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YP Report, Africa Forum 2018


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A round up of YP activities from Africa Forum in Abuja, Nigeria in March 2018

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YP Report, Africa Forum 2018

  1. 1. CILT Africa Young Professionals Young Professionals, Africa The CILT Africa Young Professionals Summary of Discussions from Africa Forum Introduction The CILT Africa forum, was held in Abuja, Nigeria from the 14th to 16th March 2018. The CILT Africa Young Professionals fully participated in activities of the forum with the opportunity to present our status report on the progress made so far. Participating Countries The Young Professionals were represented by country leads as well as members at the Africa Forum. Participating countries included; Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia and hosts Nigeria. Also participating in the activities of the YP – Pre-Event dinner as well as the YP lab session – were the CILT International President, Mr. Kevin Byrne, Secretary General, Keith Newton, International Vice President and Chair, Africa Forum, Teete Owusu-Nortey, the President Elect, Radzak Malek Dato and the Education and Professional Director, Jon Harris. The President of CILT Poland, Dr. Marcin Paweska and Mrs. Honorata Dudek-Frysiak also graced the pre-event dinner held for the Young Professionals on arrival. YP Activities at Abuja 2018 The YP participated in the several activities and events including 2 CILT main dinners among others. The following events/activities were the main ones we organised and participated in during the Africa Forum;  Pre-Event Dinner
  2. 2. CILT Africa Young Professionals Young Professionals, Africa The pre-event diner was organised as an ice breaking event to enable YPs get acquainted with each other, with the international leadership and cause them to start the engagement right from the first day.
  3. 3. CILT Africa Young Professionals Young Professionals, Africa  YP Lab The YP lab was a session where YP’s were given the opportunity present after being selected out of a number of abstracts received from a call sent out before the forum, received solidarity messages from the international team and also got some insight into the continuous professional development opportunities the CILT provides.
  4. 4. CILT Africa Young Professionals Young Professionals, Africa International President, Kevin Byrne, FCILT speaking at the YP session………………….. The Chairman of Africa Forum, IVP Africa Chief Teetee Owusu-Nortey, FCILT giving YPs words of encouragement……
  5. 5. CILT Africa Young Professionals Young Professionals, Africa Mr. Emmanuel Oyeleke YP Nigeria presenting……………………
  6. 6. CILT Africa Young Professionals Young Professionals, Africa A cross-sectioned of participants at the session……………
  7. 7. CILT Africa Young Professionals Young Professionals, Africa Mr. Bruno Kinyaga Abas Immediate YP Chair, Tanzania presenting……………………  AGM At the Annual General Meeting, the Young Professionals were given the opportunity to present our status report which was compiled from the individual country reports and combined into the CILT Africa Young Professionals presentation where we gave insight into where and how we got started, where we are and where we are going. Sponsorship We provided partial sponsorship to all speakers during the YP session (Accommodation, registration fees, feeding & Ground transportation) as well as one night accommodation to 3 YPs from Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Promotional Items.
  8. 8. CILT Africa Young Professionals Young Professionals, Africa We managed to produce the following items;  Pre & Post event Video Constraints The opportunity to have our own time was very beneficial for the benefit of networking and youth engagement. Our major constraint was time. We had 2 hours to receive country reports, have presentations from YPs in practice, receive goodwill messages from the international guests as well as have a Q&A session. It is out hope that Zanzibar will give the YP’s extended time (full day) to engage and chart a way forward for the CILT Africa Young Professionals. Also, some speaking slot for YPs during the main session likewise ICM UK 2019. The way forward – Our Proposals • In 2018 and beyond, YP in Africa is focusing on Personal Development, Strategic Branding and the building of careers through mentoring programmes with support from the national councils • Activations via our social media platforms will be a key focus area in getting the message and activities out to the public and to attract new members • We look forward to having YP leads having seat on national councils to not just give the YPs a voice but to ensure we are heard • On the challenge that runs through all YP member countries in Africa is the issue of funding. In 2018 and beyond, we anticipate that CILT International and National councils will support YPs attend the ICM’s and African Fora as well as local activities. We propose the setting up of a time- based (e.g. for 5 years tops) fund for YP’s which will be used in providing support in countries for activities. Within this period, YP’s are supposed to meet certain criteria as part of conditionalities for the fund set up • Young Professionals are considering planning study visits to neighbouring francophone countries with a view to raise awareness and promote the forum as well as seek strategic alliance with youth groups in Africa. Branded Shirts & CapsAppreciation Plaques
  9. 9. CILT Africa Young Professionals Young Professionals, Africa