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Internationalisation of B&R and Logistics Enterprises


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Wei-Liang Yu from Yuan Cheng group presents at CILT International Convention 2017

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Internationalisation of B&R and Logistics Enterprises

  1. 1. Internationalization of “B&R” and Logistics Enterprises 2017 CILT International Convention
  2. 2. 2017 CILT International Convention The 3rd China International Conference on Logistics Development &The 4th China(Sichuan) International Logistics Expo were held in Yuancheng International Conference Center, Suining city, Sichuan,China from Oct.30, 2016 to Nov.1, 2016.
  3. 3. 2017 CILT International Convention More than 1000 guests from home and abroad have attended the 3rd International Conference on Logistics Development& the 4th China(Sichuan)International Logistics Expo in 2016. with “interconnectivity, win-win cooperation” as the theme, the organizing committee has invited the leaders from governments, experts from logistics industry and representatives from logistics leading enterprises to gather together and discuss about the strategic topics of logistics industry and hotpot issues of logistics industry.
  4. 4. 2017 CILT International Convention Our prevision along the layout of “B&R” and coincides with the track of “B&R”.In conclusion, “B&R” is the shortcut for the internationalization of logistics enterprises of China as well as the road of the cooperation and development of international enterprises and logistics enterprises of China.
  5. 5. 2017 CILT International Convention Yuan Cheng Group has undergone cooperation development with central Asia, Southwest Asia and so on to jointly build an international logistics with characteristic function, launch common win-win cooperation with enterprises at home and abroad, share customers resource, etc. The interconnectivity will promote Yuan Cheng's speed to join internationalization and tap the international logistics cooperation.
  6. 6. 2017 CILT International Convention Yuan Cheng Group is fostering our friendship along “B&R” and working together for development to achieve the “millennial dream” of common prosperity.
  7. 7. 2017 CILT International Convention Group Profile Founded in 1988, With over three decades’struggle, Yuan Cheng Group has developed into a multi-level, broad and outstanding integrated logistics service provider. It is among China‘s first batch of “Class 5A Integrated Logistics Service Company.” The business of group has spread widely through China and international logistics market. here are 6 full-invested subsidiary companies affiliated to Yuan Cheng Group, Yuan Cheng Express, Contract Logistics, Supply Chain Finance, Yuan Cheng Cold Chain,Yuan Cheng Logistics City and Internet .
  8. 8. 2017 CILT International Convention 集团发展战略 The overall five-year development strategy of YuanCheng Group(2016-2020): integration and collaboration, innovation and development; innovatation of supply chain management based on integrated logistics; construction of integrated supply chain service platform with a turnover of hundreds billion; building China outstanding modern integrated logistics service brand.
  9. 9. 2017 CILT International Convention Project Profile 远成冷链5 远成冷链 远成物流城4 远成物流城 4 5 Internet Platform6 Logistics Business Flow Capital Flow Information Flow Integrated service platform
  10. 10. 2017 CILT International Convention Business Network Focusing on the logistics development in world, Yuan Cheng Group has build its projects along the "B&R" to seize the market in advance. Yuan Cheng Group has launched communication and cooperation with Southeast Asian countries, Central Asian countries and European Union countries to carry out exchanges and cooperation. By using bonded logistics, cross-border e-commerce, freight forwarding, trading channel and settlement platform, Yuan Cheng Group is striving to carry out a comprehensive range of international logistics business, build an integrated logistics service platform with resource integration and coordinated development. To build the integrated logistics service into a business mode in accordance with the strategic layout of “B&R”, meet the demands of integrated logistics service at home and abroad, Yuan Cheng Group is always doing its job to accelerate the implementation of “B&R” and promote the transformation and upgradation of logistics industry!
  11. 11. 2017 CILT International Convention Business Network Interconnectivity is the core of B&R. B&R will enhance the contact between countries, regions and each region can make up what the other lacks to promote common development. The logistics development has played a decisive influence on the strategy of "B&R” . The development of logistics industry is ushering a new historic opportunity while facing a major challenge.
  12. 12. 2017 CILT International Convention Business Network 34 provincial-level subsidiaries, spreading the self-buiding network and outlets.
  13. 13. 2017 CILT International Convention Projects Distribution 兰 州 遂 宁 重 庆 淄 博 达 卡 乐 山 广 元 兰 州 洽谈项目 重 庆 在建项目 Silk Road Economic Belt 渝新欧 新亚欧大陆桥 泛亚铁路 郑 州 泰 州 南 宁 西 宁 聊 城 新 疆 哈 萨 克 万 象 By pursuing the “B&R” strategy, Yuan Cheng Group has layed its sites in Chongqing, Chengdu, Suining, Leshan, Guang'an in Southwest China, Xi'an, Xining, Lanzhou in Northewast China, Weifang, Zibo in central China and Shanghai, Shenyang, etc. Chongqing-Xinjiang- Europe New Eurasian Land Bridge Trans-Asian Railway Project Negotiation Project under Construction 潍 坊 彭 州 徐 州
  14. 14.  Suining●Yuan Cheng logistics park Project Profile The project of Suining●Yuan Cheng logistics park is invested by Yuan Cheng Logistics Co., LTD with 11 billion CNY to build. It covers an area of 241 hectare including Suining Yuan Cheng•logistics parks, Yuan Cheng theme park and city square complex. After the fully put into operation of the project, it can realize annual revenue of above12 billion CNY, no less than 120 million yuan in taxes and drive 5000 employment, forming a new logistics industry city in central-middle area of integrating multimodal transport, supply chain finance, logistics information platform, E-commerce, E-commerce industry cluster and city distribution logistics. 远成国际陆港 鹭栖湖物流主题园 遂宁远成•物流城 远成中心 远成高铁广场综合体
  15. 15.  Suining●Yuan Cheng Logistics Park Project Profile  Suining •Yuan Cheng Logistics Park Southwest chief financing logistics parks project is backed with nearly 30 years’ brand of Yuan Cheng Group, professional operating team and international advanced management ideal; integrating supply chain finance and the third-party logistics resources ; building logistics electronic information platform, an influx of trading from home and abroad, logistics transaction. It takes Suining as the base to push forward the industry economy, serve Sichuan and cover through the countries.
  16. 16.  Suining Logistics Park Project Profile The first phase of Suining●Yuan Cheng logistics park covers 33 hectare, with a total construction area of 0.38 million square meters. There are 6 functional areas including less-than-one carload transport area, warehousing and distribution area, large parking area, business offices area, green leisure areas and living area.
  17. 17.  Suining Logistics Park Project Profile Logistics Park
  18. 18.  Suining Logistics Park Project Profile  Yuan Cheng center is the first five-star city complex in Suining, intergrating business, entertainment, hotel, offices, residential, fashion shopping areas ect. With an investment of CNY 3 billion, the project covers a total area of 5.3 hectare as commercial land more than 50,000 square meters large- scale centralized shopping entertainment center.
  19. 19.  Suining Logistics Park Project Profile Backed by Egret Lake with an area of 28 hectare, the park is served as citizens public leisure places. It tells the history of logistics culture by chronological order and the presentation of transportation tools and important transportation channels to forge the only ecological park with the theme of logistics culture in southwest area.
  20. 20.  Suining Logistics Park Project Profile  Among them, the conference center located in the theme park is set as” China Logistics Forum Annual Meeting Permanent Site ” and is awarded as “China Logistics Forum Site” and “China Logistics and Procurement Forum Site” by China Communications and Transportation Association(CCTA)and China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing (CFLP). It can hold the international and national large-scale logistics forum activities etc.
  21. 21.  Leshan Yuan Cheng Cultural&Tourism Trade Center Project Profile Leshan Yuan Cheng Cultural&Tourism Trade Center is located in the side of Jingang Avenue, economical development zone of Hi-tech area, south bank of new city, Leshan with a total land area of 85 hectare and covers an area of around 1.6 million. It aims to integrate local characteristic culture of Leshan, teenage and children culture, international culture resource ect. and build the first western experiential city cultural complex with the integration of cultural enjoyment, tourism, leisure and cultural exchange.
  22. 22.  Leshan Yuan Cheng Cultural&Tourism Trade Center Project Profile The first phase of project is under construction with a total area of 22 hectare and a total construction area 250 thousand ㎡. The first experienced cultural city in west Moulding tourism and economic business area Building demonstration base for teenagers children cultural art and Boutique water world and water park
  23. 23.  Zibo(Shandong)●Yuan Cheng Logistics Park Project Profile Zibo(Shandong) ●Yuan Cheng logistics parks occupies a net land of about 152 hectare, total planning floor area of 1.2775 million square meters. This project consists of three phases and strives to be built with 3 to 5 years, eventually forming a modern logistics service base taking Zibo as foothold, serving Shandong, facing all countries, connecting Japan and Korea. ●
  24. 24.  Weifang(Shandong)●Yuan Cheng Logistics Park Weifang(Shandong)●Yuan Cheng logistics park occupies 68 hectare, with a total floor area of 0.7 million square meters and a total invest of CNY 5 billion. It will built into a key logistics pivot center for intelligent storage, intelligent vehicle source, express delivery, multimodal transportation, information exchange and exhibition and spot sale. Project Profile
  25. 25.  Yuan Cheng •China(Chongqing ) Logistics City Project Profile Yuan Cheng •China(Chongqing ) logistics city occupies 90 hectare, with a total floor area of around 1.27million square meter and a total invest of CNY10 billion . It combines air, railway, maritime and road, the integration of information data and E- commerce, the linkage of core industries and logistics, the interconnection and intercommunication of logistics city commercial market at home and abroad.
  26. 26.  Guang’an(Sichuan)●Wisdom Logistics City 项目简介 Guang’an(Sichuan)●Wisdom logistics city occupies 136 hectare, with a total invest of CNY8.5 billion. The first phase occupies 61 hectare, with a total floor area of 0.6 million square meter. It will built into the most competitive logistics industry base in Sichuan-Chongqing area by integrating modern headquarter economy, trade and business, finance and logistics.
  27. 27. 37  Yuan Cheng-Kazakhstan National Class Logistics Trade Zone Project Profile Yuan Cheng-Kazakhstan National Class Logistics Trade Zone project is planed to build the control area with an area of 10 square kilometer, expected total floor area of 6 million and a total investment of 30 billion CNY.
  28. 28.  Yuan Cheng-Cyprus National Class Logistics and Trade Zone Project Profile “Yuan Cheng-Cyprus National Class Logistics and Trade Zone” project is planed to build the control area with an area of 5 square kilometers, with a total investment of 15 billion CNY( € 2.2 billion ), with the investment intensity of 3 billion CNY(€ 0.44 trillion)/square kilometers. The project takes an operation idea of unified planning, unified management, unified management, phased development. It is estimated that thousands of small and medium-siz ed enterprises will be attracted after completing the project and then will offer more employment to over thousands of people. It will be built into a new modern, ecological, international industrial city both favorable to trading and living. It can be built into industrial parks by stages. Each of them is expected to reach a turnover of 10 billion per year. The project is planed to cover an area of 5 square kilometer and expected to cover a total floor area of 3 million square kilometers.
  29. 29. 2017 CILT International Convention 项目开园 Project Activities
  30. 30. Group Profile Seizing the opportunity of “B&R”, Yuan Cheng Group actively joins in B&R to be the strategic pioneer by leading the transformation and upgradation of logistics industry. The press conference of Yuan Cheng Group to practice the strategy of “B&R” was held in Great Hall of the People on Dec.18, 2015. 2017 CILT International Convention