Grammar teaching


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Grammar teaching

  1. 1. Your Ideas about Grammar 1. What is grammar? 2. Why to teach grammar? 3. When to teach grammar? 4. How to teach grammar?
  2. 2. What is grammar?• Traditional grammar: Part of speech(word category, structures) Prescriptive(based on rules of usage)
  3. 3. •Functional Grammar: Focused on how word patterns make meaning Based on language use(Pragmatics) Descriptive (language as text/discourse)
  4. 4. Why to teach grammar?• Historically, grammar school was to teach classical languages(Latin-written language, Greek, etc), which select students academically.• Currently for the students to use in language construction(communication, academic writing)
  5. 5. When to teach grammar?• Teacher chooses according to the curriculum of grammar course• Teach at the point of need(student-centered, task-based, activity-lead)
  6. 6. How to teach grammar?• Grammar-translation separately• Communicative approach integratedly(grammar in context with other skills) Implicitly & Explicitly
  7. 7. How to teach grammar?
  8. 8. Process Analyse: Implicit or Explicit?Step 1: Give students examples of the grammar concept you are about to cover. ()Step 2: Provide the rules. ()Step 3: Give some more examples. ()Step 4: Have Ss come up with their own examples through doing the assignments.()Step 5: Correction and explanation based on the assignments.()
  9. 9. Implicit VS ExplicitWhich is a better way?
  10. 10. Conclusions:
  11. 11. References:• Kolln, M., Hancock, C. (2005). The story of English grammar in United States schools. English Teaching: Practice and Critique, 4, 11-31. Retrieved from• How to Teach Grammar in High School | grammar-high-school.html#ixzz23R4gIt00•• implicit-explicit
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