Basic Search Engine Optimization - DOST R8 Lecture


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Basic Search Engine Optimization - DOST R8 Lecture

  1. 1. Basic Search EngineOptimizationTechnical and Practical ApplicationBy Bryan Cinco, IM Consultant, SEO and SEM
  2. 2. OverviewSite Evaluation and AnalysisSite Conversion AnalysisTarget Audience AnalysisKeyword ResearchOn-page ImplementationBack-end: Title, Description, Keywords and etc.Off-page ImplementationProper link buildingBrand ManagementReputation ManagementLink BaitSocial Media ConnectivityReporting
  3. 3. Site Evaluation and AnalysisA stage of analyzing the website set-up if it is friendly to thesearch engine and evaluation of website structure if it has thenecessary requirements to make sites reputable and theinformation to deliver to the searcher. This portion usuallyanalyze the ff:AnalysisStructureSite Information
  4. 4. Site Conversion AnalysisThis analysis measures the effectiveness of the website to bringclients into conversion. Sample of high convertible website:ExplainervideoPurchase buttonsShorten how to
  5. 5. Target Audience AnalysisYou have to determine your audience. For example your in thewriting industry; your target are Internet Marketer, SEO, SEM,Web Developer, News Site, Bloggers, News Paper, Magazineand etc.From that point, you have to determine where you can find themin the Internet, like for example; Social Media, Forum,Classified Ads, Search Engine.This is to set where you can implement your online campaign.
  6. 6. Keyword ResearchThis where you can research, measure and analyze the volume ofsearcher to a specific keyword.Effective KW Research Tool:
  7. 7. On-page ImplementationThe meta tags are a very important part of the HTML code of your webpage. They are read by the search engines but are not displayed as apart of your web page design. Usually they include a concise summary ofthe web page content and you should include your relevant keywords inthem. Most meta tags are included within the header code of awebsite. The most important tags are the title, description, keyword s androbot tags.title descriptionkeywordsSubmitting Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools: connectivity with G+ :
  8. 8. Off-page ImplementationProper link buildingBrand ManagementReputation ManagementLink BaitSocial Media Connectivity<a href=http://www.manilachannel.comalt=“Manila Channel” Title=“ManilaChanel, Philippines News”>ManilaChannel</a>Utilizing of different online platform:1. Article submission2. Press Release submission3. RSS Submission4. Classified submission5. Directory submission6. Forum submission7. Deep link submission8. Blog submission9. Social Bookmarking submission10. Blog Comment posting11. Press Release Comment posting12. Article Comment Posting13. Forum Posting14. Search Engine Submission15. Yahoo Answers16. Link Building17. Two way link Building18. Three Way Link Building19. Email Marketing (Email Sending)20. Pinging21. Micro Blog posting22. Bulk SMS Send23. Video sharing24. Image Sharing25. News Submission
  9. 9. ReportingOn-page Implementation Report – Text and Explanation ReportLink Building Report – Excel ReportLink Audit Report – Measure Index Rate by checking at GoogleWebmaster ToolAnalytics Report -
  10. 10. QuestionsTechnical and Practical ApplicationBy Bryan Cinco, IM Consultant, SEO and SEM