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Global Projects Presentation

  1. 1. Going Global
  2. 2. Why do it??? The aims of global projects are to connect students around the world using Internet technology. It aims to provide students the opportunity to develop skills that are essential in the 21st century: * Cross-Cultural Communication * Collaboration * Citizenship * Creativity
  3. 3. • A creative writing workshop made up of schools around the world, connected by one wiki. This blog will be the home to the award- winning stories from each group of schools that participate in the workshop, different topics, different grade- levels, different cultures, brought together by the power of stories.
  4. 4. Mission Possible - Our World is in Our Hands • Lower Primary Project put together by a team from Taiwan, the USA, and Canada, provides a look into the students' desire to protect the Earth. Clean water, pollution, climate change, and other environmental concerns are discussed along with a video on the Earth as seen from space.
  5. 5. This project was created by team of students from Canada, Malaysia and the USA. Their site is an overview of cultural comparisons across the three countries, along with essays and surveys on issues of interest to the students. Their objective was to celebrate quot;the events, cultures, and festivals that bond people together.quot;
  6. 6. Young Writers ‘07
  7. 7. Global Teenager Project • 6000 pupils from 30 countries have taken part in the global teenager project, which allows students to discuss environmental, social and human rights issues. This virtual network of secondary schools in both the developing and developed world aims to help foster an upcoming generation of information- literate, knowledge-oriented, culturally-aware individuals.
  8. 8. • Organizing concerts in locations around the world to happen all on the same day: April 19, 2008 — Earth Day Saturday. Who performs? Any band that wants to - high school, college, local amateur bands. This is a student-run, global collective that started in Seoul and now has members in Paris, Honolulu and Kazakhstan
  9. 9. International Teen Life The purpose of this project is to have teenagers from different locations around the globe exchange their thoughts and perceptions of what their lives are like. By viewing, reading, and listening to the perspectives of others from around the globe, we hope that students will gain a greater perception of the similarities and differences of people's lives around the world.
  10. 10. • The aim of the project was to use the internet to work together and explore: • - Current Environmental Issues • - The way these issues are being dealt with in the respective countries • - Exploration of any International Agreements on these issues • Issues include climate change, animal testing, ozone depletion, endangered species, deforestation, fossil fuels, pollution, water and recycling
  11. 11. Tools & Online Social Spaces Wikis iChat/Skype - Webcasting - Podcasting Blogs Google Docs Content-Learning Management Systems (Moodle) Education/Social Networks (TakingITglobal, Ning, Facebook, Bebo)
  12. 12.