduling of production processes, augmented reality and virtual prototyping, traceability of production processes also integrated with RFID and GIS. Maxfon also has several certifications and authorizations: • General Authorization from the Ministry of Telecommunications for the public offering of Internet connectivity services as an ISP (Internet Service Providers). • Authorization from the Ministry of Telecommunications for the public offering of broadband connectivity as a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) that is for the provision of Internet connectivity services delivered via wireless infrastructure. • Maxfon is enrolled in R.O.C. (Register of Communications Operators) of the Ministry of Communications. • Maxfon is certified by ANCCP under ISO 9001:2000-certified N. SSG0540AQ1073. SERVICES
  48. 48. TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICE Design, construction and maintenance of control systems and in particular video surveillance to environmental monitoring, of the territory for security and safeguarding of assets and public and private resources . Design, construction and maintenance of systems connectivity voice (VoIP ) and data . Design, construction and maintenance of wired and wireless telecommunications networks, both on small areas of large areas (tens of kilometers ). Design, construction and maintenance of protected and public hotspots . Design, construction and maintenance of telephone services and fax with advanced IVR and PBX. SERVICES
  49. 49. COMPUTER SCIENCE SERVICES Design, analysis, development and integration of software (desktop and web): Management systems, CRM, HRM and inventory management / stock; Institutional portals of information and eLearing; Applications for mobile devices / tablet; Control applications for embedded devices (eg engines, controllers, PLC); Networking platforms for user authentication; Augmented Reality and Virtual Prototyping; Computer security; Design and development of integrated systems and applications dedicated to the optimization of production and transport of vehicles and goods (routing). Design and development of integrated systems and applications dedicated to tracking of processes and goods. Hosting on your server farm. Design and implementation of virtual server farm based on cloud technology. SERVICES
  50. 50. CONTACTSPerillo AlessandroMob. 0039 340 1772313E-mail: