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Samr agqtp


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Samr agqtp

  1. 1. SAMR Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition Based on the work of Ruben Puentedura (© TAS / Presentation by Martin Levins /AGQTP: SAMR /25.03.2013
  2. 2. The four stages of the SAMR model -> Where does your current teaching fit in the SAMR model?© TAS / Presentation by Martin Levins /AGQTP: SAMR /25.03.2013
  3. 3. An example over time Previous Practice... Substitution is ...     M. Smith is a classroom teacher who Students in M. Smiths class use a word  teaches writing. Some time ago, the processor for their writing.  Students can  primary mode for writing in class was now easily edit and format their writing.   pencil/pen and paper. Published student work is now printed  rather than handwritten. Students can save  various drafts of their work and can  produce multiple copies of the finished  product without using a photocopier.  Bill MacKenty, Director of Technology, American School of Warsaw© TAS / Presentation by Martin Levins /AGQTP: SAMR /25.03.2013
  4. 4. An example over time Current Practice... Augmentation is ...     Students in M. Smiths class use a word Students improve their writing through  processor for their writing. Students can utilizing the embedded tools in the word  now easily edit and format their writing. processor such as the spelling and  Published student work is now printed grammar check, and the built-in  rather than handwritten. Students can thesaurus.  Images, digital photographs  save various drafts of their work and can and graphics are now easily incorporated  produce multiple copies of the finished into the overall document design.  Students  product without using a photocopier. can choose easily from multiple page  layouts and alternate page designs to  enhance their product.© TAS / Presentation by Martin Levins /AGQTP: SAMR /25.03.2013
  5. 5. An example over time Current Practice... Modification is ...     Students improve their writing through M. Smith shifts the focus of some of the  utilizing the embedded tools in the word class writing assignments to be  processor such as the spelling and collaborative.  Students utilize online wikis  grammar check, and the built-in to write in small groups, conduct peer  thesaurus. Images, digital photographs editing and feedback, and to comment on  and graphics are now easily each groups final products.  Work on the  incorporated into the overall document projects can be done synchronously in  design. Students can choose easily class time, as well as asynchronously out  from multiple page layouts and alternate of class.  The final writing projects are  page designs to enhance their product. shared electronically with the wider school  community through the class website/blog.© TAS / Presentation by Martin Levins /AGQTP: SAMR /25.03.2013
  6. 6. An example over time Current Practice... Redefinition is ...     M. Smith shifts the focus of some of the M. Smiths class collaborates with other  class writing assignments to be classes locally or globally on a common issue  collaborative. Students utilize online or problem.  Students research and share their  wikis to write in small groups, conduct findings in order to find a common solution.   peer editing and feedback, and to The project has grown to be cross-curricular  comment on each groups final and multidisciplinary, utilizing the strengths of  products. Work on the projects can be the students in the different classes.  Students  done synchronously in class time, as use a variety of multimedia to collect,  well as asynchronously out of class. communicate and distribute their findings and  The final writing projects are shared conclusions.  Various technologies are used to  electronically with the wider school communicate and share information between  community through the class the various school groups. website/blog.© TAS / Presentation by Martin Levins /AGQTP: SAMR /25.03.2013
  7. 7. © TAS / Presentation by Martin Levins /AGQTP: SAMR /25.03.2013