Ling shan great buddha correction


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In English and Chinese both, please delete the last one, which I sent a moment ago, as there were some wrong typing in it.

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  • 天下第一掌高 11.7 米总重 13 吨, 按灵山大佛右手 1:1 制成 The first hand in the world, 11.7 m in height and 13 T in height, according to the ratio 1:1 of the right hand of Buddha, has been made up.
  • Ling shan great buddha correction

    1. 1. Ling Shan Great Buddha, Wu Xi city, Jiangsu prov. In China The Great Buddha’s Temple Ling Shan Great Buddha Nine Dragons fill water for bathing Made by Zeg April.26, 2010
    2. 2. 祥符禅寺 摄制 ZEG 2010.4.26 唐朝玄奘时代在由唐玄奘命名的小灵山脚下建成 小灵山寺,到北宋年间改为《祥符禅寺》,直到如今。 1938 年被日寇彻底毁掉, 1994 年修复重建。 灵山大佛 1994 年开工 1997 年 11 月 15 日举行了隆重的开光大典 , 完成了中国五方五佛的格局。高 88 米重 700 吨。是集文化、艺术、宗教于一体的艺术珍品。 九龙灌浴 根据佛教关于释迦牟尼出生时有九龙注水为其沐浴 净身的典故建成的大型动态群雕,精美壮观。 手动翻页
    3. 3. Entrance
    4. 4. Pond for cleaning mind
    5. 5. A Big Screen Wall: Length in 40 m; height in 8.6 m Coloured glaze signals Pure and Perfect in Buddhist
    6. 6. 《 Five Honesty Bridge 》
    7. 7. 《 Highest Wisdom Gate 》 carved by hand
    8. 8. 《九龙灌浴》上有六瓣巨型莲花之下是狮鼓 … < Nine dragons fill water for bathing > made of six flower petals on the lion drum.
    9. 9. 四大金刚托起石鼓 , 最下面是大型水池 , 周围有九龙八仙女 The lion drum is held up by four buddha’s warriors , and there is a water pond surrounded by nine dragons and eight fairies
    10. 10. 水池周围的仙女(释迦牟尼佛幼小时的供养人) The fairies around the water pond were the providers for Sakyamuni, when he was a child.
    11. 11. 右手指天:称‘施无谓印’为众生除去痛苦 His right hand points at the sky, Which takes away of the pains for people. 左手指地:称 ‘ 如愿印 ’ 保佑众生平安快乐 His left hand points at the ground, which blesses the peace and happiness for people.
    12. 12. 释迦牟尼佛 宝相慈容 Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism
    13. 13. 大型雕塑《降魔》 Great carving ---conquering the evils
    14. 14. 释迦牟尼修行即将成佛的时候心魔来袭,威胁、诱惑。释迦牟尼不畏威胁,不为诱惑所动,将其一一降伏。最终修成正果,得道成佛 When he was dwelling in ancient temple, the heart evil , threatening and temptation came to attack him. He conquered them, at last he became a great buddha.
    15. 15. 女人的诽谤、诱惑,释迦牟尼都不为所动 The defamation and temptation from women could not move his mind
    16. 16. His kind profile 佛陀的慈悲法相
    17. 17. 头顶上的曲面盖状物,不是法器,是避雷针 The curving cover on his head top is not a religious tool, but a lightning conductor.
    18. 18. 印度古代的阿育王以立石柱刻经文的方式传播佛教,成绩卓著,后人为纪念他的功绩,以立石柱表示缅怀,称为 ‘ 阿育王柱 ’ 。 The Asoka in ancient India set up a stone pillar carved on the scriptures for disseminating Buddhism. In order to remember his great contribution, the stone pillar is named as “ Asoka Pillar”
    19. 20. 九龙灌浴 Nine dragons fill water for bathing
    20. 21. 巨型六瓣莲花缓缓绽开 When the six petals are blooming slowly.
    21. 22. 花开见佛 Seeing the Buddha prince 镏金佛太子高 7.2 米重 12 吨 7.2 m in height, 12 t in weight
    22. 23. 浴 Bathing
    23. 24. 水柱高达 20 米 Water spout meets 20 m in height
    24. 25. 浴后的佛太子 After bathing
    25. 27. The petals close slowly after bathing 浴毕 花瓣缓缓闭合
    26. 29. 龙们 , 注水很累了 ! 要休息啦 The dragons filling the water are tired now. They are going to relax!
    27. 30. 永远护佑着众生 Blessing people forever
    28. 31. 漠漠佛手 增福添寿 Touching the Buddha’s hand to increase your luck and life years
    29. 33. “… 容天下难容之事 ” 我们使劲折腾 看你能不能容 “ ..containing everything in the world” We turn over with our all strength,to see if you can contain ?
    30. 34. 在祥符禅寺大雄宝殿前建一小佛 8 米高,大佛按 11 : 1 克隆的 In front of Great Buddha’s hall, there is a clone of Buddha in the ratio of 11:1 , which is 8 m in height.
    31. 35. 祥符禅寺大雄宝殿 The Great Buddha’s Hall
    32. 36. The Sakyamuni Buddha statue covered with gold. 殿中供奉的释迦牟尼佛金塑像
    33. 37. 请看莲花座上的人有多大 Look at how many people there are on the lotus flower seat.
    34. 40. 再回头看一眼慈悲的佛祖 您比山峦更高大 Have a glance back to the Buddha, you ‘d be higher than the mountains!
    35. 41. 再见 注:图中的文字 90% 来自景区导游词 Note: the explaination is from the guide in this scene area.