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An invitation to International Convention 2018


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Marcin Paweska, Chairman of CILT Poland invites delegates at International Convention 2017 to next year's international event in Wroclaw

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  • The 2018 Africa forum in Abuja, Nigeria will avail delegates, especially from Africa, the long expected opportunity of looking at Africa's development challenges that are skewed towards problems associated with capacity gaps in logistics and transport infrastructural and financial provisions, as well as human capital deficencies. You will also have a taste of typical Nigerian hospitality, We await your arrival.
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An invitation to International Convention 2018

  1. 1. CILT CONVENTION 2018 03. - 06.06.2018 Wroclaw, Poland
  2. 2. Poland- Introduction Great location. Poland is a country conveniently located in the centre of Europe, at the crossroads of the main routes, providing access to both eastern and western markets thus attracting tourism and business from all over the world. Poland is ranked 20th worldwide in terms of GDP and classified as high-income economy by World Bank. The largest component of its economy is the service sector (62.3%), followed by industry (34.2%) and agriculture (3.5%). Poland is also a country that has been constantly developing over the last 27 years to become the economic tycoon of Eastern Europe.
  3. 3. Wroclaw, the capital of the Lower Silesia, is also called the Venice of the north due to number of bridges and footbridges. Wroclaw, a big education centre of CEE with the total population of 700 thousand, has around 100 thousand students. Wroclaw can be found on the list of 230 cities around the world in the ranking of a consulting company Mercer ‘The Best City to Live in’ in 2015. The Guardian placed Wroclaw among the top ten places worth visiting. Wroclaw – the Venice of the north
  4. 4. Doubletree by Hilton – a five-star hotel perfectly situated in the heart of the city, a 10-minute walking distance from the Old Town. Being the part of the OVO complex, the hotel offers the access to numerous local objects such as recreational club, spa, casino and restaurants. Its streamlined shape resembles a drop of water. The building is the first Polish example of so called blobitecture. This architectural trend is inspired by rotund and soft forms. In 2008, the concept of OVO Wroclaw was distinguished in Cannes by The Architectural Review, granting OVO MIPIM Future Projects Award. The Convention Venue /1
  5. 5. The Doubletree hotel by Hilton Hotels is able to provide 10 universal conference halls, panel discussion rooms and Board meeting rooms. The rooms can be utilised in a variety of ways, depending on the setting. All rooms are equipped with a free Wi-Fi access. Each of the halls is air- conditioned, equipped with ergonomic chairs and modern conference devices. The Convention Venue /2
  6. 6. hotel 5 Star Hotels 4 Star Hotels 3 Star Hotels Hotel Price/per night Hotel Price/per night Hotel Price/per night Hotel Monopol Hilton The Granary Radisson Blu 172 USD 137 USD 137 USD 75 USD Puro Hotel Qubus Hotel Art Hotel Scandic Hotel 90 USD 70 USD 73 USD 67 USD Europeum Hotel Hotel Polonia 71 USD 62 USD List of hotels near the conference
  7. 7. Flight are updated for 2018 March * direct flights to Wroclaw ** flights to Frankfurt *** flights to Munich Region Time Estimated price* Europe* Cork, Irland 2h 45m 79 USD Eindhoven, Netherlands 1h 30m 103 USD London, Great Britain 2h 10 99 USD Africa*** Johannesburg, South Africa 11h 503 USD Asia Beijing, China*** 13h 50m 546 USD Dubai, United Arab Emirates** 10h 288 USD Mumbai, India *** 15 h 567 USD North America Toronto, Canada 9h 15m 603 USD Getting to the Convention/1
  8. 8. Wroclaw has direct and daily connections with two main airports: in Frankfurt (3 times per day) and in Munich (3 times per day). Shuttle services from the airport to the hotels will be provided for all CILT 2018 Convention delegates. There will be also separate booking system available on webpage before convention. Transfer flights Time Estimated price* Flight time Frankfurt 1h 15m 173 USD 7:30 am 10:30 am 19:50 pm Munich 1h 10m 180 USD 7:00 am 14:30 pm 19:35 pm Getting to the Convention/2 * Estimated price for May 2018
  9. 9. There will be administrative support for delegates who need visas. Due to the fact that delegates will book from at least 25 different countries we will ensure international payments. Administrative support will also be provided to assist during the convention programme – help will be provided in case of any difficulties with the equipment, room facilities, photocopying, IT issues for presentations and any other issues delegates might have. The support will be provided by external partners where necessary, and also by CILT Poland support group. Ramadhan takes place during convention and we will make appropriate arrangements for Muslim delegated. Organization of event The Convention Manager (1 person + 1 assistant) Event Managers (2 people + 1 assistant) The Registration and Information Points (3 people)
  10. 10. Since 2007 Poland has been a part of the Schengen zone, the zone free of border controls, which includes 28 countries. Citizens of third countries can cross external borders of Poland provided they are in the possession of a valid document or, if required, an appropriate visa. EU citizens do not need visas and can stay indefinitely. Citizens of the UK, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Canada, Mauritius, Taiwan, Malta, Hong Kong, Singapore, and many other countries can stay in Poland for up to 90 days without a visa. Detailed information about visa requirements will be posted on our convent website. All visitors who need a visa will receive joint invitation from the following authorities: CILT (UK) - Poland, the International University of Logistics and Transport in Wroclaw, the Municipal Office of the City of Wroclaw. Visa
  11. 11. Day 0 (02.06.2018) Pre-Conference • 2:30 pm Registration Opens • 3:00 pm International Management Committee Meeting • 7:00 pm International Management Committee Dinner Day 1 (03.06.2018) Registration Desk opens from 7:30 am to 8 pm (throughout the conference) • 9:00 am WiLAT Conference ; YP Conference • 11:00 am Break • 11:15 am – 1:00 pm WiLAT Conference ; YP Conference • 1:00 pm Lunch • 2:30 - 5:30 pm Membership Breakout Session; Country delegation meetings; Closed- door meetings (Break at 4:00 pm) • 6:00 pm Welcome Reception Preliminary program /1
  12. 12. Key convention themes: Linking CEE to the world Electric cars revolution and its impact on logistics Day 2 (04.06.2018): • 9: 00 am Opening and Presidential Address • 9:30 am Parallel Session: TBA* • 11:00 am Break • 11:15 am Guest Speaker • 1:00 pm Lunch • 2:30 pm Guest Speaker • 3:00 pm Session(TBA*) (4:30 pm Break) • 4:45 pm International Council Session • 8:00 pm Trip: Odra River Cruise (dinner included) Preliminary program /2 *TBA – To be announced
  13. 13. Day 3 (05.06.2018) • 9:00 am Guest Speaker • 10:30 am Break PARAREL SESSIONS I • 11:00 am Presentation and Workshops in Education, Strategy and Membership • 12:00 Regional Strategy Planning – Regional IVP Presentation and Discussion PARAREL SESSION II • 11.00 am Logistics Profession in CEE Countries- Guest Speaker • 12:00 Making CEE region stronger together- a discussion panel with guests from Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Baltic States • 1:00 am Lunch • 2:30 pm Best Practice Session • 4:00 pm Conclusion on paralel sessions • 5:00 pm Closing Speech • 6:30 – 10:00 pm President & VIPs Dinner Day 4 (06.06.2018) • 9:30 am – 1:00 pm City tour/ technical visits Preliminary program /3
  14. 14. The third world largest Amazon Distribution Centre that employs 2,000 permanent and 3,500 seasonal workers is located near Wroclaw. The total warehouse space for this Internet giant has exceeded 1 million m2 in Europe, and the logistic centre in Wroclaw has an area of 123,000 m2. Fully automated warehouse, one of it’s kind in Central & Eastern Europe. CCC S.A. is the largest footwear retail company in Central Europe and one of the largest footwear manufacturers in Europe. Technical Visits
  15. 15. The beauty of Wroclaw seen from the river. Excellent conditions for business talks and integration. Wroclaw by night. Cruise on the Oder river. Explore the charm and beauty of Wroclaw via many canals that cut through this gorgeous city. Tours and visits /1
  16. 16. The Wieliczka Salt Mine: The only salt mine in the world preserved in such pristine condition and placed on the original UNESCO list of the World Heritage Sites. 135 meters underground! Visited by more than 1 million tourists a year. Tours and visits /2
  17. 17. An extraordinary journey to the times when vehicles had an individual and unique character. Topacz Motorization Museum We will take you back in time to the beginnings of Polish and European motorization, to the pioneer constructions of 1930s such as the legendary Sokół 1000 & 600 or Fiat 508, or a collection of Bentley & Rolls Royce cars. The Museum of Industry and Railway, Jaworzyna A historic rail rolling stock from the period between 1890 until 1970s. The collection includes 40 railway steam engines, electric and combustion railway engines, and over 50 carriages and other railway cars which are located on tracks of the total length of 2 km. Tours and visits /3
  18. 18. Wroclaw is literally chock-a-block with modern shopping malls, the standard of which is exceptionally high. Here you will find all of the top brands you could expect, plus entertainment and recreational facilities in most cases. Some of Wroclaw's shopping malls - namely Galeria Dominikańska and Renoma - are directly in the city centre, with the shadow-casting Sky Tower and Pasaż Grunwaldzki not far off. Though the 212 metre Sky Tower is the most visible one, Magnolia Park is still the largest, covering over 240,000 square meters. Wroclaw shopping malls
  19. 19. Preliminary pricing Registration Fees (Per Participant, in USD) For CILT Member CATEGORY EARLY BIRD (Closes by 30 April 2018) STANDARD (Closes by 01 June 2018) ON-SITE (opens between 02 and 06 June 2018) Full 1 550 650 2 800 2 1-day 3 300 350 400 2-day 4 450 500 550 1.The Full and Group categories of registration cover entrances to all IC 2018 Events within the three days from 03 June to 06 June 2018, including the Presidential Dinner. 2. Members of CILT WiLAT or YP can enjoy a 15% discount if they register under the Full category. 3. The 1-Day category of registration entitles a participant the entrance to a single day of IC 2018. Events of any day between 03 June and 06 June 2018, and exclude any dinner event on the registered day. 4. The 2-Day category of registration entitles a participant the entrances to any two days of IC 2018 Events between 03 June and 06 June 2018, and include the attendance of a dinner event that is under the registered dates.
  20. 20. To be provided for every delegate
  21. 21. Co-organizer: The International University of Logistics and Transport in Wrocław • Established in 2001; • The best logistics university in Poland according to 2016 national ranking; • The university with programs accredited by CILT (UK); • The award of the French Prime Minister in 2003 for the best European educational project; • Two diplomas (a Polish one and a French one) for graduates; • Publishes top ranked Logistics and Transport scientific journal.
  22. 22. Welcome in Wroclaw!
  23. 23. Ewelina Bizoń mail: tel: +48 71 324 68 69 http: Katarzyna Graczyk mail: tel: +48 71 324 68 42 http: Thank you Contact details